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| Bench ||Presentation Manager ||Not Specified ||* C ||PM basic benchmark tool || [https://github.com/OS2World/UTIL-BENCHMARK-Bench]
|CPUBurn|| ||GNU GPL || || || [https://github.com/OS2World/UTIL-BENCHMARK-CPUBurn]
|CPUBurn|| ||GNU GPL || || || [https://github.com/OS2World/UTIL-BENCHMARK-CPUBurn]

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OS/2, ArcaOS and eComStation Open Source Software list. This is the OS/2 Open Source Catalog on a friendly to read list, you can also check the source code repositories at the OS2World Github.

The idea is to list open source project and software that shares the source code even if it is not under a formal OSI approved open source license.


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
ALTA.OS2 NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified
  • MASM 6.0 & link386
Sundance ST201 and IC+ IP100A [1]
ASPI Router Device driver Free - AS IS
  • Watcom C/C++
Application SCSI interface device driver [2]
Autonic Device driver Not Specified
  • Watcom C/C++ 10.x
boot time detection of PCI devices to autoload their driver [3]
b44a NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified Broadcom BCM4401 [4]
BT32.SYS TV GNU GPL Watcom 11.0C, IBM's DDK and LXAPI32 sources to build this driver. BT8X8 driver for TV-Cards. Source [5]
comet NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified ADMtek Comet/Centaur [6]
Delay System BSD 3 Clauses DELAY is a simple OS/2 device driver for providing a timed delay from CONFIG.SYS during system startup. [7]
Demo Not Specified $DEMO - OS/2 Demonstration Device Device Driver. [8]
DEVHELP Library BSD 3 Alike OS/2 Physical Device Driver Libraries for Watcom C/C++ 10 [9]
dp82x NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified National Semiconductor DP83820 Ethernet [10]
dp820a NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified NSC DP83820 [11]
dp815a NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified NSC DP83815 [12]
ext2 IFS GNU GPL V2 32-bit Linux ext2 file system driver (IFS) [13]
ext2flt Filter Non-Profit
  • Assembler
  • C
Filter device driver for OS/2 that makes it possible to load an IFS for linux partitions. [14]
ext2FS IFS GNU GPL V2 32bit Linux ext2 file system driver (IFS) for OS/2. Based on ext2 source code Source. [15]
FAT32 IFS GNU LGPL file system driver for FAT32 (Windows 9x) [16]
FASTIO I/O Can create derivative works. Includes original copyright. Fastio Device Driver for direct port I/O. The driver provides a 32 bit R3->R0 call gate for a user process. [17]
Firewire Firewire An initial firewire driver [18]
FreeType2 IFI Fonts FreeType license OS/2 Presentation Manager font driver for TrueType fonts. [19] [20]
Gameport.sys I/O Not Specified Samples the game port about 10 times per second. [21]
GAMEPRT2 I/O Not Specified Game Port Driver. Joystick GAME$ Driver. [22]
HFS File System GNU GPL V2 Mac HFS driver [23]
HLTDriver Device Driver Not Specified OpenWatcom Driver to keep systems cooler by calling HLT. [24]
HRTIMER rewrote Device Driver Public Domain A high resolution timer implemented as a device driver. [25]
IBM Rapid Access I Keyboard Enabler Keyboard Not Specified IBM Rapid Access Keyboard I Enabler driver. [26]
IDLEHLT16 Public Domain version of HLT driver for OS/2 1.x. Driver to keep systems cooler by calling HLT. [27]
ISOFS File System GNU GPL V2 EMX ISOFS is an installable file system for OS/2 to access ISO rawfiles suitable for burning on CD. [28], [29]
ISOFS File System GNU GPL ISOFS is an installable file system for OS/2 to access ISO rawfiles suitable for burning on CD. It allows transparent read only access to the contents of the raw file, also through WPS!

Currently only single session images are supported.

JJSCDROM CDROM AS IS Modified OS/2 CD-ROM / CD-RW / DVDs device manager driver. [30]
ldcopy System BSD 3-Clauses LDCOPY is a simple OS/2 driver for copying files while CONFIG.SYS is being processed. [32]
lgy98 NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified [33]
LXAPI32 Device driver interface GNU GPL V2 Watcom 11.0C and IBM's DDK to build this driver. LXAPI32.SYS provides a small Linux API to other device drivers. With this helper driver it is relative easy to port other Linux drivers to OS/2. LXAPI contains. Source [34]
Moschip MCS7830 Network Not Specified
  • Virtual Pascal 2.1 Build 279
  • OS/2 Toolkit 4.5 (alp, os2386.lib)
Dedicated to USB 2.0 to Ethernet Adapters, telling VendorID 0x9710 and ProductID 0x7830. This is a MAC driver for using with OS/2 MPTS. [35]
MWDD32 Device driver interface GNU GPL V2 Implementation of 32 bit OS/2 device drivers (BASEDEV and DEVICE) or 32 bit IFS. [36]
MultiMac Network GNU GPL V2 Network driver for NVETH, Intel E1000E, RealTek R8110, R8169 [37] [38]
NVeth NIC Network GNU GPL V2 NVidia nForce built-in NICs [39]
O2X I/O Public Domain Assembler Directs output to the AUX device to the monochrome monitor in a two-monitor system. [40]
OS2AHCI Storage GNU GPL SATA AHCI HDD driver. [41]
* Assembler
Test PSD Driver for generic PC AT [42]
OpenJFS File System GNU GPL V2 IBM C/C++ Compiler and Tools V 3.6.5, Microsoft C V 6.0a, OS/2 Developers Toolkit v4.5 JFS (Journal File System) IFS driver for OS/2. [43]
Panel PS/2 Panel BSD 3-Clauses PANEL is an OS/2 device driver that provides access to the eight character information panel provided on the IBM PS/2 Model 95 (8595 and 9595) systems. [44]
P6K7MTRR CPU Not Specified Intel P6 / AMD K7 MTRRs management IOCtl PDD driver [45]
Peek I/O GNU LGPL Wacom Allows it's user to read/write from IO ports [46]
PHYSMEM CPU Not Specified Provide a means for an application to access physical memory addresses by calling PhysToUVirt for it. [47]
PPtP Network GNU GPL V2 PPtP protocol for OS/2. (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is a method for implementing virtual private networks.) [48]
PSD Sample Driver PSD Not Specified * C
* Assembler
Sample of a Platform Specific Drivers (PSDs) for SMP [49]
PSPrint Print Not Specified PSPRINT.DRV. Changed [50]
RAMFS IFS Public Domain IFS-based RAMDISK [51]
Reboot2 Not Specified * C
* Assembler
Driver and program to help you reboot OS/2. [52]
RNG-810 I/O GNU GPL V2 RANDDRV.SYS random number driver for RNG-810 or similar hardware [53]
Reboot2 Not Specified REBOOTDR.SYS is a driver and program to help you reboot OS/2 [54]
Rodent Mouse/Graphics Tablets Public Domain Support for several mouse models. [55]
rtgnda NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified Realtek RTL8169 MAC driver [56]
rpn2a NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified Realtek RTL8029AS Another MAC driver [57]
Serial Port I/O Free or Charge This is a wrapper class to access OS/2 serial port. [58]
sis90a NDIS2 MAC Not Specified SiS900 Another MAC driver [59]
SoundCard Device Driver (SoundBlaster) Audio GNU GPL Support for Sound Blaster audio cards. [60]
SBOS2 Audio Not Specified Sound Blaster for OS/2 drivers. [61]
tc902x NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified Tamarack tmi TC9021 [62]
Tigris NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified National Semiconductor DP83815 [63]
VirtualBox Shared Folders Driver GNU GPL This driver is part of the OS/2 additions for VirtualBox.
UniAud Audio GNU GPL Based on ALSA core. [64] [65]
USBECD USB ISC License This driver enables you to directly control usb devices. [66]
USBLib USB Aladdin Free Public License USBCalls, USBResmg, USBJoy driver source code. [67]
UPTT Not Specified UPTime Test driver. [68]
vgend05 NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified VIA VT612x Velocity [69]
vfet3a04 NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified VIA VT6105 Rhine3 Another MAC driver [70]
vfet2a NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified VIA VT6102 Rhine2 Another MAC driver [71]
vfet1a04 NDIS2 MAC driver Not Specified VIA VT86C100A Rhine Another MAC driver [72]
VRAID FLT BSD-3-Clause * C
* Assembler
VRAID driver. RAID driver for OS/2 - VRAID.FLT [73]
WatcomIFS FileSystem Not Specified Sample Source for building an IFS driver using Open Watcom. [74]
WatDD Sample BSD Alike * C / * Assembler Physical Device Driver Libraries for Watcom C/C++ 10. [75]
Wacom Bamboo digitizer tablet Mouse / Input Device Not Specified Device driver for Wacom Bamboo digitizer tablet. [76]
Wim's Experimental Files Sample BSD 3-Clause * Assembly Wim Brul's experimental files for bmscalls, bvscalls, kbdcalls, keyboard.dcp, moucalls, viocalls. [77]
xATA / Danis506 Storage GNU LGPL Hard Drive storage driver [78] [79]
XF86SUP Application As Is * C XF86SUP.SYS Driver. This driver is a helper driver for XFree86/2. [80]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
AMouse (GUI) BSD 3-Clause *C Amouse drivers GUI. [81]
pcitest Test tool Not Specified - AS IS * C Tool to test some of the OEMHLP$ PCI interfaces. [82]
GRADMous Driver Patch Not Specified - AS IS * C Program to patch IBM's GRADD-Driver for WinOS/2 IFGDI2VM.DRV for mouse speed [83]



Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
CoinFlip BSD alike * GCC coinflip is a console application that flips a coin. [84]
ent Public Domain * GCC
* RC
A Pseudorandom Number Sequence Test Program [85]
Fit Not Specified * GCC
* RC
* VisualAge for C
Non-linear least-squares fit. [86]
Fudgit GNU GPL * GCC
FUDGIT is a double-precision multi-purpose fitting program. [87]
MacAnova FLOSS * GCC
A Program for Statistical Analysis and Matrix Algebra [88]
QtGrace Qt Application GNU GPL * GCC
* g++
* Qt libraries
QtGrace/Grace is a program to display or plot data, analyze data and prepare it for printing. [89]
Statist GNU GPL * GCC Statist is an easy to use, light weight statistics program. [90]
upclient GNU GPL * GCC www.uptimes.net client. [91]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
ClamAV Antivirus GNU GPL
Coinficker Virus Scanner Utility BSD 3 Clauses * C Tool that scan a network for signs of Conficker C. [92]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
CADEMIA Java GNU GPL Java A modern CAD system with a full functionality to create dimensional accurate technical drawings and documents.
QElectroTech Qt GNU GPL Qt4 Libraries Application to design electric diagrams.


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Als E6B Command line Not Specified E6B Calculator and flight planning assistant [93]
BCD Command line Public Domain Binary Coded Decimal. [94]
Calcus Qt GNU GPL v3 Qt4 Calcus is a cross-platform scriptable calculator based on Qt and QtScript. [95]
Console Calculator Command Line Not Specified * C * GCC Command line calculator. [96]
eCalc PM Application Not Specified A PM calculator for OS/2 and eComStation [97]
ehm Qt Application GNU GPL * Qt4 Libraries Simple calculator [98]
Euler GNU GPL Numerical math package with 3D/2D plots and programming language. [99]
GNU bc Command line GNU GPL * GCC Arbitrary precision numeric processing language. [100]
GNU dc Command line GNU GPL * GCC An arbitrary precision calculator [101]
GNU units Command line GNU GPL * GCC Converts quantities expressed in various systems of measurement to their equivalents in other systems of measurement. [102]
HPCalc PM Application GNU GPL * GCC
HP 41C calculator [103]
KeyCalc PM Application Not Specified A scientific calculator [104]
MatrixCalc Qt
Mortgage Calculator Public Domain * VisualAge for C
* Linker
Computes payment information for fixed rate amortized loans. [105]
Octave * C GNU GPL Octave is a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. [106]
QEasyCalc Qt GNU GPL
Table GNU GPL * DrDialog


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Agenda GNU GPL * Free Pascal Contact book for appointments and telephones. [108]
Cal(1) BSD * C displays a calendar and the date of Easter [109]
Calendar PM Applications Not Specified * Assembly
* Dialog Editor
CALENDAR is a calendar function for OS/2 Presentation Manager. [110]
CDAY GNU GPL * Today in history almanac, multiple system calendar [111]
GNU Calc GNU GPL * GCC Program for calculating and printing calendars. [112]

CD Recording

Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Audio/Data-CD-Creator GNU GPL WPS aware application for CD and DVD writing. [113]
binchunker GNU GPL * C binchunker converts a CD image in a ".bin / .cue" format (sometimes ".raw / .cue") to a set of .iso and .cdr tracks. [114]
cdrdao/2 GNU GPL
CDRECORD-CD-ROM Speed Tester Not Specified Utility to test CD-ROM speed. [115]
cdrutils Command line application GNU GPL * VXREXX Command line utilities to make use of CDRTOOLS [116]
DVD Backup Command Line GNU GPL GCC dvdbackup is a tool to rip video DVDs from the command line. [117]
DVD Author e QDVD Author GNU GPL GCC, LibC DVD Backup
GNU gcal GNU GPL GCC, LibC Gcal is a program for calculating and printing calendars. [118]
ISOCOMP2 Not Specified ISO (and RAW and RSJ track) image comparison utility, part of the XCOMP/2 package. [119]
ISOFS File System GNU GPL ISOFS is an installable file system for OS/2 to access ISO rawfiles suitable for burning on CD. It allows transparent read only access to the contents of the raw file, also through WPS!

Currently only single session images are supported. ||

mkISOfs GNU GPL mkisofs is used for premastering iso9660 filesystems which are used on CDROMs. [120]
mkhybrid Not Specified mkisofs - create an hybrid ISO9660/JOLIET/HFS filesystem with optional Rock Ridge attributes. [121]
trk2iso Command Line Not Specified trk2iso, a RSJ's TRK to ISO format convertion utility. [122]
Varsha Java Varsha is a Java user-friendly DVD frontend for various command-line tools such as dvdauthor, mkisofs, growisofs etc. [123]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
aclock Command Line Not Specified * C
* Open Watcom
ASCII clock [124]
asclock XFree86/2 Not Specified * C
Clock [125]
Beat PM Application GNU GPL * VXREXX Internet Time indicator [126]
Clock PM Application GNU GPL * C++
* VisualAge for C
* RC
Analog or digital clock [127]
Clock60 PM Application BSD 3-Clause * C Clock60 is a modified desktop clock, that contains additional features, like access to DCF77-stations (it is a station near Frankfurt that transmits the official time, receivable nearly all over Europe). [128]
Dcf Command Line Not Specified * EMX DCF Decoder for radioclock receiver. [129]
DCF77 decoder for Gude Expert Mouse Clock serial Command Line BSD 2-Clause * C++ DCF77 decoder for Gude Expert Mouse Clock serial. [130]
DeskClock PM Application GNU GPL * DrDialog A clock that is displayer on the WPS desktop. [131]
glclock PM Application Not Specified * OpenWatcom An openGL clock. [132]
MouseClock XFree86/2 Application GNU GPL * imake XFree86-OS/2: Display the current time using the X root cursor. [133]
OS/2 NTPD MPL * C Network Time Protocol Client for OS/2 Warp [134]
TimeLine PM Application Not Specified * Microsoft C Display date & time in a small window [135]
Yes, It's a Clock PM Application FLOSS * C
* Dialog Editor
Clock for OS/2-eComStation [136]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
ATP Command Line GNU GPL * GCC
text-mode QWK reader [137]
Capitel PM Application GNU GPL * nmake Multi-threaded 32-Bit Answering Machine. [138]
ComScope PM Application GNU GPL * nmake COMscope Communications Monitoring and Control tool. COMi asynchronous serial device driver. [139]
COMTALK PM Application Not Specified * C PM communications program. [140]
FleetStreet Not specified * VisualAge for C Fidonet client [141]
G Kermit GNU GPL * GCC G-Kermit is a Unix program for transferring files with the Kermit protocol. [142]
MultiMail offline reader GNU GPL * OpenWatcom Reads Blue Wave, QWK, OMEN and SOUP packets. Binaries, Source Code [143]
OS2Comm Command Line Not Specified * Microsoft C COM communication program [144]
PKT MSG Viewer 2 Free-non commercial * Watcom C/C++ Viewing pkt & msg files [145]
Psion Converter GNU GPL * VisualAge for C Psion<->OS/2 data files conversion utility [146]
SoupBox Not Specified Conversion programs which convert SOUP offline reader packets [147]
The Online Pub GNU GPL * C Full-featured multi-node teleconferencing program for most BBS software programs. [148]
Tradewars bubble finder Not Specified * VisualAge for C [149]
Tradewars Conv Utility Not Specified * VisualAge for C [150]
Tradewars port pair finder Not Specified * VisualAge for C [151]
Voice modem answer Not Specified * C++ Answering Machine for OS/2 [152]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
CdFly Qt Application GNU GPL * C++
* Qt
CD-DVD collection manager [153]
Datapad PM Application GNU GPL * C "scratch pad" to jot notes in and organize small files into. [154]
dbadmin Not Specified * CGI A CGI to administer mSQL databases remotely from a web browser. [155]
db2edit Public Domain * VXREXX GUI-based program for the administration of DB2-databases [156]
dbf2db2 Not Specified * VisPro Create Heads in DB2 and records, from DBF files. [157]
dbf2mysql Not Specified * GCC Utility to import / export .dbf files to / from MySQL tables. [158]
dbf2sql Not Specified * GCC Utility to import / export .dbf files to / from mSQL tables. [159]
DBF_Edit Public Domain DBF_edit edits dBASE files (.dbf) [160]
GNU_dbm GNU GPL Library of database functions that use extensible hashing and work similar to the standard UNIX dbm. [161]
IMDB_DiffTools No commercial use * GCC Internet Movie Database DiffTools [162]
OpenLDAP [164] OpenLDAP Public License
ODBC_SDK Not Specified SDK for developing ODBC applications and database drivers [165]
PostgreSQL [166] PostgreSQL License
Vyper Database Engine Database Creation Utility BSD alike * VX-REXX VIPER Database Engine Database Creation Utility [167]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
AE PM Application GNU GPL * Pascal E.EXE replacement for OS/2 made in Pascal [168]
AEdit Command Line Not Specified * C Small, menu-driven, line-oriented text editor [169]
Alpha IBM license Simple 32-bit, multi-document, configurable, highlighting and analysing editor [170]
Batch Editor PM Application GNU GPL V2 * C PM multithreaded application which allows to replace data in one or more files with various options (recur subdirectories, case insensitive, non printable characters) [171]
Beav Freeware - Non Commercial * C
* Microsoft C
Editor that brings the features of a powerful full screen editor to the editing of binary files. [172]
ed Freeware * C unix "ed" editor. [173]
eFTE2 GNU GPL * Cpp Port of the FTE editor to OS/2-eCS [174] [175]
EHP Public Domain * C
A text editor. [176]
elvis Clarified Artistic License * C
The elvis vi-clone (written by Steve Kirkendall) [177]
Emacs GNU GPL * C
GNU Emacs is an extensible, customizable text editor. [178]
Extended Editor Public Domain * C
Text editor for OS/2. [179]
FAST Editor Lite BSD 2 Clause *C
* Watcom
VIO mode programmers editor. [180]
Flatten Command Line Not Specified * C
fte GNU GPL V2 * C++
getline Not Specified * C
Input-edit package - Retrieves input a line at a time [183]
gnuserv GNU GPL * C
* OpenWatcom
gnuserv is a enhanced version of the emacsclient program for GNU Emacs. [184]
HexEdit/2 PM Application GNU GPL * C++
* VisualAge for C
Binary file editor. [185]
JED Editor GNU GPL Multi-platform editor [186]
JOE Not Specified * C
Joe's Own Editor. [187]
JOVE GNU GPL V2 * C JOVE (Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs) is an open-source, Emacs-like text editor. [188]
KEd Command line Simpliied BSD * C++
* Borland/VisualAge for C
Command line text-editor. [189]
Kon PM Application GNU LGPL * C++
* VisualAge for C
Multi-purpose PM text-editor. [190]
mEmacs GNU GPL * GCC
Micr Emacs [191]
Metamail Not Specified * GCC Standard metamail distribution compiled under emx [192]
32 Bit version of æ-emacs 3.12 for OS/2 2.X [193]
MMM Editor Not Specified * Watcom text editor [194]
nEmacs GNU GPL * GCC Emacs Editor [195]
NEPMD extensions for EPM Scripts and bins GNU GPL 2 VAC 3.08, makefile easy portable [196] [197]
NVI BSD Re-implementation of the classic Berkeley text editor [198]
Quick Text Editor Qt App GNU GPL * C++ A simple System Editor type text editor implemented in Qt. [199]
Sedt Editor‎‎ Command line / Text GNU GPL * C Text editor [200]
STEVIE Public Domain * Microsoft C Public domain editor [201]
SysEDOS2 GNU GPL * VXREXX System editor GUI [202]
The Hessling Editor GNU GPL [203]
Vile GNU GPL * C
* VisualAge for C
'Vi Like Emacs' programmer's editor [204]
ZED PM Application BSD * C Easy-to-use text editor for OS/2. [205]
ZEDIT Not Specified * VisualAge for C Latin/Greek/Hebrew editor providing diacritic overlays [206]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
AdvanceScan GNU GPL [207]
Atari800 XFree86/2 Not Specified [208]
Dosbox GNU GPL V2 An x86 emulator of DOS [210]
Dosboxloader Not Specified [211]
CPEM80 GNU GPL * C++ Emulation of the CP/M80 "operating system" [212]
GENSconv Not Specified [213]
Kegs XFree86/2 GNU GPL V2 [214]
MAME BSD [215]
MAMERun PM Application Custom made. Looks Copyleft. [216]
Master Gear/2 Property of Marat Fayzullin. [217]
MTools GNU GPL V3 [218]
OS2Irl Not Specified [219]
p3D-DIR Not Specified. [220]
Spim Not Specified [222]
Tape Utilities GNU GPL V2 [223]
TapTools New BSD License [224]
XZX2Plus3 Freeware * GCC [226]
zmakebas Public domain [227]
zsnes2 GNU GPL V2 [228]
ZX_SCR_Edit [229]
ZX_SCR_View Not Specified * C [230]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
3DMaze PM application Not Specified C Presentation Manager program generates mazes and displays them in three dimensions. [231]
3DMaze 2 PM application Not Specified C PM program prints 3D mazes with hexagonal rooms. [232]
Animation Player PM application C [233]
Apple Not Specified C++ [234]
Adagraph GNU GPL V2 Not Specified * ada system independent AutoCad compatible graphic package that was written on Ada 95 and may be used in different operation systems. [235]
BackGrnd Public Domain * C [236]
BMPDiff Not Specified * C [237]
Cameraderie Mozilla Public License * C [238]
Compface [239]
cpexif [240]
CSG Ray Tracer [241]
cvbmp [242]
cvtico [243]
D70Reader [244]
DEM2POV [246]
Dkbtrace [247]
Dovetail [248]
Exifren/2 [249]
Fatbits PM application Public Domain C Fatbits is a pixel magnifier program for OS/2 Presentation Manager. [250]
fBMP [251]
fig2dev [252]
FractINT [253]
FM/2 Image PM Application GNU GPL VisualAge C++
Image is a simple, fast image viewer that works with OS/2's MMPM/2 [254]
GBMV2 [255]
gDiagramm [256]
GifTools [257]
GIFtoPS2 [258]
GIFtrans Not specified GCC (EMX) Program for converting GIF files to GIF89a [259]
GNU barcode Command Line GNU GPL GCC Tool to convert text strings to printed bars. [260]
GOAT PM Application GNU GPL GOAT is an acronym for Graphics Optical Analysis & Translation. [261]
Gotcha! PM Application GNU GPL C++ Screen Capture tool [262]
HP2XX GNU GPL HP-GL conversion utility. [263]
HPGS GNU GPL A HPGL/2 interpreter/renderer. [264]
ImgMeta PM Application Public Domain *VX-REXX With ImgMeta you can add your own information to any image-file, to describe them better than its pure filename can. [265]
IRIT Command Line Non commercial * GCC
Solid modeling environment that allows one to model basic, primitive based, models using Boolean operations as well as freeform surface's based models. [266]
IteCAD Qt GNU LGPL V2.1 * Qt4 Libraries ITE CAD is an Italian CAE/CAD application [267]
jpeg2ps Not Specified jpeg2ps converts JPEG files to PostScript Level 2 or 3 EPS. [268]
jpegdump Command Line BSD alike * C Dump JPEG marker information [269]
JPEGER Not Specified * VisualAge for C Process JPEG image files. [270]
kdc dc2 Not Specified * C Convert .KDC to .JPG/.BMP and .DC2 to .TGA. [271]
lego Command Line GNU GPL * C
Tool to create images of models made of LEGO(R)-like bricks. [272]
mtekscan Not Specified * C
Allows the use of MicroTek ScanMaker SCSI scanners. [273]
netCDF University Corporation for Atmospheric Research/Unidata License * C
NetCDF (Network Common Data Form) is a set of software libraries and self-describing, [274]
Panorama Tools GNU GPL * GCC Image distortion corrections, changing of proection type, making various types of panorams, creating textures, etc. [275]
* VisualAge for C
Toolkit for converting various image formats [276]
Plotmtv Xfree86OS/2 GNU GPL * C fast multi-purpose plotting program for X11-windows [277]
PMExif PM Software Public Domain * VX-REXX PMExif extracts and presents Exposure-Data from Digital Cameras. [278]
PMPentax Not Specified * C
* Dialog Editor
* Watcom
Take screen shots [279]
PMRaw PM Software Public Domain * VX-REXX PMRaw provides a graphical user interface for dcraw (processing and conversion of digital images in RAW-format) [280]
PMSheet BSD Like * C++ * VisualAge for C File explorer like program for pictures [281]
PMStars Public Domain * C
* Watcom
Display the starfield with either a single 'dot' or line for each star. [282]
verifies the integrity of PNG, JNG and MNG files [283]
Povray GNU AFFERO GPL * Watcom C 11b High-quality, Free Software tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics. [284]
POV Frontend Not Specified * C++ POV front-end [285]
Present PM application Public Domain * VisualAge for C
* RC
Allows the user to make simple slide shows and display these on the PM desktop. [286]
PTOT Not Specified * VisualAge for C++ PNG-to-TIFF converter [287]
gnu make
* gcc
* ilink
Tool to retrieve & rename photos from your PTP camera [288]
PVQuan Not Specified * C Persistence of Vision Quantiser Utils. [289]
QRT No Commercial use * C
* Microsoft C
Quick Ray Tracing rendering package [290]
Scale Not Specified * C
* Borland C++
Scales TGA files. [291]
ScanSort GNU GPL * C
Scan collection checker [292]
Show3D Not Specified * C++ A 'Magic Eye' type 3d image viewer. [293]
SketchIt PM Application GNU GPL * VisualAge for C A Bitmap drawing tool based on DrawIt source code. [294]
Tgif XFree86OS/2 QPL license * C Xlib based interactive 2-D drawing tool [295]
Truespectra Scripts Not Specified Scripts for TrueSpectra's PhotoGraphicPro. [296]
TTF2PT1 BSD Like * C
True Type to PostScript Type 1 Font Converter [297]
ViewFax XFree86OS/2 GNU GPL [298]
WinCam GNU GPL * C Port of Winc - Winc is a software package useful for getting images from a WinCam digital camera. [299]
WinIco Command Line GNU GPL * C++ Convert icons from the Win32 format into the OS/2 format [300]
Xicon GNU GPL * C XIcon is a conversion program for translating icons between various formats. [301]
XLOADIMAGE Xfree86 GNU GPL * C++ Xfree86 XLOADIMAGE - X11 Image Loading Utility. [302]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Advanced CTorrent This is an advanced commandline client based on CTorrent. [303]
Alpine Alpine is a new generation of the well-known "Pine" text-based e-mail client. [304]
Chat Little 'chatter' thinggy on your system. [305]
CJB Ip Forwarder Unix cjb *automatic* ip forwarding client port. [306]
Chain Chain - helps to route messages through remailers [307]
Cleanuud Program to cleanup quoted uuencoded files. [308]
DD-UP client DD-UP is a program that is used to update a host provided by the Free DynDNS service of dyndns.org. [309]
DYN Simple client program for the Monolith Coalition's DYNDNS service. [310]
Firefox PM Application MPL C++ Internet WWW Browser [311]
FrontenACT FrontenACT is a graphical front-end for the "Enhanced CTorrent" BitTorrent client for OS/2. [312]
FTP Masquerade Small utility for getting around the limitations on FTP imposed by IP masquerading. [313]
FTPServer GNU GPL V3 * Modula FTP Server for OS/2 and eComStation [314]
Hostinfo Port of hostinfo 2.2, a simple program to retrieve host information from an URL/IP address. [315]
HTML Wizard PM Application Public Domain * VX-REXX HTML text editor [316]
HelpDesk PM Application Several OSS * C Tool to get remote control access to OS/2 machines. [317]
ICQpipe ICQpipe is a very simple pwICQ's plugin originally developed as a "test" module for the plugin specs it acts as a interface to sysbar/2 (or any other) pipe monitor converting the pwICQ's reported events to text strings and sending then to the configured pipe. [318]
ircd Server (daemon) program for the Internet Relay Chat. [319]
ircflect IRC command Line tool [320]
Jasmine Jasmine is the ftp front-end using of the OS/2 WARP genuine part for FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for the maintainances of your webpages. [321]
Links GNU GPL * C Links is a lightweight browser working in text mode and pmshell. [323]
lookup Addition to ircII/os2; shows domain and IP of a user. [324]
LightWeight GNU GPL Lighweight2 is a very small Browser. [325]
mlddc mlddc is a client for the Monolith dynamic DNS [326]
mlup mlup is a script to update your configuration at ml.org. [327]
Mr Message Instant messenger client which is capable of communicating over AOL's Instant Messenger network using the OSCAR protocol (used in the Win32 AIM clients, jBuddy, gAIM, Kopete, ICQ, and a variety of other clients). [328]
News Harvest News Harvest lets you extract binaries from all your favourite news groups while you work, while you sleep, or while you watch. [329]
NcFTP Free set of programs that use the File Transfer Protocol. [330]
NetChat NetChat for OS/2 is a small and fast personal communication tool for OS/2. It is designed to hook 2 people up directly (without using the IRC channels, servers, IP servers, etc.) for a ONE on ONE personal text mode chat. [331]
NFTP NFTP is a text-mode ftp client for several platforms. [332]
Nuts NUTS talker server. [333]
OpenXP CrossPoint (XP) is a mail and news reader which supports not only the Internet also ZConnect formats, Fido, and a few less common types of networks. [334]
totals A simple program designed to determine "statistics" from Penguin FTP Daemon. [335]
SlipCall IBM TCP/IP 1.2.1 SLIPCALL program [336]
SlipFree Requests COM port from SLIP, runs a program, returns COM port to SLIP [337]
Total Control 123 An ircII script+helper applet which allows you to control z! and pm123 within your irc client console. [338]
TexasNet Connection Monitoring Bot Its main function is to identify people who abuse the local server in general. [339]
tftp tftp server that implements BLKSIZE,TSIZE options. [340]
VoiceChat/2 Internet Voice Communication package [341]
NISTIME This program access the NIST time/date server via TCP/IP and obtains the standard time. [342]
Telnetd Login A replacement login.exe for IBM OS/2 telnetd [343]
Tnlogin Replacement Telnet Login for IBM TCP/IP for OS/2 [344]
ssh ssh ported to OS/2 [345]
PopCliD popclient daemon for OS/2 [346]
Elm Mail System Command Line Elm Mail System. Text-based email client commonly found on Unix systems. [347]
GNU inetutils Inetutils is a collection of common network programs. [348]
VSoup NNTP/POP3/SMTP client [349]
CTorrent CTorrent is a BitTorrent (be know as BT usually) Client program by C for FreeBSD and Linux. [350]
GetTZ Set INI TimeZone from environment string for PMMail. [351]
HtmlConv Converts from text/html to text/plain for PMMail [352]
MailRun Small and fast program to monitor your Pop3 mail account. [353]
pgpfake This shell allows programs that are designed to use PGP 2.6.3 to use PGP 5.0 instead. [354]
PMLPP PM Applications "Little Pop Peek for PM" (PMLPP). tiny POP mail checker for PM. [355]
PMMail Utilities PMMail 1.5 Utilities. [356]
DayTime Public Domain * C The server implements the RFC 867 (daytime), RFC 868 (time) and RFC 1361 (SNTP) services, both for TCP and UDP protocols. [357]
PMMail Utilities-C PMMail 1.5 Utilities - C language. Change and strip [358]
PMNews PM Application GNU GPL V2 * C A PM replacement for SNEWS.EXE [359]
PwICQ PM Application GNU GPL ICQ clone for OS/2 [360]
QMail Mail local delivery agent, works with Sendmail [361]
renattach Filter to rename/remove mail attachments. [362]
Souper [363]
SpamFilter BSD 3 Clauses * C The SpamFilter is a free and Open Source software able to detect and reject e-mail messages containing unwanted advertising. [364]
SpamKill Weasel [365]
SpamKill2 [366]
Filter 4-Weasel [367]
xfmail [368]
Fingerd [369]
HUGS [370]
micq [371]
Netcat [372]
NetGrab [373]
OS2GOFER [374]
PhantomJS [375]
PMVNC Server [376]
PMVNC Client [377]
Stunnel [378]
tcpdump [379]
torpak/2 [380]
uqwk [381]
WarpGlobe [382]
WhoAmI [383]
Whois [384]
gentler whois [385]
XJDIC [386]
xvncviewer [387]
BinaryNewsGathered [388]
fix yenc [389]
Newsbeat [390]
Slrn [391]
SLURP Not Specified Slurp is an advanced passive NNTP client. [392]
Tass Not Specified Tass, Threaded News reader for uucp/tcpip [393]
Tin BSD 3 Clauses tin is a threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader for a variety of platforms. [394]
DBZ for UUPC Extended news Not Specified DBZ for UUPC/Extended news, based loosely on C-News dbz program, w/improved error logging. [395]
yDec Public Domain yEnc decoder for OS/2 [396]
Lighweight2 GNU GPL Lighweight2 is a very small Browser. [397]
mozinst Not specified This is a REXX script and associated tool to add some program objects to the desktop for Seamonkey/Thunderbird/Firefox. [398]
HTML GEN Not Specified Generates HTML files out of source files and macros. [399]
ORB GNU GPL An HTML Preprocessor. [400]
WebMonX GNU GPL WebMonX monitors websites for updates and changes [401]
Web Client Test Not Specified This is a tool for analyzing, debugging and determining the correctness of web server (HTTP) protocol. [402]
QtWeb Qt Application GNU GPL QtWeb is a compact, secure, portable and fast web browser having some unique UI and privacy features. [403]
Surfer GNU GPL, GNU LGPL Surfer is a simple web browser on QtWebKit that focus on usability. [404]
QBrows GNU GPL QBrows is a small web browser. [405]
NPDJVU GNU GPL This Mozilla plugin enables it to view DjVu files. [406]
NPMETA Public Domain OS/2 Metafile plugin for Netscape [407]
Lynx GNU GPL Lynx is a fully-featured World Wide Web (WWW) client for users running cursor-addressable, character-cell display devices [408]
ColorPicker Not Specified ColorPicker is a small tool which allow to show RGB value of the color over cursor. [409]
Faster Custom Open Source Faster is designed to make your web pages load up. [410]
Getstats Not Specified *getstats* (formerly called "getsites") is a C program that will produce detailed, concise, monthly, weekly, daily summary, daily, hourly summary, hourly, domain, request, directory tree, and error reports from your World-Wide Web or Gopher server. [411]
Gizmo GNU GPL Gismo is the unique color coordinating utility for those who uses editors to make html documents with various color RGB codes. [412]
Goose GNU GPL * XV-REXX Goose is one of `Checking Updated Homepage' utility. [413]
HTMLplot Public Domain This program generates a graphic bar for Web pages. It is assumed the data is normalized to the range of 0 to 100. [414]
JunkBuster GNU GPL The Internet Junkbuster Proxy TM is free privacy-enhancing software that can be run on your PC or by your ISP or company. [415]
OBJST Public Domain This program, objst.exe, can be used to start Windows and Dos based viewers easily from Web Explorer. [416]
[[Online Software/2 PM Application GNU GPL * DrDialog * REXX Desktop application to present applications listed on eCSoft/2. [417]
RenHTML Public Domain RenHTML is a little program for renaming HTML files to their titles. [418]
rtftohtml Not Specified * C translate existing RTF documents into HTML [419]
Swish-e Not Specified Swish-e can quickly and easily index directories of files or remote web sites and search the generated indexes. [420]
UNHTML Command Line GNU GPL V2 * C Command line application that can turn an HTM file into a simple text (txt) file. [421]
Weasel Presentation Manager GNU GPL V2 * Modula-2 Mail server supporting the POP3 and SMTP protocols. [422] [423]
Weasel - IMAPD-Weasel Not Specified * C IMAP4 server for the Weasel mail server. [424]
Webalizer GNU GPL V2 Web server log file analysis program [425]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Octave GNU GPL Octave is a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. [426]
ccalc Freeware CCALC provides convenient way to for performing calculations. [427]
PM chaos BSD alike PM Chaos is a program that simulates a simple chaotic system, the "standard map". [428]
drlife Not Life Cellular Automata Animator also known as DrLife, this is a 1d and 2d cellular automata engine. [429]
Euler Not Specified EULER is a program to do numerical mathematics on a computer. [430]
konstr Not Specified Simulate Constructions with compasses and ruler. [431]
Prime Not Specified Prime Number Generator. [432]
rc5 client RC5 is (c) Copyright 1995, RSA Data Security, Inc This is the RC5 Key client designed and written for the RSA Data Security Contest. [433]
sfit Not Specified Function curve fitting utility. [434]
XPPAut GNU GPL X-Windows Phase Plane plus Auto. [435]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Ansirand GNU GPL displays randomic color characters on an OS/2 command session [436]
Config Apps GNU GPL V3 Program to edit the default web browser settings stored in the OS2.INI (user profile) under the WPURLDEFAULTSETTINGS [437]
CCSRCH GNU GPL V2 CCSRCH is a cross-platform tool for searching filesystems for credit card information. [438]
cmatrix GNU GPL V2 CMatrix is a program that shows the Matrix movie animation scrolling lines. [439]
Family Tree GNU GPL V2 * C++ Family Tree is a 32-bit multithreaded PM family tree program [440]
GED2WWW GNU GPL V2 GED2WWW is a freeware program designed to convert GEDCOM (genealogical data) files to HTML with an emphasis on minimizing the amount of HTML produced while not sacrificing vital information [441]
GLExcess GNU GPL V2 OpenGL demo project. [442]
John Ridges Misc Tools PM and Command line Public Domain * C several miscellaneous tools for PM and command line. BEEPER - Command line tool. CHECKER - Error scanning program. DIGCLOCK - PM Clock that shows up floating. INDENT - Command line C file indentation cleaner tool. MEM - PM program to check free RAM memory. RENDIC - COmmand line tool to rename directories. [443]
Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) GNU GPL V2/ BSD PVM is a software package that permits a heterogeneous collection of Unix and/or Windows computers hooked together by a network to be used as a single large parallel computer. [444]
Pilot Not Specified * C Pilot CAI interpreter. [445]
Resizer Not Specified An application to change the size of other program windows. [446]
Sit-O-CHIRARI GNU GPL V2 Sit-O-CHIRARI is a desktop accessory. Small Japanimation girl bitmap named 'Serina' will sit upon current active window. [447]
The Quoteriser GNU GPL V2 Quote manager, with quote-of-the-day and random .sig [448]
Tape lab Freeware An Audio Tape Label Editor. It uses the PM++ class library [449]
ViewRep Presentation Manager BSD 3 Clause * C Display standard input and give the user the option of printing the file or just viewing via scoll bars. [450]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
IpConfigPM PM Application GNU GPL V3 Dr.Dialog
REXXLib Library
A graphical interface to change IP address for network addapters [451]
Kerberos BSD 3 Clauses alike. C Network authentication protocol designed around the concept of granting tickets to clients, where each ticket is valid for access to certain resources on the server or network. [452] [453]
MyIP GNU GPL V2 C A simple TCP/IP utility for querying the current system's IP address as seen from the Internet. [454]
NETIO Public Domain C network benchmark [455]
pcnfsd Not Specified C The pcnfsd utility is used for authentication purposes by NFS clients in a PC environment that has no concept of user/password identification [456]
PMSock PM Application Free for non comercial use. C PM Sockets, an OS/2 interface for IBM's TCP/IP based on Windows Sockets v1.1. [457]
PMVNC GNU GPL V2 C VNC remote desktop control tool [458]
TCPConfig PM Application Not Specified Pascal TCP/IP Configuration Program [459]
VNC Port PM Application GNU GPL * C VNC (Remote control) application for OS/2. [460] [[461]]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Apache OpenOffice PM Application Apache License
Contact/2 Not Specified Address management [462]
eAccounts Not Specified A PM account and password manager. [463]
ePDF PM Application Not Specified A PM tool for postscript to PDF conversion, which uses GhostScript as back-end. [464]
KeyRing/2 PM Application GNU GPL * VXREXX
Secure database for all your passwords, registration codes, lock combinations, Bank PINs - any small secret. [465]
SmartPack for Mesa2 Not Specified Edit- and sizefunctions for Mesa2 from Sundial Systems [466]
Tequila for Mesa2 Not Specified Filter-, zoom- and sizefunctions for the excelent speadsheet application Mesa2 from Sundial Systems. [467]
Pilot link pilot-link is a suite of tools used to connect your Palm or PalmOS© compatible handheld. [468]
TIMETRAC PM application PM Activity Time Tracker. [469]
Warplog PM Application Warplog is a journal type program that allows you to record daily events or notes in a simple PM interface. [470]
WinCards PM application An OS/2 PM replacement for the Windows cardfile. [471]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
AMPOS2 Not Specified * REXX TYPO3 Web Content Management System (CMS) under OS/2 or eComStation [472]
Analog Custom License This program analyses logfiles from WWW servers. [473]
Count Not Available Count provides a combination web page hit counter, clock, and date cgi program for your web server. [474]
CuteWiki GNU GPL CuteWiki is a standalone wiki engine implemented in ANSI-C. [475]
Firecast Not Available Firecast is an audio streaming server. [476]
git_gmail_module Not Specified * Pearl
This is a module in order to use SSL enabled email such as gmail. [477]
Icecast GNU GPL Icecast is free server software for streaming multimedia [478]
identd Public Domain identd server [479]
ImageMap Not Specified Add HTTP/1.0 to Mike Cowlishaw's gopher server [480]
Major Major GNU GPL V3 * Modula Major Major is a mailing list manager for OS/2. It lets you create multiple mailing lists on your machine. [481]
mod throttle access Not Specified Patched source for mod_throttle_access 0.2 for Apache 1.3.X with a binaries precompiled for platform OS/2. [482]
named BSD 3-Clauses * C Simple domain name server for OS/2. [483]
opennap GNU GPL Open source napster server. [484]
PMMailWeb GNU GPL PMMailWEB is a cgi web frontend for the Email software PMMail. [485]
php-hmailer Public Domain HMailer is a PHP class which uses HMailer.exe from an Inet.Mail or Inet.Mail Pro sofware installation to send an e-mail message. [486]
PolarbarWeb/2 GNU GPL PolarbarWeb/2 is a cgi web frontend for the Email software PolarBarMailer. [487]
Popper/2 Not Specified PostOffice3 (POP3) server for OS/2 [488]
pop3d The pop3d daemon implements the Post Office Protocol Version 3 server. [489]
ProxyServer GNU GPL tinyproxy is a small HTTP proxy, ideal for use in small network situations where a (much) larger, caching proxy like squid might very well be overkill, or a security hazard. [490]
Radius GNU GPL V2 Provide a robust RADIUS server under OS/2 with additional features. [491]
Resin Caucho license Resin provides a fast servlet runner for Apache 1.3 or greater, allowing Apache to run servlets and JSP files [492]
SQUIRM GNU GPL A URL redirector for SQUID. [493]
SQDR Freeware for Open Source Redirector for squid [494]
SimpleHTTPd GNU GPL A smal www server. [495]
sockd BSD 3-Clauses * C Simple SOCKS server for OS/2. [496]
y2kcgi Not Specified Days left until the year 2000 CGI with Pascal Source. [497]
WebMail/2 Not Specified * VX-REXX WebMail/2 allows users to read emails via the web [498]
WebServe GNU GPL * WebServe is a lightweight web server for OS/2. [499]
Archidiskodon Not Specified Server-side FTP Scanner written in PHP and plain C. [500]
Jitterbug GNU GPL JitterBug is a web based bug tracking system. [501]
Web Family Tree Not Specified * Modula-2 It is intended for use by people who (a) want to display their family tree in a web browser, and (b) run their own web server, or are willing to install a web server. [502]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
BlackBody Not Specified * Pascal Plot the Planck black body radiation curve for given temperature list. [503]
Fitsblink Not Specified * C Fitsblink is a program for analysis of astronomical images, especially of asteroids and comets. [504]
LVB Not Specified LVB phylogeny program. LVB uses parsimony to reconstruct phylogeny from a nucleotide multiple alignment, using a simulated annealing heuristic search. This is suitable for moderately large data matrices. [505]
neurlnet Public Domain A backpropogation neural network to recognize characters. [506]
NGSpice Several licenses Ngspice is a mixed-level/mixed-signal circuit simulator. [507]
PMBio Not Specified Biorhythm chart software [508]
SimRobot2 Not Specified * C++ A robot simulator software package developed by the Universität Bremen and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. It is being used for further research on autonomous robots. [509]
vavrdisasm GNU GPL vAVRdisasm - Atmel AVR Disassembler [510]
VPICDisAsm GNU GPL This program is a Microchip PIC firmware disassembler. [511]
xephem XFREE86OS/2 Propietary XFREE86OS/2 - XEphem is a Motif based ephemeris and planetarium program for Unix-like operating systems [512]
Xfitsview XFREE86OS/2 GNU GPL XFREE86OS/2 - XFITSview is a viewer for FITS format images for unix/X-Windows systems. XFITSview will display images allowing zooming, scrolling, modifying the brightness, contrast and color and allow determination of celestial positions in the image. [513]

Screen savers

Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Animate PM Application Public Domain * C Animate is a program for those people who like to have nifty graphics dancing around their computer screen. [514]
Blackout GNU GPL V2 "Blackout" is a completely FREE screen saver for OS/2 versions 2.0 and above. It is intended for use with monitors that have DPMS, or "green," support. [515]
Deskpic PM Application Public Domain * C Deskpic is a desktop picture/screen saver program for OS/2 Presentation Manager. [516]
DSSBlack Not Specified Turn off the monitor by direct access to VGA registers. DSS module. [517]
HopAlong Not Specified * C Module designed for the OS/2 screen saver "ScreenSaver" by Siegfried Hanisch. [518]
Life Not Specified This is a PM implementation of the game of life, with source. [519]
Screen Blanker PM Application GNU GPL A program which blanks the screen after a specified period of inactivity, in order to prevent patterns from being "burned-in" to the screen. [520]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Spreadsheet Calculator GNU GPL Spreedsheet calculator [521]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Ispell GNU GPL GNU ispell. Ispell is a program that helps you to correct spelling and typographical errors in a file. [522]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
BackTrack BSD Like BackTalk is free Speech System for OS/2. [523]
festival Not Specified Festival offers a general framework for building speech synthesis systems as well as including examples of various modules. [524]
RSynth Artistic License, GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2) Provide basic text-to-speech capability on as many platforms and for as many spoken languages as possible by formant synthesis from an International Phonetic Alphabet representation. [525]

Word Processing

Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
bmp2tex BSD Alike bmp2tex is a converter from BitMAp to LaTeX [526]
bm2font GNU GPL V1 bm2font is a utility to convert pictures into TeX fonts, in C. [527]
Cawf Not Available * OpenWatcom C/C++ Cawf - nroff-like text formatter [528]
Cols Command Line GNU GPL * C Allow to print ASCII text in several columns without loosing any information. [529]
Common TeX Specific License * C Port of Common TeX for OS/2. [530]
Contrast Not Specified * C This program contrasts two files by finding shared lines of data, and displaying the files with identical sections in the same colours. [531]
DocBookFramework Apache A bundle of programs to manipulate and convert XML DocBook files. [532]
dvips Not Available dvips is a software program that converts the Device Independent file format (DVI) output of TeX typography into a printable or otherwise presentable form. dvips [533]
dvidvi Not Available The dvidvi program converts a dvi file into another dvi file, with perhaps certain changes. [534]
DVI2TTY Not Available * C dvi2tty is intended for previewing dvi-files on text-only devices (terminals and lineprinters). [535]
FWEB GNU GPL A WEB system of structured documentation for multiple languages. [536]
funnelweb GNU GPL FunnelWeb is a powerful literate-programming macro preprocessor that enables you to weave programs and documentation together. [537]
GNU Enscript GNU GPL GNU enscript is a drop-in replacement for the enscript program. [538]
GNU texinfo Texinfo is the official documentation format of the GNU project.Texinfo uses a single source file to produce output in a number of formats, both online and printed (dvi, html, info, pdf, xml, etc.). [539]
glosstex GNU GPL GlossTeX is a tool for the automatic preparation of glossaries for use with LaTeX and MakeIndex. [540]
Ht2sp Not Available Ht2Sp (1)r eads a text file, (2) replaces all horizontal tabs in this file by spaces, and (3) writes the converted text into a second file. [541]
latex2rtf GNU GPL latex2rtf is a translator program that translates LaTeX text into the RTF format used by various text processors, most notably Word. [542]
LaCheck GNU GPL Lacheck is a tool for find­ing com­mon mis­takes in LaTeX doc­u­ments. [543]
Lout GNU GPL Lout is a document formatting system designed and implemented by Jeffrey Kingston at the Basser Department of Computer Science, University of Sydney, Australia. [544]
Lucide PM Application CDDL and LGPL licenses. * C++ Lucide is a plugin based document viewer for eComStation (OS/2). [545] [546]
texindex TeXindex for indexes in LaTeX and TeXinfo documents [547]
texi2ipf Not Available Texinfo to ipf converter [548]
txi2ipf Transfor tex files to IPF format [549]
nuweb GNU GPL Literate Programming tool (web). NUWEB works with any programming language and LaTeX. [550]
par par is a flexible ascii text formatter. [551]
Spidery WEB Tool for building a WEB system for the language of your choice. [552]
teTeX teTeX is a complete TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems. [553]

Development Tools

For a list of open source software development tools please check the EDM/2 tools wiki page.


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Alien Blaster
Aquanaut GNU GPL [554]
Asteroids GNU GPL [555]
BallsBall GNU GPL [556]
Dave Gnukem
Doom for OS/2
Dodgin' Diamond II
EyeCon PM Application Public Domain * C A very silly pointer tracking program for OS/2 Presentation Manager. [557]
Jump n' Bump
Kobo Deluxe
lBreakout 2
Lotto GNU GPL [558]
MakMan GNU GPL [559]
Neko98 [560]
Rollball GNU GPL [561]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
ASPI Not Specified C ASPI Interface Library [562]
AsuaCtl PM Application GNU GPL V2 * C Library that updates the standards controls for OS/2. [563]
Cairo LGPL or MPL * C Cairo is a 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices. This is the OS/2 and eComStation port. [564]
Cantatore Libraries BSD 3 Clauses * C This are three libraries/DLLs created by Alessandro Cantatore for some of his software. 3dctls.dll, afcbsu00.dll and afcpmu00.dll. This libraries are required for Attribute Manager and Batch Editor [565]
Cell Toolkit PM Application BSD 2 Clauses * C++ Cell toolkit is a library for OS/2 PM designed to simplify implementation of two important parts of user interface (UI). Split views and Toolbars [566]
Color Wheel PM Application BSD 3 Clauses * C++ ColorWheel control DLL. [567]
Cubus OS/2 Class Library BSD 3 Clauses * C
* C++
C++ Class Library for OS/2 that encapsulates PM and VIO APIs, also including classes for strings, semaphores, threads, multimedia, TCP/IP, OS2MEMU, the undocumented DosQProcStatus and DosQuerySysState APIs, and much much more. [568]
CUtil BSD 3-Clause * C CUtil is a library that contains functions that is used in most of Noller & Breining Software software. [569]
DayTime GNU GPL V2 * C Data conversion library that involved the use of dates [570]
DBMALLOC Free, Non Commercial, copyleft * C A collection of routines which are a drop-in replacement for the malloc(3), memory(3), string(3), and bstring(3) library functions. [571]
DBMANIP Not specified * C A set of basic functions for manipulating DBase3 or 3+ files. [572]
DES3 OS2 No fee for non-commercial use. * C DES3_OS2: IBM OS/2 WARP library for the NBS Data Encryption. Standard (DES) with support of triple-length keys (3DES). [573]
Developer Helper Application Framework PM Library Non Commercial * C++ Included in this framework are objects to assist in developing all types of applications (both character based and Presentation Manager). [574]
Devil GNU LGPL * C Developer's Image Library (DevIL) is a programmer's library to develop applications with very powerful image loading capabilities, yet is easy for a developer to learn and use. [575]
DosMapPhysMem() dynalink library GNU LGPL V2 * C Dynalink library that maps specified physical memory region to 32bit process address space and unmaps it. [576]
DosQueryPerformance GNU LGPL V2 * C
* Assembler
This software is a dynalink library that queries performance activity ratios (busy, idle and interrupt one) of overall system and each CPUs on 32bit OS/2 process. [577]
DosEstimateFreqCPU GNU GPL V2 * C
* Assembler
This software is a dynalink library that estimates clock frequency of all available CPUs on 32bit OS/2 environment. [578]
DualMode Library MGL based library Not for sell * MGL
* C
An open source library allowing applications to seamlessly switch between windowed and full screen operation. [579]
Dynamic Windows BSD * C Dynamic Windows is an application framework that was designed to make it easy to create dynamic applications with a modern interface. [580] [581]
EA Class Library Non Commercial * C++ This package consists of two classes (EA and EAList) wrapping the OS/2 Extended-Attribute APIs. [582]
Everblue * Running X11 Applications on the OS/2 Desktop [583] [584]
EVRexx GNU GPL * C EVRexx is a package of external functions for REXX-programs. EVRexx enables the use of PM dialog-windows from your REXX-application. [585]
FastINI GNU GPL * C A Rexx DLL with example rexx code on how any rexx program that accesses INI files through SysIni calls are made much faster. [586]
FileDLG PM Library Free for Non commercial use * C FileDLG/OpenDLG - OS/2 Open File dialog box routines. [587] [588]
Freetype GNU GPL and BSD alike * C
* C++
FreeType is a freely available software library to render fonts. [589]
GI Library Not Specified * C Generic Interface between games and Input devices. [590]
Glass PM C++ Library PM Application Not Specified * C ++ Glass PM C++ library aimed to develop PM applications on C++. [591]
Glide/2 3DFX License * C 3DFX Glide 2.x DLL [592]
glib/LibIDL GNU LGPL * C glib and libIDL libraries required to build mozilla for OS/2-eCS. [593]
GNU RX GNU GPL * C RX - A fast replacement for the GNU regex library. [594]
GNU Readline GNU GPL V2 * C The Readline library provides a set of functions for use by applications that allow users to edit command lines as they are typed in. [595]
Iconv Not Specified * C ICONV.DLL interfacing to built-in UCONV.DLL. This is a minor derivation of iconv2 [596]
jpeg Not Specified * C JPEG image compression by Independent JPEG Group. [597]
K8055 Not Specified * C A DLL to access K8055 from application level. [598]
klib BSD 3-Clause * C kLIBC is a C runtime library in which the coder is exploring The Single Unix Specification (SUS) and various *BSD, Sun and Linux interfaces used in 'portable' software. [599] [600]
LibAV GNU LGPL * C Provides cross-platform tools and libraries to convert, manipulate and stream a wide range of multimedia formats and protocols. [601]
libgpg-error GNU GPL / GNU LGPL * C This is a library that defines common error values for all GnuPG components [602]
libpq Not Specified * C
* Assembler
Multithread compatible port of PostgreSQL libpq library. [603]
Lib3ds GNU LGPL * C lib3ds is an overall software library for managing 3D-Studio Release 3 and 4 ".3DS" files. [604]
Libpng libpng license * C libpng is the official PNG reference library [605] [606]
Libtool GNU GPL * C GNU libtool is a generic library support script. Libtool hides the complexity of using shared and static libraries behind a consistent, portable interface. [607]
libssh2 BSD alike * C This is a library implementing the SSH2 protocol. [608]
libgcrypt GNU GPL * C Libgcrypt is a general purpose crypto library based on the code used in GnuPG. [609]
mlzo GNU GPL V2 * C Mini version of the LZO data compression library [610]
MultiColumn ListBox PM Library BSD Alike * C MultiColumn ListBox (MCLB) PM control. [611]
mzfntcfgft FreeType license * C Dependent lib and DLLs for Mozilla Cairo builds [612]
mzfreetyp2 Not Specified * C Quick build of freetyp2.dll to be used with the Mozilla apps based on FF 10.0.12. [613]
Numbers.DLL Public Domain * Implements a REXX function (Number) for OS/2 that returns on number expressed in cardinals, it est, in letters, in English, Catalan or Spanish [614]
ncurses GNU GPL * The ncurses (new curses) library is a free software emulation of curses in System V [615]
lzo Not Specified * C LZO compression routines [616]
OpenJDK 6 GNU GPL Java Open Source implementation of the Java Virtual Machine [617] [618]
Open Object Library Free for Non-comercial C A C++ class library for Warp 3 or higher. It contains classes for - control-windows, menus, dialogs and other types of windows - files, (named) pipes, DDE, sockets - graphic primitives and printer-support - semaphores and other useful things like interfaces to Java (TM), REXX and DIVE. [619]
OS2VGA.LIB Free for Non-comercial * Assembler OS2VGA.LIB is a library with some simple graphics functions for OS/2 protected mode not using the presentation manager. [620]
PrintQ PM Application Not Specified C PrintQ - Print Library for OS/2 Presentation Manager Programs [621]
PrtGraph REXX Library Public Domain * C Gives you access to complex graphic printing functionality under REXX. [622]
PTHREADS Not Specified C POSIX Threading Library. [623]
PCRE BSD license C Perl-compatible regular expression library [624]
PmCtlsPP BSD 3-Clause C PmCtlsPP modifies some OS/2 window controls to add some features known from Windows: double click on Entry fields selects only a single word, etc. [625]
QT3 Toolkit Vbox GNU GPL V2 C++ Qt Toolkit Version 3 for OS/2 for VirtualBox. Spin-Off of Netlabs Qt3 [626]
Qt Library GPL and LGPLv3 C++ [627]
ReadLine GNU GPL GNU Readline library. Aids in the consistency of user interface across discrete programs that need to provide a command line interface. [628]
REXX/DW GNU LGPL Rexx/DW is an external function package for Rexx programmers providing a cross platform GUI toolset. The underlying GUI package is Dynamic Windows. [629]
RexxIPC GNU LGPL * C The RexxIPC library allows access to InterProcess Communications facilities of the OS/2 operating system. [630]
REXX PrintGraph Public Domain * C
Enables for complex print document formatting with REXX. [631]
REXX utilities Freeware * C++ rxmmutl.dll - This is a collection of miscellaneous REXX utility functions and code fragments. Some of them are coded in REXX others in C. [632]
RexxUni Not Specified * Pascal RexxUni.Dll provides a part of UniCode API for Rexx programs. [633]
REXXUtil CPL C REXX Utilities - rexxutil replacement [634]
RexxVIO BSD alike C This program extends the REXX language by providing many REXX external functions. [635]
RxImgSize REXX BSD 3 Clauses REXX This is a Rexx Screen Capture demostration with the source code. It is a function in a rexx dll that can capture the screen and save it to a file. [636]
RxFnSet REXX BSD 3 Clauses * C RxFnSet is a Rexx callable DLL w/task & process API. [637]
RxMous REXX Freeware * C Library that returns mouse position for clicks on text screens. [638]
Sablot GNU LGPL C Simple DirectMedia Layer library for OS/2 and eComStation [639]
SDL 1.2 (Andrey) PM Application GNU LGPL V2 * C SDL Libraries version 1.2.15 [640]
Text Interface/2 Public Domain * C++ Easy to use classes allow advanced program interfaces to be designed. Windows, pull down menus, mouse support, and data entry allow unlimited design options to the developer. [641]
User Customizable Menu PM Library BSD Alike * C The User Customizable Menu (UCMenu) is a very powerful "toolbar" custom PM control. [642]
USB4REXX Not Specified C
USB4REXX - Library to call USB device from REXX [643]
VGAlib Not Specified C SVGALIB is the video library used to make the Linux version of Doom [644]
VidMgr Public Domain C Provides a set of screen drawing, cursor and keyboard routines for text mode MS-DOS, OS/2 and Windows NT applications [645]
VJensen Lib BSD-3-Clause * C [646]
[VX-REXX Extras Library BSD C
VX-REXX Extras is an API & class library designed to extend the functionality of Watcom VX-REXX (version 2.1). Its objective is to provide various new object classes and useful functions. [647]
WarpOverlay! MIT C The WarpOverlay! Project is the development project for the replacement of HW EnDIVE. [648]
WatREGEX BSD 3-Clause Alike C REGEX Release for Open Watcom [649]
wxWidgets wxWindows Library Licence (Similar to LGPL) C++ wxWidgets is a C++ library that lets developers create applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms with a single code base. [650]
XDR BSD 3-Clause * C++ The eXternal Data Representation standard is a standard for representating data in a machine-independent format. [651]
XPM XFree86 BSD alike C++ XPM (X PixMap) is a format for storing/retrieving X pixmaps to/from files. [652]
ZLib AS IS - BSD alike C zlib is designed to be a free, general-purpose, legally unencumbered - that is, not covered by any patents - lossless data-compression library for use on virtually any computer hardware and operating system. [653]



Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
LGOProc MMOS2 Not Specified * Pascal MMOS2 - LGOProc is an file format procedure for MMOS2, for reading and writing OS/2 boot logo files. [654]
JPEG-IO procedure MMOS2 BSD 3 Clauses * C MMOS2 - A drop in replacement for the JPEG procedure coming with MMOS/2. [655]
xgaproc MMOS2 Not Specified * Pascal MMOS2 - MMOS2 file format procedure for Phoenix BIOS suspend graphic [656]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
FMRadio Not Specified * C AZTEC FM Radio program plus driver [657]
PMRadio GNU GPL * C Control Reveal and Aims Labs ISA FM Radio card [658]
Reveal Not Specified * C C Source routines needed to control a REVEAL RA300 Radio card [659]
SpaSe PCRadio Control GNU GPL * Pascal This program has complete control over the radio card known as PC SpaSe Radio 003 (an ancient ISA card) [660]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
CD2MP3_PM BSD * C [661]
cddb GNU GPL V2 * C CDDB module and aString library (wihch is required to compile it). CDDB module was coded to be used within WarpCD-Copy program [662]
Gramofile GNU GPL * C Program to clean wave files from pops, ticks and hiss' and perform track splitting. [663]
FluidSynth GNU ÑGPL * C Reads and handles MIDI events from the MIDI input device. [664]
ggrab GNU GPL * C++ ggrab is a streaming tool for Dbox2 with neutrino [665]
GOGO GNU GPL * C [666]
LBCSMix GNU GPL * C [667]
LBPlay GNU GPL * C [668]
Macplay Not specified * C++ The Monkey's Audio Codec player for PM123 [669]
MidiLab/2 As Is * C MIDI Sequencer/Editor [670]
MMAudioPak GNU GPL / Others Not Specified * C The MMAudio Pak is a collection of audio IO procedures to extend OS/2’s multimedia system. [671]
MP3WRAP Command Line GNU GPL * C Mp3Wrap is a free command-line utility, which wraps two or more mp3 files in one large playable file, without losing filename and ID3 informations. [672]
Mp3Splt Command Line GNU GPL * C mp3splt is a free command-line utility that allows you to split mp3 and ogg files from a begin time to an end time, without need of decoding and reencoding. [673]
MPEG Audio Netscape Plugin Not Specified Netscape Navigator Plug-in for MPEG Audio-1. [674]
MPEG Searcher Not Specified This program will find audio MPEGs for you using specified path, edit the tags, sort the list of MPEGs, and generate the list using various templates. [675]
Musepack Play GNU GPL * C++ PM123 - Musepack Living Audio Compression decoder plugin for PM123. [676]
Normalize GNU GPL * C Normalize is an overly complicated tool for adjusting the volume of wave files to a standard volume level. [677]
os2sound Not Specified * C Sound sample player for OS/2. [678]
OggPlug Not Specified * C Ogg plugin for PM123 [679]
PM123 BSD * C [680]
PM123 (Maazl) BSD * C [681]
PMMixer GNU GPL * C [682]
RSynth GNU GPL * C This is a text to speech system produced by integrating various pieces of code and tables of data. [683]
SetAmp Not Specified * Pascal This program can switch the amplifier of the MiroSound PCM Pro (Crystal CS4231,OPTI 82C929). [684]
SGPMIX GNU GPL * Pascal [685]
Shorten Play Not Specified * C++ PM123. This is a Shorten player (shnplay) plugin for the PM123. [686]
Snd BSD alike * Ruby Snd is a sound editor modelled loosely after Emacs. [687]
Speex BSD alike * C The Speex is a patent-free, Open Source/Free Software voice codec. [688]
TiMidity-MCD GNU GPL * C [689]
Voix GNU LGPL * C [690]
WarpAMP Playlist Editor Not Specified * IBM Dialog Editor tool facilitate the editing and creation of playlist files for the WarpAMP MPEG audio player program [691]
WaveMaker Not Specified * C It generates sine, pulse and triangle waves and writes it in a file. [692]
wavhdrec Not Specified * C++
* C
Record saves the recording settings right in the beginning of the data file and saves every buffer it gets from DART to this file. Play reads the recording settings and plays the following audio data. [693]
wavmix Not Specified * C++ WavMix is a small utility that I wrote to "mix" large 44.1khz stereo .wav files. [694]
wavpack] BSD Alike * C++ WavPack Hybrid Lossless Audio Compression [695]
WaWE GNU LGPL * C [696]
Wave Extration Utility Command Line GNU GPL * C++ Command-line application to extract and convert .WAV files from other binary files, such as some digital camera images (Kodak DC260+, others?) [697]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
TVShow PM Application Not Specified * C++ TV tuner software for OS/2. [698]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
DCITU GNU GPL * C++ Digital Camera Image Transfer Utility application for OS/2 and eComStation [699]
MPEGENC Command Line BSD Alike * C Porting of Berkeley mpeg_encode to 32 bit OS/2. [700]
MPEGPLAY Command Line Not Specified * C MPEG Video Software Decoder. Porting of Berkeley mpeg_play to OS/2. [701]
MPG123 Command Line GNU GPL * C Command line MP3->WAV decoder. [702]
QuickMotion MMOS2 GNU GPL * C++ Quickmotion for OS/2. MMOS/2 CODECS for Apple formats [703]
RegionSet GNU GPL * C Region Code Manager [704]
VistaCam/2 PM Software Public Domain * VX-REXX VistaCam/2 is a software that allows you to watch internet connected cameras. [705]
VLC PM Software GNU GPL * C VLC Media Player port to OS/2. [706]
WebCam/2 PM Software GNU GPL * C WWW-Cam utility for Fast Movie Machine II and Win-TV. [707]
Xine MCD MMOS2 GNU GPL * C MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Video CODECS for OS/2-eComStation [708]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
ABCTab2PS GNU GPL * GCC 4.52 Program which reads ABC music format files and typesets music in Postscript format. [709]
abcpp GNU GPL abcpp is a simple yet powerful preprocessor designed for, but not limited to, ABC music files. [710]
ABC to MIDI GNU GPL A suite of command-line programs made to handle MIDI file conversion to-from ABC format. [711]
ABCM2PS GNU GPL V2 GCC 4.5.2 A music typesetting program which reads a music description file written in ABC format and produces a postscript file ready to be transformed in PDF or printed directly to a PostScript- capable printer. [712]
ABC2Prt GNU GPL V2 * GCC 4.5.2 Tool to extract single parts from ABC music files. [713]
Bigben GNU GPL lays the bigben tune every hour. [714]
ChordII GNU GPL This program reads a formatted text file (named a .cho file) which contains lyrics and chord description, producing a Postscript file which one can view or print via Ghostscript/ Ghostview, or even print it directly on a Postscript printer. [715]
Chord Not Specified CHORD read a text file containing the lyrics of a song, the chords to be played, their description and some other optional data to produce a PostScript document. [716]
faac LGPL license FAAC - Freeware Advanced Audio Coder. [717]
fluidsynth GNU LGPL FluidSynth is a real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications and has reached widespread distribution. [718]
LBCSMix GNU GPL V2 A mixer for Crystal Semiconductors mode 2 codecs. [719]
LbMix Not Specified LbMix mixer backend for ESS Maestro-2E and similar [720]
mmiolist Public Domain Replacement for OS/2s MMPM/2-MINSTALL [721]
minstall PM Application GNU GPL and GNU LGPL MMOS2 - List IOProcs and CODECs currently installed in MMOS/2 [722] [723]
Mup Open Source Mup is a program for printing music. [724]
ModInfo Not Specified Program that will generate information about a protracker module. [725]
PASVXMIX Not Specified A Mixer for the Pro Audio Spectrum 16 sound card. [726]
rtmmmpak GNU GPL V2 RTMMM is a program to digitally mix multiple sources into DART. [727]
SBPM/2 Not Specified SBPM/2. Mixer for SB pro and SB16. [728]
SGPMIX BSD like Mixer program that can be used to set the main settings of a Sound Galaxy Pro16 Extra. [729]
Subtitler BSD like Application that shows subtitles for AVI files (usually SUB files) while they are being played with WarpMedia or WarpVision. [730]
VCDImager GNU GPL * C VCDImager is a full-featured mastering suite for authoring, disassembling and analyzing Video CDs and Super Video CDs [731]
VCDTools GNU GPL * C The VCD-Tools should enable you to create your own VCD [732]
vpdart Not Specified * Pascal Tools for wav files - WAVCONV, PLAYMCI, WAVINFO, WAVUNIT [733]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
au8820x Command Line Not Specified * This program patches Aureal Vortex1 registers and prevents spontaneous system hangs during playback. [734]



Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
ArcView PM Application GNU GPL * VX-REXX Graphic file archiver. [735]
Arc Not Specified * C File Archive Utility. [736]
bdsap Not Specified * Pascal Create small and fast selfextractor (OS/2) [737]
Compress Command Line Not Specified * C Command line file compression tool. [738]
FastUUE Not Specified * Pascal Automatically decode the files that are sent in the format UUEncode. [739]
FCrackZip GNU GPL [740]
gzip GNU GPL gzip (GNU zip) is a compression utility designed to be a replacement for compress. [741]
InfoZip Unzip BSD Like UnZip is an extraction utility for archives compressed in .zip format (also called "zipfiles"). [742]
lxLite GNU GPL [743]
macutils Not Specified These utilities are for using MacIntosh files and archives under OS/2. [744]
NDB GNU GPL V2 * C NDB ("no double blocks"). Backup tool. [745]
OS2LZ Command Line Not Specified * C LZH routines compiled for OS/2. [746]
sCT GNU GPL [747]
uuencode-uudecode Public Domain [748]
UNARJ AS IS UNARJ file uncompressor. [749]
UnPack Command LIne Not Specified Unpack program for .pak files. [750]
UUDOALL Not Specified Port of the DOS/Unix UUDOALL UUDECODER to OS/2 [751]
UUPREP GNU GPL V2 UUPREP facilitates the decoding of binaries from comp.binaries.os2. [752]
Zip Not Specified zip is a compression and file packaging utility for Unix [753]
Zoo Public Domain [754]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Checkout Command Line Public Domain * C This are some schedule backup related command line utilities for OS/2. [755]
fileUpdate Not Specified [756]
SCSI_Tape_Backup Not Specified * C Utility for SCSI tape backup. [757]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Bench Presentation Manager Not Specified * C PM basic benchmark tool [758]
CPUBurn GNU GPL [759]
MDisk Not Specified * C Disk benchmarks utility. Its primary purpose is not to measure basic disk subsystem performance. [760]
Monitor Not Specified [761]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
ASCII Table Freeware [762]
ASCTBL_ASCII_Table Presentation Manager BSD 3 Clauses * C Displays a table of all ASCII codes in decimal, hex, and as a printable character where one exists. [763]
Clip Command Line Public Domain * C++ Clipboard utility. Utility for accessing clipboard from command line. [764]
ClipBrd PM Application GNU GPL * C PM Clipboard utility [765]
tclip Not Specified * Pascal Comprehensive clipboard control unit [766]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Cube Public Domain [767]
INIServ GNU GPL V3 * Modula A client-server approach to editing INI files, for situations where you have to manage a machine remotely. [768]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
a2ps GNU GPL [769]
DeText Not Specified Utility that reverses the effect of a LF -> CR/LF [770]
GenINI GNU GPL Modula A program (DumpINI) to convert an OS/2 binary INI file into a human-readable file; and a program (LoadINI) to do the reverse translation. [771]
GNURecode GNU GPL [772]
h2d GNU GPL h2d - Numeric converter. HEX -> DEC / DEC -> HEX converter [773]
Hlp2Inf GNU GPL [774]
Inf2HTML GNU GPL [775]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Attribute Manager PM Application GNU GPL * C A small PM application that allows to easily manage ordinary and extended attributes (.SUBJECT, .COMMENT, .KEYPHRASES). [776]
AW Not Specified * C [777]
CDBoot2 GNU GPL * C++ [778]
CDRom Not Specified * C [779]
ClearTMP Not Specified * C [780]
Ddrescue GNU GPL V2 * C GNU Ddrescue is a data recovery tool. [781]
Deltree Not Specified * C Deltree clone [782]
Deltree2 Command Line Artistic License * C Command line utility to delete the specified directory and all the files and subdirectories contained within. [783]
df BSD-3-Clause * C Displays statistics on disk volume usage. It is similar to one of the UNIX programs of the same name. [784]
DiskUse GNU GPL * C [785]
Distributed File Repair Utilities Command Line GNU GPL * C [786]
Dskcpy2 Command Line Not Specified * C Dskcpy2 attempts to be a "smarter" diskcopy in that it will read the entire source disk into memory on one pass and then retains it for as many copies as the user cares to make. [787]
DU-DF Command Line Not Specified * C DU and DF command line utilities. Disk Usage. It walks through directory tree and counts the sum size of all files therein. Disk Free. Looks at disk used blocks directly in filesystem metadata. [788]
Fast False Floppy Format Command line Not Specify * C This is a program to do a quick scrub of a floppy disk directory. [789]
fdel Command line Public Domain * C++ fdel - force delete command tool. [790]
FileSetDateTime GNU GPL * C++ [791]
FileSystem_Benchmark Free * C [792]
FLOPPY Not Specified * C Utility to autodetect when a floppy is changed. [793]
Fst GNU GPL * C [794]
hfsinst BSD alike * VX-REXX HPFS386 Installation Utility [795]
HFSutils GNU GPL * C [796]
hpfsdt Freeware / Not Specified * C This program toggles the "dirty" status bit on an HPFS drive. [797]
IOStone GNU GPL * VX-Rexx * C Multi platform disk, file I/O and buffer cache efficiencies benchmark program. [798]
ISOren GNU GPL * VX-Rexx Tool to rename files and directories to ISO level 2 or to DOS convention. [799]
PMFloppy_DiskCopy Public Domain * C
* Guidelines
PMFormat PM Application BSD 3-Clause * C PMFormat is a diskette formatter. [801]
QFORMAT Command Line Not Specified * C Program will "quick format" 360KB, 720KB, 1.2MB and 1.44MB diskettes. [802]
raread / rawrite BSD 3-Clause * C Utilities to read and write raw diskette images [803]
Rh Public Domain * C [804]
Showfrag Not Specified * C Showfrag is an OS/2 port of PC Magazine's CHKFRAG [805]
ShowPart Not Specified * C Show partition record data for 80 (first) drive. [806]
SM2AddOn GNU GPL * C [807]
SpaceHog Public Domain * C [808]
Synkron GNU GPL * C
* Qt4
ToLower Not Specified * C [810]
Usage Command line Public Domain * C Usage is a command line tool that prints out the disk usage of all subdirectories. [811]
USBMountd Public Domain * C [812]
VFAT2EA Free * Pascal [813]
Which GNU GPL * C [814]
WipeDisk Command Line Tool Not Specified * C Safe way to delete all files on a floppy. [815]
Wiper Not Specified * C Remove a whole branch of a subdirectory tree, along with the files contained within those directories. [816]
XDel GNU GPL * C [817]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
AEFS GNU GPL Cryptographic file system for OS/2 and Unix-like operating systems. It allows transparent access to encrypted files stored on any file system. [818]
DES Not Specified C DES encryption algorithm for OS/2 [819]
DES2 Not Specified * C DES encryption code originally appearing in Doctor Dobbs Journal. [820]
DES OS/2 Not Specified * C DES encryption algorithm for OS/2 [821]
Digesta BSD C
GnuPG GNU GPL V2 GnuPG is the GNU project's complete and free implementation of the OpenPGP standard as defined by RFC4880. [823]
Krypto BSD Pascal [824]
MD5 BSD-3-Clause * C MD5 message digest utility. [825]
PGPKeys GNU GPL VX-REXX PGPKeys is a graphic Shell for the key management of "Pretty Good Privacy" V 5.0, shortly PGP. [827]
PGP Tools GNU GPL Watcom C/C++ v10.6 This is a 32-bit OS/2 PM user interface for the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) v5.0 for OS/2 encryption software. [828]
TeaTime-2 Not Specified Modula-2 [829]
*Z*crypt Command Line AS IS Binary file encryption program designed to meet some very specific objectives. [830]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
2coldir Command line Free to Modify - BSD Alike * C 2coldir is a crude attempt to imitate for os/2 the MS-Dos ddir PD program. [831]
Agrep2 Command line Free for non-profit use * C agrep - search a file for a string or regular expression, with approximate matching capabilities [832]
AIXLIKE Command line Not Specified * C AIXLIKE shell commands utilities for OS/2 [833]
AppType Command line Public Domain * C++ A program to determine the type of executable (OS/2, MSDOS, etc). [834]
copydate Command line Public Domain * C++ copy the date&time of a file to another. [835]
cmp GNU GPL * C [836]
DataSeeker PM Application Sybase Open Watcom Public License version 1.0 * C PM based file and text search utility. (Formerly ACDataSeeker) [837]
Dired Derivated Works allowed * C++ A Directory Editor. Dired is a directory editor modelled after Dired Mode of GNU Emacs, but targetted for non-emacs users, designed for the UNIX environment. [838]
DSPLIT GNU GPL V2 * C Tool to facilitate the splitting and rejoining of long files. [839]
File Attributes Not Specified * C Enables you to change the "attributes" of your files. [840]
FileNova Not Specified * C File List Utility for OS/2 wrote in Japanese. (Original Version) [841]
FileStar Not Specified * C File List Utility for OS/2 wrote in Japanese. [842]
FSJ Not Specified * Open Watcom 1.5 FSJ splits a file in multiple pieces or joins multiple files into a unique file. [843]
* OpenWatcom
GNU sed GNU GPL * C [845]
GNU text utilities GNU GPL * C [846]
Hex Display Not Specified * Assembler This program shows one the use of the DosAllocHuge API call. [847]
HexFind Free * C [848]
K_Replace_Name Not Specified * Pascal [849]
LESS Not Specified * C A paginator similar to "more" or "pg". [850]
MMV32 Command Line Freeware for Non-Commercial use. * C Tool to to move/copy/append/link multiple files according to a set of wildcard patterns. [851]
MMV Command Line Freeware * C A program to move/copy/append/link multiple files according to a set of wildcard patterns. (Source Project of MMV32) [852]
More Command Line BSD 3 Clauses Alike * C
* BC++ 1.0 for os/2
More command like utility clone [853]
NewFileManager PM Application BSD 3 Clauses * C Prototype for OS/2 FileManager. [854]
PM File Finder Utility Not Specified * C File Finder Utility. [855]
rcopy Noncommercial Use * C [856]
ShowExe Command Line BSD 3-Clauses * C Displays information about the EXE file named on the command line. [857]
xbin Not Specified * C convert mailable format BinHex file into binary before downloading to MacTerminal [858]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
FastList Free noncomercial use * C [859]
FileFreedom PM Applications Freeware * C++ [860]
FM/2 PM Applications GNU GPL V2 * C++ The Swiss Army Knife of GUI file managers. [861] [862]
JLCD Public Domain * C++ [863]
OnScreen2 GNU GPL * C++ [864]
Text_Mode_FM-2 GNU GPL * C
* IBM VisualAge C++ V3 with FP8
* IBM Developers Toolkit v4.5
WarpCabinet Not Specified * C++ [866]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
getfont Not Specified * C [868]
InstFont Not Specified * C [869]
TFont Not Specified * C [870]
TTF2PT1 BSD * C [871]
Type1_font Public Domain * C [872]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
ECHO PM application Not Specified * Qt ECHO tool is a simple graphic tool that shows at a glance which devices in a PC, laptop or server are supported by eComStation. [873]
MMBS PM application Not Specified * C MMBS - My Micro Benchmark Suite. Beckmark tools for OS/2 [874]
OS2Info GNU GPL * Pascal Allows to list details about your running OS/2 or eComStation environment and also shows hardware related information (CPU, Number of CPU's installed). [875]
WebSee PM application Not Specified Webcam Support for OS/2 [876]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Irman GNU GPL * C++ OS/2 daemon to use the Irman infrared receiver to control your system. Uses REXX for scripting. [877]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Characters Map/2 PM Application GNU GPL V2 * C character map program [878]
ConText BSD * C [879]
dbcsmap GNU GPL * C [880]
IMERJ Not Specified * VX-REXX [881]
KIME Not Specified * C [882]
NSIME Not Specified * C Improvement of the interface the IME (kana-kanji conversion function) in OS/2 [883]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
DVORAK Public Domain * C [884]
FixKey BSD * C [885]
HPLED Not Specified * C [886]
Keyboard Layer/2 GNU GPL * C alternative keyboard layouts switcher [887]
numcomma Not Specified * C [888]
numlock Not Specified * C++ [889]
ShiftLock bug Not Specified * C [890]
SWAPDCP Public Domain * C [891]
Win95Key Not Specified * C [892]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
823xcool Not Specified * C
* Assembler
CPU_throttle Not Specified * C [894]
epox Public Domain * C
* Assembler
Ice Not Specified * Pascal [896]
lmicro Not Specified * Pascal [897]
P2L97 Public Domain * C [898]
QuietPC Not Specified * C [899]
Tx97mon Not Specified * C++ [900]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
AllocMem Not Specified [901]
Highmem Apache license 2.0 Utility to run programs in high memory [902]
MemLink GNU GPL [903]
Memory_Watcher Not Specified [904]
os2-mem Command line GNU GPL * C Simple memory reporting command for OS/2 [905]
RAMTest Not Specified [906]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
1284 Not Specified IEEE-1284 Parallel Port Device Detection code [907]
Bakers Dozen Command line BSD-3-Clause * C Set of command line utilities for OS/2 and DOS. [908]
Brik Not Specified * C 32 bit checksum calculation in C. [909]
buffer2 GNU GPL Small program written taking portions of code from GenMac utilities samples and from XWP [910]
Cable GNU GPL V2 [911]
CPUInfo GNU GPL [912]
CRC Public Domain * C [913]
Elmar's Command Utilites Command Line BSD 3-Clause * C Command line utilities for OS/2. lsa, pwd, qualifypath, querymem, shutdn [914]
Fake Public Domain * C [915]
FaxWorks_Modify Not Specified * C [916]
Hibernation_toolkit Not Specified * C [917]
infidx Free for noncomercial use * IBM C/C++ Set/2 [918]
Intelligent View Not Specified * REXX [919]
isRunning Not Specified * C++ [920]
METAR_decoder Not Specified * C [921]
PCI-AGP_bus_sniffer Not Specified * Pascal [922]
PCIUtils GNU GPL * C [923]
PMKey BSD * C [924]
PnP Free * Pascal [925]
RWPC GNU GPL * C [926]
SerialPort Free * C++ [927]
TimeUp Not Specified * C [928]
VGASync Public Domain * Assembler [929]
Veit's Tools Not Specified Veit Kannegieser tools source code [930]

Input Devices

Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
eM Bee 3 Junior PM Application GNU GPL
  • Warp 3
  • EMX 0.9c
Button 3 enhancer [931]
MouseSpeed Command line Public Domain [932]
MousePen Not specified Program that uses a backpropogation neural network to recognise characters. [933]
MSE PM Application GNU GPL [934]
SysPointers PM Application GNU GPL [935]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Sticky/2 GNU GPL V2
  • VisualAge C++ V3
  • TCP/IP
Client/Server program to send sticky notes across an IP network [936]
TCP/IP Profile Manager BSD
Defines multiple TCP/IP configurations [937]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
A4Print Copyleft * C A couple of programs to print things on a laser printer in such a way as to just about maximise the amount of stuff on an A4 page. [938]
eCUPS * VXREXX integration of ​CUPS into eComStation [939] [940]
EPrint BSD 3 Clauses * C Enhanced PRINT for OS/2. [941]
PM Printer Manager PM Application GNU GPL V2 * VXREXX Graphical printer management tool designed to replace several older, separate programs by integrating their functions in one central tool. [942]
PrintMon Not Specified * C printer device monitor, that allows, for example, GhostScript to be used as the back end of a PostScript PM printer queue. [943]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
OS2APM Not Specified [944]
OS2_UPSd GNU GPL [945]
PUC Not Specified [947]
UPS_Power_manager_drivers GNU LGPL [948]
VeriData Not Specified [949]
XBatt BSD [950]

Process Management

Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Death Free XF86SUP.SYS process killer [951]
Death9 Free XF86SUP.SYS process killer WatchCat plugin [952]
DOSONO Not Specified * C++ DOS on OS/2 timed task run/terminate program [953]
Fingerd (C)IBM Watcom C/386 finger daemon with process control features [954]
Kill Public Domain C process killer [955]
kTaskMgr GNU GPL V2 XF86SUP.SYS process information [956]
Nice Shareware C Set/2 change priority levels [957]
NICE/2 Apache IBM change priority levels [958]
ProcMan GNU GPL V2 Watcom C/C++ process manager for eComStation [959]
Procs Not Specified * C Lists all processes running in OS/2 2.0. It works with OS/2 2.0 [960]
XLoad © X Consortium C Patch for DosPerfSysCall support [961]
Yet another Kill utility Public Domain VisualAge C++ 3.0 process killer [962]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
CronEdit Not Specified| [963]
CRON 2 Non commercial use [964]
Eventer Command Line Public Domain Command line utility that waits until a specified time. [965]
PMCron GNU GPL [966]
Remind GNU GPL [967]
RemindMe Only for Learning [968]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
4OS2 Command Line Specific AS IS license [969] [970]
ash Not Specified [971]
Bourne Unix shell Not Specified * C Bourne clone ported from Minix. [972]
CMD_boot Public Domain [973]
DOS Navigator Not Specified [974]
GNU shell utilities GNU GPL [975]
GNU bash GNU GPL [976]
IPLPause Comercial and Free derivative works allowed * C A small timer program for your CONFIG.SYS during startup. [977]
KShell Not Specified [978]
Larsen Commander for OS/2 GNU GPL [979]
Midnight Commander GNU GPL [980]
NYAOS Command line Not Specified tcsh-like enhanced commandline shell. [981]
zsh OSI Approved [982]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
AiR-BOOT Text GUI GNU GPL V3 * Assembler A boot-manager that is small and yet contains a load of interesting features [983]
BOOTANY Text GUI Not Specified * C
* Assembler
uses methods different than those documented by FDISK to boot your computer [984]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
2Monitor Not Specified [985]
ACPI Throttle Control Not Specified [986]
Alias Not Specified Command recall, and aliasing for OS/2 character sessions. [987]
AssoEdit PM Application Public Domain [989]
BookShelf GNU GPL [990]
CMDHere GNU GPL [991]
Config2 Not Specified [992]
CAD off Public Domain [993]
Color Not Specified [994]
Configuration Editor GNU GPL [995]
Cstart Not Specified [997]
CPU Monitor starter Not Specified [998]
dskxtrct Command Line GNU GPL V2 DSKXTRCT is a program for unpacking diskette images produced by SAVEDSKF such as those distributed by IBM for fixpacks. [999]
dmidecode GNU GPL [1,000]
dskdcmps Command Line Public Domain Provided capability to decompress compressed dsk files [1,001]
FileStat Free NonCommercial [1,002]
FileSystem_Benchmark Freeware [1,003]
Global Environment Package Free NonCommercial [1,004]
Installable File System Shell Not Specified * C OS/2 2.0 installable file system shell and makefile. [1,005]
Jump Free NonCommercial [1,006]
LockUpWD Not Specified [1,007]
MemSize GNU GPL [1,008]
MEMBIOS MEMAVL20 Not Specified [1,010]
MPTable BSD License [1,011]
NewView PM Application GNU GPL * Pascal NewView is a program for viewing OS/2 or eComStation help files, which replaces IBM's original View program. [1,012]
NoCAD Not Specified [1,013]
On Shutdown Not Specified [1,014]
Pentium Bug Command line Not Specified [1,015]
PMDLL PM Application Public Domain [1,016]
PMSpy PM Application BSD 3 Clauses * C PMSPY allows you to spy messages that are posted to windows through a message queue and messages that are sent directly to windows. [1,017]
PMRmView Public Domain [1,018]
Pwd/2 MIT [1,019]
PM ShutDown PM Application Freeware [1,020]
RebootC Command Line N/A * C Code to reboot an OS/2 2.x machine. [1,021]
Reboot-2 Command Line N/A * C example of how to reboot OS/2 1.3 and 2.0. Uses the DOS.SYS driver to reboot OS/2. [1,022]
RenModul Command line GNU GPL [1,023]
StartVIO Command line Not Specified [1,024]
SPE Command line Not Specified [1,025]
SetProc Not Specified [1,026]
SetPriority Command line GNU GPL [1,027]
set6x86 Command line GNU GPL [1,028]
Smokey Magic Fixer PM Application N/A * C Program to examine the os/2-PM font system. [1,029]
Shutdown Command line Freeware * C
* Borland C++
Shutdown is a utility to schedule a system shutdown [1,030]
Startd Command line As Is / Request permission for commercial use. * C A simple program to start a DOS session under OS/2 2.0; can be run from an OS/2 command prompt. [1,031]
Sync Public Domain [1,032]
SysLogd BSD Like [1,033]
SysLog BSD Like [1,034]
System Load PM Application BSD 3 Clauses * C Monitoring the status of various system components. Modular platform to display different data sets. [1,035]
Switch Not Specified [1,036]
SwitchTo/2 BSD Alike * C++ Utility that allows you to switch windows into the foreground from a commandline. [1,037]
ShutDown2 GNU GPL [1,038]
ShutDown Chip Public Domain [1,039]
ShutDown CMD Public Domain [1,040]
UpdCD Freeware * VXREXX Updated the OS/2-eCS ISO images with fixpacks [1,041]
UpTime Public Domain [1,042]
VSWITCH Public Domain [1,043]
xUpTime Public Domain [1,044]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
Animated Mouse Pointer WPS Application Apache License C WPS Utility to support animated mouse pointers [1,045]
ATShell PM Application GNU GPL C
IBM VisualAge for C++
BackGrnd Public Domain C
Blackhole WPS Application Not Specified C
SOM Compiler
Boinc Widget Not Specified [1,049]
Bubblepad WPS Application BSD 3 Clauses C
SOM Compiler
IBM VisualAge for C++
CandyBarz WPS Application GNU GPL * C
* GNU make
CandyFolder WPS Application GNU GPL [1,052]
Console GNU GPL * C
* GNU Make
* Dialog Editor
CrisWidgets GNU GPL * REXX [1,055]
DDIcon GNU GPL * SOMCompiler [1,056]
DeRegistered PM application GNU GPL [1,057]
Doodle Screen Saver GNU LGPL * C
* SOMCompiler
Execnet GNU GPL [1,059]
eZip Not Specified Integration of ZIP files into the WPS. [1,060]
FileSys WPS Application Free FileSys is a WPS class replacement for WPFileSystem/WPSystem. [1,061]
FM2TaskBar GNU GPL [1,062]
Flip GNU GPL [1,063]
Float Public Domain [1,064]
HB Object Inspector GNU GPL VX-REXX [1,065]
HotScroll BSD 3 Clauses [1,066]
HotCorners WPS Application BSD 3 Clauses * SOMCompiler [1,067]
HWMan WPS Application Free * SOMCompiler Hardware Manager WPS Class extender [1,068]
INI Assistent GNU GPL [1,069]
Killfldr Public Domain [1,070]
Login PM Application GNU GPL [1,071]
LSwitcher GNU GPL [1,072]
Lower Public Domain [1,073]
MinAll Not Specified [1,074]
MiniApps Public Domain [1,075]
Mini PM Shell Not Specified [1,076]
MNIcon Not Specified [1,077]
MultiDesk GNU GPL [1,078]
NPS WPS Enhancer WPS Application Not Specified [1,079]
NewMonthGadget GNU GPL [1,080]
Nice OS/2 Enhancer GNU GPL [1,081]
Open Not Specified [1,082]
PDE GNU GPL [1,083]
Program Commander/2 GNU GPL [1,084]
PMPause GNU GPL [1,085]
PopCD PM Application GNU GPL VX-REXX Removable media/Audio CD Object' Utility. When you insert CD-ROM/Removable media/Audio CD, PopCD! creates its object on desktop and open/play. [1,086]
PU Monitor BSD 2 Clauses [1,087]
QuitProg Not Specified [1,088]
Run GNU GPL [1,089]
RexxAutoStart GNU GPL * VX-REXX [1,090]
Scale Not Specified [1,091]
SCMouse Not Specified [1,092]
ShapeWin GNU GPL [1,093]
SmartLaunch Not Specified Successor of Assolaunch. Launch any file-object from commandline or via drag and drop, developed as an addon to PMSEEK, to launch a file from the search-resultbox in pmseek [1,094]
Stats WPS Application GNU GPL C
SOM Compiler
IBM Dialog Editor
SwitchTo XFree86-OS2 Public Domain [1,096]
SysBar2 GNU GPL [1,097]
Systray 2 Not Specified [1,098]
Styler/2 PM Application GNU GPL V3 * C User interface enhancer for OS/2 Warp 3 and 4. [1,099]
The Wall WPS Application GNU GPL * VX-REXX [1,100]
VClassed GNU GPL VClassed allow you to simply and quickly register/deregister classes and to create new instances of registered classes. [1,101]
Vwin Not Specified [1,102]
Wanda GNU GPL [1,103]
WarpCenter HotKey Not Specified [1,104]
Window List Manager Command line Not Specified [1,105]
WPPrgExt Not Specified [1,106]
WPSam WPS / PM Application BSD 3-Clause * C WPSam is a tool similar to WPSac. It allows to switch the desktop by switching to another OS2.INI file (and OS2SYS.INI). A fullscreen version is also contained (INITOS2) [1,107]
WPSac WPS / PM Application BSD 3-Clause * C WPSac (Workplace Shell Access Control) is a tool that restricts access to the workplace shell to users with a configured user id (comparable with the WinNT logon). [1,108]
WPS Class Manager PM Application GNU GPL V3 * C Application for the management of the WPS classes [1,109]
WPS Wizard WPS / PM Application GNU GPL * C A set of classes to add unique features to the WPS. [1,110]
wxTasks GNU GPL [1,111]
XLogo Not Specified [1,112]
XShadow GNU GPL SOMCompiler [1,113]
XWorkplace GNU GPL V2 SOMCompiler [1,114]
ZipZap GNU GPL SOMCompiler [1,115]


Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
CPUTemp BSD 3 Clauses * C Intel CPU Temperature Xworkplace widget. [1,116]
XCenter Scripts Not Specified XCenter Scripts [1,117]
IP Monitors toolkit Not Specified A collection of scripts you can use to create TCP/IP monitors. [1,118]
wxTasks GNU GPL V2 wxTasks is a task list/process killer modelled after the WarpCenter. [1,119]
ClipBoardMonitor Not Specified This widget shows one icon as long there is text in the clipboard and shows a different (empty) icon as soon as there is any other datatype or no data at all in the clipboard. [1,120]


System Components

Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
NOM SOM Replacement CDDL 1.0/LGPL 2.1 NOM is the object model on which the Voyager desktop is based. [1,121]
QSINIT Loader Replacement Non commercial use Watcom QSINIT is an remake of the OS/2 Loader. [1,122]

Windows 16-bit Applications

Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
ODB BSD 3 Clauses [1,123]
Workplace Shell for Windows Similar to Eclipse License [1,124]

Linux Applications

Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
OS2Linux GNU GPL The OS2Linux Project is a tool for porting OS/2 applications to Linux. [1,125] [1,126]

DOS Applications

Name Type License Requirements Comments Repository
BOOT2C Utility-DISK Not Specified Assembler BOOT2C lets you force a boot from your hard disk even if you have left a floppy in a disk drive. [1,127]
CHKCHG Utility Not Specified Assembler report the diskette change status returned to the operating system by the diskette drive. [1,128]
DosIdle Utility Not Specified Virtual machine time-slice in idle loop of the Clipper-program under Windows or OS/2 control. [1,129]
extdisk Utility BSD 3-Clauses Assembly EXTDISK is a small DOS utility that displays whether or not the machine BIOS supports the INT 13H extensions. These are necessary for the BIOS to access above about 8GB on a physical drive. [1,130]
PRNINTST Utility Free Personal Use C This program tests for proper interrupt-driven operation of the LPT1 parallel printer port. [1,131]
SFRENAME Utility BSD Alike C DOS program which renames and adjusts attributes of OS/2 files EA DATA. SF and WP ROOT. [1,132]
Slice Library Public Domain Provides a generic time slicing function for all DOS multi-taskers I know or care about. [1,133]