OS/2 LAN Server Seminars

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Captured off IBM's TalkLink BBS.....

IBM to offer FREE 3-hour seminar on OS/2, LAN Server, and LAN NetView.

This is an education seminar designed for new users or people considering any of the above products.

OS/2 is the cornerstone of IBM's PC desktop and client/server strategies. Learn how OS/2 and OS/2 applications can increase your productivity and help manage the escalating costs of end-user computing in the 1990s.

Topics include:

  • OS/2 and OS/2 for Windows
  • Running DOS, Windows, and OS/2 applications
  • Tuning DOS and Windows applications
  • Using the Workplace Shell

LAN Server 3.0 has been rated by LanQuest Labs as the fasted PC-compatible server on the market and the most cost-effective solution for 6 to more than 1,000 clients. Learn how LAN Server and OS/2 connectivity products, such as NetWare Requestor, can efficiently solve your networking and communication needs.

Topics include:

  • Installing the OS/2 NetWare Requestor
  • Using NetWare on OS/2
  • Basic concepts of LAN Server
  • LAN Server Management
  • Integrating LAN Server with other networks

LAN NetView provides an open, integrated solution for managing a variety of clients and servers. The LAN NetView family of products provides solutions for networks of all sizes. Learn why LAN NetView is the industry's best solution for systems management of LAN-connected clients and servers.

Topics include:

- LAN Management Utilities/2
- LAN NetView

OS/2-LAN Tour Dates thru the first half of 1994

Feb 16-17 Sacramento, CA
Feb 23-24 Tulsa, OK
Mar 2-3 Washington, DC <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<--
Mar 9-10 Houston, TX
Mar 16-17 Birmingham, AL
Mar 23-24 St.  Louis, MO
Mar 30-31 Denver, CO
April 6-7 Nashville, TN
April 13-14 Las Vegas, NV
April 20-21 Boston, MA
April 26-27 Philadelphia, PA
May 4-5 Austin, TX
May 11-12 Minneapolis, MN
May 18-19 Columbia, SC
May 24-25 Detroit, MI
June 1-2 Salt Lake City, UT
June 8-9 Los Angeles, CA
June 15-16 Woodbridge, NJ
June 22-23 Cleveland, OH
June 29-30 Jacksonville, FL

To register, please call 1-800-766-4344.

To add your name to the mailing list, please fax your name and address to 1-800-568-8852 or e-mail to CompuServe 71075,2673 (Internet 71075.2673@compuserve.com).

OS/2 vendors, users groups, and Team OS/2 volunteers, please contact Chris White at 1-800- 685-4091 ext. 7876 or CIS 71075,2673.