List of OS/2 Related CD-ROMs

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This is a list of OS/2 related Shareware CD-ROMs.

Code Name Author Language Date Link
BIT50 Bitstream Font Collection for OS/2 Bitstream English
Dr os front.jpg
Dr. OS/2 Gold Dr. CD-ROM English [1]
03H4441 Experience C++ by IBM IBM English [2]
SK2T2176 IBM OS/2 Book Collection for Warp IBM English
08H2572 IBM Technical Connection CD ROM IBM English
Mega cd.jpg
Megatop CD-ROM voor OS/2 Warp 1 HCC DOSgg Dutch [3]
ARW20 Arawak OS/2 Shareware CD Vol. 1 Walnut Creek English
Hobbes OS2 CD-ROM 1994-02 [4]
Hobbes OS2 CD-ROM 1994-08 [5]
WAL10 Hobbes OS/2 CD-ROM 1995-03
WAL11 Hobbes OS/2 CD-ROM 1995-05
Hobbes-CD-1995-10.jpg Hobbes OS/2 CD-ROM 1995-10 [6]
Hobbes OS2 Dec1995-CD1.jpg Hobbes OS/2 CD-ROM 1995-12
Hobbes OS2 Dec1995-Cover.jpg
Hobbes OS/2 Archive CD-ROM 1995-12 [7]
WALXX Hobbes OS/2 CD-ROM 1996-06 [8]
Hobbes OS2 Archived CD-ROM 1996-11 [9]
Hobbes OS/2 CD-ROM 1998-11 [10]
BMT Micro CD-ROM 5th Edition BMT Micro
BMT Micro CD-ROM 4th Edition BMT Micro
OS2 The Most Complete Collection Powersource [11]
Collection Of OS2 2x Programs-Cover.jpg
USN 86
Collection of OS2 2.x programs YesSoft English [12]
OS/2 Shareware - Marugoto CD Marugoto Japanese 1995-10 [13]
Night Owl's Night Owl's Corp English [14]
GigaPak1 CD.jpg The GigaPak for OS/2 Warp English 1995 [15]
OS2Inside1996KomplettCD.png OS/2 Inside: 1996 Komplett CD AWi German 1996 [16]
OS/2 Inside - Top OS/2 Applications OnLine
CD 1020
OS/2 Inside : Warp Engine Vol.2 CD 1996 [17]
CD 1030
OS/2 Inside: Top OS/2 Apps Vol 3 [18]
CD 1040 OS/2 Inside: Top OS/2 Tools Vol 4 [19]
CD 1050 OS/2 Inside: Top OS/2 Tools Vol 5 [20]
CD 1060 OS/2 Inside: Top OS/2 Tools Vol 6 [21]
Team Trier Collection Vol. 5 - 10/99 Team OS/2 Trier 1999-10 [22]
Team Trier Collection Vol. 6
Team Trier Collection Vol. 7
Team Trier Collection Vol. 8 2001-04 [23]
ElNuevoUuarioDeMultimediaCDOS2.png El Nuevo Usuario de Multimedia CD OS/2 #11 Spanish [24]
OS2Spezial.jpg OS/2 Spezial CD-ROM German [25]
Collection Of OS/2 2.x Programs English
Supersite-CD.png The OS/2 Supersite Software Collection and OS/2 e-zine! Archive CD 1998-01 [26]
Os2 94 front.jpg IBM Presents OS/2 Software Hits - First Edition 1994 IBM German 1994-08 [27]
Os2 95 front.jpg IBM Presents OS/2 Warp Software Hits - Second Edition 1995 IBM (CH) DE, EN, FR 1995-05 [28]