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Back Again/2
Vendor Computer Data Strategies
Author [[]]
License Commercial Software / Discontinued.
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Ease of use and powerful capabilities go hand-in-hand with Back Again/2 Professional. BA/2 Pro takes full advantage of OS/2 Warp, with IBM Workplace Shell "drag and drop" support, a built-in scheduler, password protection, and multiple levels of data compression. A previously defined backup can be initiated by simply pointing at the backup set object and double clicking on the mouse.

  • Back Again/2 Professional Edition
  • Back Again/2 Personal Edition

General Comments

With its standalone restore facility, BA/2 Pro eliminates having to reinstall OS/2. You're up and running in minutes. BA/2 Pro makes backing up to SCSI tape drives, networks, removable cartridges, and even floppy disks as easy as "drag and drop". And now, with even broader device support, BA/2 Pro is the only package for OS/2 that supports the fast and economical ATAPI/IDE tape drives. It's Never too Late - With Back Again/2.

Check out these advanced features :

  • Full 32-bit implementation
  • Graphical and command line interfaces
  • Completely multi-threaded
  • Full Workplace Shell integration
  • Complete disaster recovery utility
  • Broad device support

Supported devices :

  • Fixed and Removable disk drives
  • 360k, 720k, 1.2MB, 1.44MB, 2.88MB diskette drives
  • Hard drives supported by OS/2
  • LAN-attached drives (via drive letter and UNC)

Removable cartridge drives

  • Iomega Bernoulli, Jaz, and Zip drives
  • Syquest 5.25" and 3.5" removable drives (including the 135MB EZ drive)
  • Magneto-optical devices from APS, Fujitsu, IBM, Mitsubishi, and others

ATAPI/IDE tape drives

  • APS Technologies APS HyperQIC ATAPI/IDE Minicartridge Drive
  • Conner CTMA4000 ATAPI/IDE Minicartridge Drive
  • Conner CTT8000 ATAPI/IDE Minicartridge Drive

SCSI, SCSI II, Ultra SCSI interface tape drives

   APS Technologies DLT20, DLT30, DLT40 DLT 
   APS Technologies APS DAT 4mm DAT 
   APS Technologies APS HyperDAT DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   APS Technologies APS HyperDAT Pro DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   APS Technologies APS HyperQIC SCSI Minicartridge Drive 
   Archive Viper 2060S QIC-60 
   Archive Viper 2150S QIC-150 
   Archive Viper 2525S QIC-525 
   Archive Anaconda QIC-1000 
   Archive 4320, 4340, 4520 Python 4mm DAT 
   Archive 4324, 4524 Turbo Python 4mm DAT 
   Archive 4326, 4526 Turbo Python DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   Colorado PowerTape 1100 QIC-525 
   Colorado PowerTape 2400 QIC-1000 
   Colorado PowerDAT 4000 4mm DAT 
   Conner MS2000 4mm DAT 
   Conner MS4000 4mm DAT 
   Conner MS8000 DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   Conner CTMS3200 SCSI Minicartridge Drive 
   Conner CTT8000 SCSI Minicartridge Drive 
   Compaq 525 QIC-525 
   Compaq 10GB/20GB DLT 
   Exabyte 2501t/2501c 
   Exabyte 4200/4200c 4mm DAT 
   Exabyte 8500 8mm HS 
   Exabyte 8505 8mm HS 
   Exabyte 8505XL 8mm HS 
   Exabyte 8700 8mm HS 
   Hewlett-Packard 35450 4mm DAT 
   Hewlett-Packard 35470A 4mm DAT 
   Hewlett-Packard 35480A 4mm DAT 
   Hewlett-Packard C1533A 4mm DDS-2 DAT 
   Hewlett-Packard C1534 4mm DDS DAT 
   Hewlett-Packard C1536 4mm DDS/DC DAT 
   Hewlett-Packard JetStore 2000 4mm DAT 
   Hewlett-Packard JetStore 6000 DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   IBM 4-10GB DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   IBM ThinkPad SCSI Tape Drive Option 
   Maynard MaynStream 525Q QIC-525 
   Micro Design SCSI Express 1300 4mm DAT 
   Micro Design SCSI Express 2000D 4mm DAT 
   Micro Design SCSI Express 2000DF DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   PCX PortaTape 4mm DAT 
   Sony SDT2000 4mm DAT 
   Sony SDT4000 4mm DAT 
   Sony SDT5000 DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   Sony SDT5200 DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   Sony SDT7000 DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   Tandberg 3660 QIC-150 
   Tandberg 3800 QIC-525 
   Tandberg 4120 QIC-1000 
   Tandberg 4200 QIC-2000 
   WangDAT 3100 4mm DAT 
   WangDAT 3200 4mm DAT 
   WangDAT 3400 DDS-2 4mm DAT 
   Wangtek 5099ES QIC-60 
   Wangtek 5150ES QIC-150 
   Wangtek 5525ES QIC-525 
   Wangtek 51000 QIC-1000 
   Wangtek 6130 4mm DAT 
   Wangtek 6200 4mm DAT