Mike Kaply

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Michael Kaply has worked for IBM for five years. He currently works on the OS/2 Warp development team in Austin, Texas. He was the lead developer on the OS/2 Warp tutorial and is currently involved in OS/2 Information delivery systems. He also has written articles for magazines, and he co-authored the book IBM's Official OS/2 Warp FAQs for IBM Press.


Warpstock 2002
  • IBM OS/2 Web Browser / Mozilla
Warpstock 2000
  • Warpzilla: What's in it for users?
  • Warpzilla: What's in it for developers?
ColoradOS/2 1996
  • HTML and OS/2
  • Programming TCP/IP under OS/2
OS/2 Technical Update ' 94
  • Adding Help to your OS/2 Applications (1994) [1]