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An utility to import newsgroups directly into your FidoNet areas. It connects directly to your(s) news servers and makes .PKT files. It works both for incoming and outgoing news, and it's completely transparent for your users.


Version 1.0

  • NewsGate v1.0 is a completely different program from v0.8. It has been rewritten from scratch and it has too many new fetures to describe them all. I'll tell you only it has a new visual interface and configuration program, antispam features, auto dialup and a new poll routines that grants speeds that can be twice higher than 0.8.
  • Also it's now public domain and no longer shareware.

Version 1.0g1 -> 1.0g2 - 28/06/1998

  • help file
  • No +0000 timezone was added in Date field in countries with 0 TimeZone
  • If subject begins with "Re:" and there's no data to fill the References field, the "Re:" will be stripped - some servers require that
  • Added the "Import" feature in News Server configuration to allow importing NEWS.RC files
  • Added FSC-0035 feature: you can now reply to a gated message directly to your UUCP gateway!
  • [NG10G2.ZIP NewsGate v1.0 gamma 2]