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|License=Commercial software
|Preceded=[[IBM OS/2 Warp 3]]
|Preceded=[[IBM OS/2 Warp 3]]
|Succeeded=[[IBM OS/2 Warp 4]]
|Succeeded=[[IBM OS/2 Warp 4]]

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IBM OS/2 Warp Connect 3
Version 3.0
Release Date 1995-06
Vendor IBM
License IPLA
Preceded by IBM OS/2 Warp 3
Succeeded by IBM OS/2 Warp 4


IBM OS/2 Warp Connect 3 was a repackaged of the IBM OS/2 Warp 3 software with more network functionality. It also came in two edition, Blue and Red (Also referred as Blue and Red spine).

It was announced by IBM on May 16, 1995 with a availability of June 1995




  • IBM Peer for OS/2 Version 1.0
  • OS/2 LAN Server 4.0 Requester
  • IBM LAN Distance Remote Version 1.1
  • IBM TCP/IP for OS/2 Version 3.0
  • NetWare Client for OS/2 Version 2.11
  • Network SignON Coordinator
  • AskPSP
  • BonusPak

Key Prerequisites

Hardware Requirements

IBM Hardware
IBM ThinkPad Computer, IBM PS/2, IBM Industrial Computer, IBM PS/1, IBM PS/ValuePoint, IBM PS/55
Selected non-IBM personal computers with a 386-SX or more advanced processor
VGA display
OS/2-compatible CD-ROM device (for the workstation used for code distribution)
Pointing Device
Mouse or compatible pointing device
Supported network adapter (required by all LAN clients)

Software Requirements

OS/2 Warp Connect Version 3 includes WIN-OS2

Lotus Notes
Lotus Notes Express Client requires any Notes 3.x server. (Notes server 3.2 is recommended)


Blue Spine
Part Numbers
Full Upgrade Packages from Language
OS/2 2.x OS/2 Warp v3.0 OS/2 Warp v3.0
+ LAN Requester
10H9810 US English
07H9798 07H9814 51H6839 28H5295 28H5429
07H9799 07H9815 51H6841 28H5297 28H5431 French
07H9800 07H9816 51H6842 28H5299 28H5432 German
07H9801 07H9817 51H6843 28H5300 28H5433 Italian
07H9802 07H9818 51H6844 28H5301 28H5434 Spanish
07H9803 07H9819 51H6845 28H5302 28H5435 Norwegian
07H9804 07H9820 51H6846 28H5303 28H5436 Swedish
07H9805 07H9821 51H6847 28H5304 28H5437 Dutch
07H9806 07H9822 51H6848 28H5305 28H5438 Danish
07H9807 07H9823 51H6849 28H5306 28H5439 Finnish
07H9808 07H9824 51H6850 28H5307 28H5440 Portuguese
07H9810 07H9826 51H6851 28H5309 28H5441 Russian
07H9811 07H9827 51H6852 28H5310 28H5442 Arabic
07H9812 07H9828 51H6853 28H5311 28H5443 Hebrew
07H9902 Canadian French
07H9906 07H9829 51H6854 28H5312 28H5444 Greek
07H9910 07H9911 51H6840 28H5296 28H5430 UK English
28H5380 28H5384 51H6855 28H5387 28H5445 Hungarian
28H5381 28H5385 51H6856 28H5388 28H5446 Polish
28H5382 28H5386 51H6857 28H5389 28H5447 Czech
Red Spine

Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups 3.11 must be installed on the system for Windows applications to run under OS/2 Warp Connect Version 3.


IBM Announcement Letter

  • ZP95-0160 OS/2 Warp Connect Version 3, OS/2 Warp Connect with WIN-OS2 Version 3 (1995-05-16)
  • ZA97-0347 Warp Product Family Overview (1997-11-18)
  • ZP99-0295 WfM of OS/2 Warp Connect Version 3 and Warp Connect Version 3 with Win-OS/2 for PC/Intel based (1999-05-11)