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*[[Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator]]
*[[Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator]]

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Greg was a prolific XFree86 user under OS/2 and ported several software.



  • set6x86 - Open Source - GNU GPL

XFree86-OS/2 Application Ports:

  • Cbzone - Atari Battlezone arcade game
  • Flying - billiards game
  • Yrolo
  • XBL - 3D tetris game
  • Xfinans - personal finance program
  • xinvaders - Space Invaders clone
  • Xinvest - personal finance tracking
  • xmancala - board game
  • Xquote - WWW quote retrieval tool
  • Xoids - Asteriods game
  • xpipeman - pipe laying arcade/puzzle game
  • xtetris - tetris game
Republishing Permission
Greg Kondrasuk gave permission to re-publish the content of his website under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. Martin Iturbide obtained this permission via LinkedIN on 2013-9-15.