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Here it is my little open source OS/2 corner. You are free to complement my information on this wiki.

What is Open Source?

It is defined as open source as the software released under the licenses approved by the [Open Source Initiative].

Why it is important an Open Source strategy for OS/2

It is important to ensure the future of the OS. We currently have dependencies on IBM and third parties. If any of those companies stops the support, OS/2 based systems are not going to be able to change and improve in the future.

On the other hand, if the operating system turns open source, there could be more players that will be willing to enhance the OS and also have more companies interested in providing OS/2 support.

So Open Sourcing OS/2 is important for the future of the platform.

Creating an Open Source OS/2 clone

So, it is possible to create an open source replacement. Of course that it will take a long time, since OS/2 is a complex operating system with a lot of time invested on it.

Open Source Software for OS/2

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