IBM Warp 3.0 Presentation Event

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11th of October 1994.
New York

This event called "IBM Warp 3.0 Presentation Event" was the IBM presentation launch of IBM OS/2 Warp 3.0 at New York.

The event was one hour long. A video of Leonard Nimoy started the event telling the importance of time and how important was to have a modern operating system now without waiting for months.

It included presentations and interviews of:

  • Leonard Nimoy - It's Time.
  • Robert LaBant - IBM Senior Vice President and Group Executive.
  • Kate Mulgrew
  • Lee Reiswig - President of IBM Personal Software Products Division
  • Wally Casey - Director of Marketing
  • David Barnes - OS/2 Evangelist
  • Pamela Hummel - Accountant Kodiak Island School District
  • Patric S. Carlson - Assessor. Kodiak Island Borought
  • Paul Van Dyke - PC Technician. Kodiak Island Borought
  • Barbara McLean - RN, Patient Account Mgr. Kodiak Island Hospital
  • Tadashi Ishinara. Director Information Systems. Hotel Okura.
  • Jumei Hora - Mgr InformatioN Systems. Hotel Okura.
  • Masaaki Sato - General Manager. T'Zone
  • Dr. Igor Goldovsky. Director STB Card.
  • Steve Mills - General Manager of Software Solutions Division
  • Wolfram Harnisch - Pharmarcist Owner. Volksapotheke
  • Gusti Schuele - Consultant - SwissAir
  • Dr. Gordon Ross - Head of Informaiton Technology. Londod Press Association
  • Dr. Abimbola Olowofoyeku - Professor Keele University. School of Law