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|CS10||Using APPC: Basic Features and Design Considerations||David T. Lutz
|CS10||Using APPC: Basic Features and Design Considerations||David T. Lutz
|CS11||Using APPC: Security and Performance Features||APPC Market Enablement
|CS11||Using APPC: Security and Performance Features||rowspan=4|APPC Market Enablement
|CS12||APPC Security for Applications Programmers||APPC Market Enablement
|CS12||APPC Security for Applications Programmers
|CS13||Configuring APPC/APPN on the Workstation||APPC Market Enablement
|CS13||Configuring APPC/APPN on the Workstation
|CS14||Improving APPC Configuration
|CS15||Using the APPC Application Suite||David T. Lutz
|CS16||Migrating Applications from HLLAPI to APPC||APPC Market Enablement

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OS/2 Technical Update '94

  • September 11 to 14, 1994
  • Georgia World Congress Center
  • Atlanta, Georgia
ID Sessions Speakers
AD01 User Centric Application Design for OS/2 2.1 David Moskowitz
AD02 Designing OS/2 Applications David E. Reich
AD03 OS/2: The Platform for Quality Software Development Stephan B. Epstein
AD04 How to Create an Endian Neutral Software for Portability James Gillig
AD05 Custom Application Porting Workshops for OS/2 Marilyn Johnson, Richard Dews
AD06 The Hang/Trap Enigma Barry L. Bryan
AD07 Adding Help to your OS/2 Applications Mike Kaply
AD08 OS/2 and Internationalization of Applications John D. Howard
AD09 The Integrated Desktop: Programming to the Workplace Shell Sheila A. Harnett, Cathryn M. Bloomfield
AD10 Understanding the GPI: Exploring and Exploiting OS/2 Graphics Kelvin R. Lawrence
AD11 OS/2 Developer Tools Barbara J. Britt
AD12 OS/2 Debug Kernel "Hands-On Lab" Dennis Sposato
AD13 The Developer Connection for LAN Systems
CC01 IBM C Set++ Overview John Higdon
CC02 IBM C Set++ Debugging Tips and Techniques David Kolpek
CC03 Objects at Work
CC04 IBM C Set++'s WorkFrame/2 2.1 Angelique F. Faustino
CC05 C Set++ Optimization: Tips and Techniques
CC06 Performance Tuning with Extra from C Set++ John Higdon, David Kolpek
CM01 Communication Manager: The Power of Personal Computing George Sweeney
CM02 Communications Manager/2. Installation and Configuration Basics Don Richards, Rick Schertz
CM03 Communications Manager/2. Complex Configurations Don Richards, Rick Schertz
CM04 Communications Manager/2. Building SNA Applications Jeff Hicks
CM05 Avoiding common problems and Problem Determination with Communications Manager/2 Rick Schertz, Jeff Hicks
CM06 Multiprotocol Transport Network (MPTN) and AnyNet APPC Market Enablement
CM07 Problem Diagnosis using Communications Manager/2 APPC Trace Capability APPC Market Enablement
CS01 Client/Server Survival Guide Robert Orfali, Dan Harkey
CS02 SNA Client/Server in Communications Environments John Zieger
CS03 Using NS/DOS in a Client/Server Environment APPC Market Enablement
CS04 CICS OS2 Client Server Computing. A World of Choice Alex Aversano
CS05 An Introduction to APPC and APPN Dawn Comfort
CS06 What's New in APPC and APPN APPC Market Enablement
CS07 APPN and TCP/IP: A Comparison of Protocols APPC Market Enablement
CS08 Programming CPI-C Applications with Communications Manager/2 APPC Market Enablement
CS09 Selecting a Communications API Mel Jones
CS10 Using APPC: Basic Features and Design Considerations David T. Lutz
CS11 Using APPC: Security and Performance Features APPC Market Enablement
CS12 APPC Security for Applications Programmers
CS13 Configuring APPC/APPN on the Workstation
CS14 Improving APPC Configuration
CS15 Using the APPC Application Suite David T. Lutz
CS16 Migrating Applications from HLLAPI to APPC APPC Market Enablement