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Are you obsessed with the Elephant ?
'''Are you obsessed with the Elephant ?'''
[[image:ElephantJumping.gif]] [[image:ElephantJump2.gif]]
[[image:ElephantJumping.gif]] [[image:ElephantJump2.gif]]

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Are you obsessed with the Elephant ?

ElephantJumping.gif ElephantJump2.gif

Tiny Dancing Elephant (with digital clock)


IBM's Registration Elephant

Here it is a picture of IBM's registration form for OS/2 Warp ARTCHON001.PNG ARTCHON002.PNG ARTCHON003.PNG ARTCHON004.PNG

Artie Gallery

Artie OctoArtie-v1 1.png ArtieBox V1-0.png ArtieBorg v1-0.png Artie Wiki v1-0.png Artie-Crocodrile.png Artie-Builder-1-0.png FAT32-Artie-Cubes.png Artie-WS v1-1.png Artie-Canada-Stream.png Artie Sticker v1-1.png Artie-Treadmill.png Artie-Air-Balloon.png