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CD2MP3 PM 1.14 is the fastest CD grabbing utility that will let you use any grabbing and encoding utility of your choice.

Here is a list of features:

  • Fast, Small and Reliable.
  • CDDB support to automatically get CD information, as well as ID3 tag support to store this information.
  • "LFN support" for DOS encoders through smart renaming.
  • Super Grab will launch a concurrent Encoding session while a Grabbing session is getting the next track. This can drammatically improve encoding time on Bus Mastered CD-ROM drives.
  • Play preview allows to listen to a track before making your selection.
  • Autodetection of CD-ROM Drive Letters.
  • Comes with expandable support for Leech, Alfons, JCDread2, ToMPG, L3Enc 2.x and BladeEnc through a text configuration file. Works with Win32-OS/2 converted, as well as DOS, encoders and grabbers!
  • Statistic information for CD Tracks and WAV Files available in Container's Detail View.
  • Drag 'n Drop WAV container for encoding WAV files in batch.
  • Autodeselecting and removeale of WAV files from the list after successful encoding.
  • Support for a custom MP3 directory and a temporary CD-DA directory for the grabber.


Open source under the GNU GPL V2.