Exceed for OS/2

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Exceed for OS/2
Version 3.0
Vendor Hummingbird Communications Ltd.
License Commercial. Discontinued

Hummingbird's Exceed for OS/2 PC X server software allows IBM OS/2-based PCs to display applications from X Window System hosts, such as UNIX and VMS, alongside DOS, Windows, and OS/2 applications. As a high performance 32-bit X server that seamlessly integrates the X Window and OS/2 environments, Exceed for OS/2 takes full advantage of the multitasking capabilities and performance of the OS/2 operating system. Providing the powerful capability of interchangeable cutting and pasting, Exceed for OS/2 allows users to transfer data between the X, UNIX, and VMS environments, and Windows, DOS, and OS/2 applications.

  • HUM45 eXceed V3.0 for OS/2
  • HUM47 eXceed V3.0 for OS/2 5-pk
Supported transports
  • IBM TCP/IP for OS/2 V 1.2.1 through version 4.0
  • FTP PC/TCP for OS/2 V 1.3 and higher
  • Novell LAN WorkPlace for OS/2 V 3.0 and higher