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==Files Review==
==Files Review==
[[User:Martini|Martini]] ([[User talk:Martini|talk]]) 05:08, 2 June 2020 (CEST): FITT101.ARJ
[[User:Martini|Martini]] ([[User talk:Martini|talk]]) 01:53, 3 June 2020 (CEST) : Jerryos2.arj
==OS/2 Related Contents==
==OS/2 Related Contents==

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Files Review

Martini (talk) 01:53, 3 June 2020 (CEST) : Jerryos2.arj

OS/2 Related Contents

File Name Description
13count.arj OS/2 1.3 Country.sys for Kevin Barry.
177bk2.arj OS/2 2.0 beta 6.177 utility to save/restore the desktop. (icon positions, colors etc.).
2xmse.arj A MOUSE.SYS which claims to accelerate the mouse motion; save a copy of your original.
4os210.arj 4OS2 version 1.0
57600com.arj Patch to COM.SYS & COM02.SYS to support baud rates up to 57600
Alpm15.arj OS/2 Application: Active Life Project Manager v1.5
Ascii.arj OS/2 PM Ascii Table V1.00.
Asteroid.arj OS/2 PM Asteroids game. v1.0
Ati0s213.arj ATI Drivers for OS/2 1.3 and 2.0 16 colours only.
Ati256c1.arj ATi Wonder 256-color PM drivers 800x600x256 and 1024x768x256c Version 1.00 Author: Joel
Atios213.arj ATI OS/2 drivers for OS/2 V 1.3. ATI says these drivers will work with OS/2 V 2.0.
Blkico.arj OS/2 2.0 Patch - Fixes black Icons on the desktop
Boot2mb.arj Instructions for creating a 2MB OS/2 2.0 bootable partition. More convenient to use than
Boothpfs.arj Another text file on creating an OS/2 2.0 boot floppy which supports HPFS.
Browse2.arj ASP> OS/2 Presentation Manager File Viewer
Btp256.arj BinkleyTerm for OS/2, version 2.56 Wide Beta.
Calldos.arj Call DOS programs from OS/2 sessions
Chkrsos2.arj OS/2 PM Checkers game v0.4 - inc all source
Ckpm5x_e.arj OS/2 PM version of C-Kermit - EXE's
Ckpm5x_s.arj OS/2 PM version of C-Kermit - Source
Clearclp.arj MiniApps for OS/2-Clear Clipboard Installs a program w/folder and object (and icons) on the
Com16550.arj For OS/2 - to enable 16550 buffer in communication programs.
Cookbk12.arj OS/2 Threads Cookbook V1.2.
Cpuload1.arj OS/2 PM CPU Load Monitor v1.0
Cputach.arj Another CPU Meter (Gauge Style), sizeable, neat looking. For OS/2 1.3 & 2.0.
Cube10.arj Os/2 Pm Version Of Rubric'S.
Cvbmp.arj Converts Win3 .BMP to OS/2 .BMP format v1.0
Dates2a.arj OS/2 Date/time Utility.
Dbls.arj Finds All Matches on Drive For The Given File Name. for OS/2
Delpth11.arj Delete an entire subdirectory path in OS/2; dangerous but useful.
Deskdpr.arj One picture reader extension for OS/2 screen saver DESKPIC.
Dirmanpm.arj Directory Manager 1.01c For Os/2 Pm
Dmbmode2.arj Re-Compiled version of DUMBMODE, accepts a port parameter (I.EDUMBMODEcom2)
Drman11d.arj OS/2 Directory Manager pm V1.1d.
Dskpc2.arj Display .PCX/.BMP/.PIC etc as OS/2 PM backdrop
Dvidrv1.arj Output DVI files to a printer or the screen.
Dxp200.arj Disk eXPress Version 2.00 for creating highly compressed diskette images (self-extracts also).
Eadata.arj Description of The ea Data.Sf File, Found on OS/2 Fat Partitions.
Eliteims.arj An "Information Message System" with "server" (OS/2-based) and "client" (Windows based)
Et-ico.arj Os/2 tseng 1024x768 svga driver this is a fix to display icons properly from compuserve os/2
Et3760.arj Os/2 official orchid pm driver for 1024x768x16 at 60hz non-interlaced. Supports os/2 1.2, os/2
Exit_vdm.arj Code to exit a VDM or VBM.
Ext-svc.arj Info about IBM extended services for OS/2, support progs. For networks and other tech info
Eyecon1.arj A silly Pointer tracking program for OS/2 PM
Ezdos203.arj EZDOS, both real and protected mode executables. Manage files and directories, even across a
Ffile.arj Find A File in Your Libpath, Dpath, Etc OS/2.
Fitt101.arj Fills floppies, maximizing the fit of files and maintaining the date of creation.
Flist57a.arj OS/2 PM File Browse, Directory Lister, ZIP front end manager & Environment handling util.
Flst105p.arj Fastlist version 7 nodelist compiler version 1.05 for OS/2.
Fpy304.arj Floppy Driver Patch, Dated March 5 For NonPS/2 Machines. .304 Beta OS/2 2.0.
Freeos10.arj Metz Freemem v1.0 for OS/2 PM. displays Free RAM
Gg243731.arj Several samples (including source) of programming with the VDM.
Gnuarj.arj 32 bit ARJ file extractor ported with the GNU C compiler for OS2 2.0
Gnunzip.arj 32 bit ZIP file extractor ported with the GNU C compiler for OS2 2.0
Grep14.arj 32-bit grep: OS/2 2.0.
Gt16mb.arj OS/2 2.0 Patch - Fixes problem with accessing over 16MB RAM
Hpfs.arj Official fix for the 'cps extent not found' and chkdsk reporting swapper.dat errors problems in
Hpfsback.arj A REXX .cmd to backup an HPFS partition to a FAT partition for further tape backup. As is
Hpljw.arj OS/2 2.0 Patch - Fixes problems with HP LaserJet and Windows Apps
Hrez_os2.arj 1.2 Et4000 Drvrs. Works on ga 2.0 on Cardinal 732 in 1024x768.
Ibm1s506.arj OS/2 2.0 GA Fix: 4/23/92. Cure for install problems on certain AT bus machines.
Iguide.arj 5000 line guide for OS/2 2.0 installation and set-up, with lots of useful info
Image104.arj OS/2 2.0 - Image Adapter version 1.04
Infoguid.arj INF version of the OS/2 2.0 Information and Planning Guide for use with OS/2s
Jerryos2.arj "Jerry's Big Adventure", humourous text on Jerry Pournelle installing OS/2.
Jpeg3os2.arj A .Gif To .Bmp Screen View Rendering Program For Os/2 2.0.
J_os2.arj 'j' - A Dialect of Apl - For OS/2.
Killem.arj Kills running process(es) in OS/2 2.0 (32-bit
Lh113os2.arj LHARC v1.13c for OS/2 PM. srce/docs in Japanese
Lh2_211.arj OS/2 Unpacker for files with the LZH Extension (use PKZip to unpack!)
Ljos2.arj H-P LJ PCL5 printer drivers for OS/2 2.0.
Look2.arj LOOK2 Ver1.0 by SouthWest SoftWare - an OS/2 File Viewing Utility.
M2z211.arj Version 2.11 of the venerable M2Zmodem for OS/2.
Maxcomm3.arj 1/11/92 version of MAXCOMM.DLL for use with Binkley and Maximus.
Maxlg132.arj Version 1.32 of Maxlog - Pete Norloff's Maximus Log Utility.
Maze32.arj OS/2 2.0 PM program displays mazes in 3D. This version corrects a problem with an overflowing
Mcad20.arj MicroCAD - a very nice program for drawing and manipulating 2-d objects in 3-d. OS/2 and
Memo.arj OS/2 PM Memo v1.0 - simple electronic Note Pad
Memsiz.arj OS/2 System Resource Monitor v1.23: Show free memory, swapfile size, avail swapfile space
Mfmp110a.arj MFM ported to OS/2 for TESTING ONLY
Mine.arj A really well-done PM Mine game. Addictive.
Mr2_110.arj A QWK compatible mail reader for OS/2 character mode. Now with enhanced reading by thread.
Msgv100b.arj Minimal sample of a PM *.msg reader for comment
Msq21ap.arj MSGED/Sq for OS/2 version 2.1a. A Maximus-compatible message editor.
Ms_sh200.arj A Unix shell ported to both OS/2 and MSDOS; usable under OS/2 2.0. Like your '$' prompt?
Netwlsrv.arj Netware Lite patch to allow running under OS/2 2.0. Not an Official Patch.
New_comm.arj OS/2 2.0 Patch - Replacements for COM.SYS & VCOM.SYS
Nice10.arj OS/2 2.0 Program Which Allows You to Set The Priority of Processes.
Numasst.arj OS/2 V2.0 Professional Scientific Calculator with trig, log, absolute, and factorial
Oback124.arj OS/2 PM File Backup/Restore Utilites v1.24
Odomet.arj Calculates the cumulative and per session distance traveled by your mouse in OS/2 PM.
Os20fixa.arj List of OS/2 2.0 patches available from IBM NSC BBS as of 6-23-92
Os2ami.arj Use of Ami BIOS'es With OS/2. An Overview.
Os2book1.arj List of New And Future Books on OS/2 2.0.
Os2cdrom.arj Listing of contents and how to obtain the OS/2 CD ROM.
Os2chrg.arj Upgrade Form For OS/2 V1.X Se/ee/lan to V2.0.
Os2goods.arj Text file telling how to get OS/2 clothing.
Os2inst5.arj Better file formats for os2instl.zip.
Os2instl.arj Detailed instruction how to install the new OS/2 2.0 UPGRADE side by side with DOS on your HD
Os2ltr.arj An unpublished letter to Infoworld about their OS/2 coverage.
Os2new.arj What's new in OS/2 2.0.
Os2ora.arj Specific fix for OS/2 1.2 and Oracle OS/2 SQL
Os2patch.arj Patch PCB14.5a to Work in Os2 V2.0.
Os2pctbl.arj Personal Computer Manufacturers Compatibility Matrix dated 4/28/92; indicates systems tested
Os2proii.arj Orchid Pro Designer II drivers (beta version 0.9) for OS/2 version 2.0.

Os2req13.txt Text file with brief instructions and directions

Os2ships.arj IBM announcement 3/31/92 that OS/2 2.0 is shipping.
Os2tip.arj -

eresting reading

Os2tnt.arj INF version of the OS/2 2.0 Tips and Techniques document for use with OS/2s
Os2tnt06.arj OS/2 v2.0 Tips and Traps Database... 6/22/92 Edition. File is in the OS/2 HyperText *.INF
Os2tsl.arj OS/2 2.0 drivers for Trantor T128, T228, T338 and T130B SCSI host adapter cards.
Os2util1.v13 .ZIP file - 1.3 Requester utilities diskette #1
Os2util2.v13 .ZIP file - 1.3 Requester utilities diskette #2
Os2util3.v13 .ZIP file - 1.3 Requester utilities diskette #3
Os2video.arj Benchmark info for video performance between OS/2 and Win.
Os2zipv.arj OS/2 PM ZIP viewer - use from File Manager
Os2_2ann.arj OS2 v2.0 released
Os2_aspi.arj ASPI manager for Adaptec SCSI Host Adapters dated 5/22/92, labeled beta.
Os2_demo.arj OS/2 2.0 Demo.
Os2_la.arj Brief commentary on the OS/2 2.0 beta v 6.177.
Os_2.arj IBM Anouncement regarding the release of OS/2 It's official - ready for release. 03/31/92.
Pallett.arj Lotus Freelance/G OS/2 2.0 Replacement Palett Pallette.
Pj03686.arj APAR PJ03686 (swapper.dat does not shrink) fix; also fixes the problem in APAR PJ03733. Does
Pkzos102.exe OS/2 and bound PK ZIP v1.02 archiver
Pmchess.arj version 1.01 of OS/2 PM port of GNUCHESS 3.1
Pmchomp.arj Chomp 1.01 - game for OS/2 PM
Pmchs102.arj OS/2 Chess Game. Very difficult to defeat the Computer....
Pmcom109.arj PMComm telecommunications pkg.for OS-2.
Pmcommac.arj Utils for Multinet's PMcomm [OS/2].
Pmdc110u.arj PM-DiskCopy 1.10. Generation of Image-Files now included. Shareware testing
Pmdmap10.arj OS/2 PM Disk Map 1.0 - displays memory
Pmfootb.arj OS/2 PM American Football
Pmfract2.arj OS/2 2.0 PM version of FRACTINT fractal generator
Pmfree.arj Shows free memory and disk.
Pmfrmt15.arj Graphical front-end for OS/2 PM disk format.
Pmspl110.arj -

original dll.

Pmwordu.arj Pm Word Working Under OS/2 2.0, Replacement For Pmwordu.Dll.
Pointkt.arj OS/2 Fido Point Kit Config Files.
Presnt.arj Present! (Nc) by The Frobozz Magic Software Freeware Sheet Presentation Program For OS/2
Priority.arj Launch Programs At Any Priority w/SRC
Procs.arj List running processes in OS/2 2.0.
Prodcons.arj From OS/2 6.304 Docs. (In)compatibilities, Tips, Techniques, More. 30 Pages.
Ptktdoc.arj OS/2 Fido Point Kit Doc Files.
Ptktexe.arj OS/2 Fido Point Kit EXE Files.
Ram_os2.arj OS/2 PM Static RAM Monitor
Readme20.arj The Readme.Txt File That Comes With Ibm'S Os/2 2.0 Generally Available Operating System.
Requestr.v13 .ZIP file - OS/2 1.3 Requester, named pipes etc
Rexx-fix.arj Fixes for REXX dated 6/1/92.
Rexx20a.arj Renamed with the 'a' to distinguish it from an earlier release. Several fixes for REXX under
Rexxapi.arj OS/2 PMVIEW help file on the REXX programming API for OS/2 2.0.
Rexxtacy.arj Rexxtacy - REXX-to-C compiler. Re-written to increase run-time performance, and to fix bugs.
Setpri.arj Set the priority of individual programs.
Shfrg2.arj Os2 Fat File Fragmentation Display C Source Included. Based on PCmag's Chkfrag Prog.
Shobmp.arj display .BMP files under OS/2 PM
Showdll.arj OS/2 2.0 utility to show what DLL's an application uses.
Shtdownb.arj MiniApp's for OS/2 - "System Shutdown" This creates a shutdown object (w/icon) on your
Sq4304.arj Space Quest IV Soundblaster Fix For OS/2 2.0.
Start213.arj An alternate START command for OS/2.
Substp.arj A native OS/2 protected-mode version of SUBST. This is a freeware program that emulates the DOS
Swapdcp.arj swap any keys on keyboard list code-page keyboard file upl. by author (Ned Konz)
Sysinfo.arj An information bar with time/date, disk space free, largest free RAM block, swap file size.
Te2_120.arj Version 1.20 of the TE/2 Terminal Emulator/2 shareware version from Oberon. This is a
Tedp090.arj The TED editor ported to OS/2.
Tetris13.arj OS/2 CHARACTER BASED Tetris, works at the console, but much more useful as a BBS door
Theseus.arj OS/2 Performance/system statistics utility
Ticp210.arj Os/2 Version Of Tick V2.10.
Tiktp12a.arj Paul West's Ticket ported to OS/2 for testing
Transfer.arj does a Data Transfer Test Measurement for OS/2
Trashi.arj Three trashcan icons.
Tsengfix.arj Fixes problem with Tseng ET4000 based adapters when using OS/2 2.0.
Typerate.arj OS/2 Batch Keyboard Type Rate Setter V1.12.

Uedp201.arj || Maximus User Editor For OS/2.

Userinfo.arj Get Info on users etc from OS/2 LAN manager
Vbios.arj OS/2 2.0 Patch - Replacement for VBIOS.SYS
Viewgif3.arj OS/2 PM ViewGif v1.3 - .GIF .PCX viewer & more
Wpsbk3.arj v.3 of Workplace Shell backup program. Shareware, requires v2.0 with updated kernel.
Wpsg0405.arj The Unofficial Guide to the Workplace Shell OS/2
Wpsobj.arj Contains WPSOBJ.CMD, a REXX script to create a new object of selected type and location.
Wpstools.arj Some Development Tools For Os/2 2.0'S Workplace Shell. Needs Sdk.
Yatzynet.arj OS/2 PM game of Yatzee. best played MultiPlayer on a LAN.
Zappedii.arj The latest version of Zapped, contains updated graphics. Try this game which utilizes your WPS