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|CS31||Sockets Programming with IBM TCP/IP for OS/2||
|CS31||Sockets Programming with IBM TCP/IP for OS/2||
|DB01||DB2/2: Let's Get Small||
|DB01||DB2/2: Let's Get Small||Dan S. Britton
|DB02||DB2/2: Family and Friends||
|DB02||DB2/2: Family and Friends||
|DB03||Data Access Services||
|DB03||Data Access Services||Srinu Sista
|DM01||NetView for OS/2: Fact or Fiction||  
|DM01||NetView for OS/2: Fact or Fiction||  
|DM02||IBM LAN NetView Management Utilities for OS/2||
|DM02||IBM LAN NetView Management Utilities for OS/2||Lori Bush
|DM03||Enabling Your Application for Remote Unattended Installation||
|DM03||Enabling Your Application for Remote Unattended Installation||Alan Higginbotham
|DM04||NetView DM/2 Basic||
|DM04||NetView DM/2 Basic||Denise Barlock
|DM05||NetView DM/2 Advanced||
|DM05||NetView DM/2 Advanced||Lynn Percival
|GP01||IBM's Person-to-Person Conferencing: Because You Can't Be Everywhere||
|GP01||IBM's Person-to-Person Conferencing: Because You Can't Be Everywhere||
|GP02||IBM Server for Workgroups: Overview and Common Install||
|GP02||IBM Server for Workgroups: Overview and Common Install||Fred Castaneda
|GP03||Lotus OS/2 Development Directions||
|GP03||Lotus OS/2 Development Directions||
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|IT02||ImagePlus/2 Tips, Techniques, Trends and Directions||
|IT02||ImagePlus/2 Tips, Techniques, Trends and Directions||
|LS01||LAN Server Overview||
|LS01||LAN Server 3.0 Overview||
|LS02||LAN Server Directions||
|LS02||LAN Server Directions||

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OS/2 Technical Update '94

  • September 11 to 14, 1994
  • Georgia World Congress Center
  • Atlanta, Georgia
ID Sessions Speakers
AD01 User Centric Application Design for OS/2 2.1 David Moskowitz
AD02 Designing OS/2 Applications David E. Reich
AD03 OS/2: The Platform for Quality Software Development Stephan B. Epstein
AD04 How to Create an Endian Neutral Software for Portability James Gillig
AD05 Custom Application Porting Workshops for OS/2 Marilyn Johnson, Richard Dews
AD06 The Hang/Trap Enigma Barry L. Bryan
AD07 Adding Help to your OS/2 Applications Mike Kaply
AD08 OS/2 and Internationalization of Applications John D. Howard
AD09 The Integrated Desktop: Programming to the Workplace Shell Sheila A. Harnett, Cathryn M. Bloomfield
AD10 Understanding the GPI: Exploring and Exploiting OS/2 Graphics Kelvin R. Lawrence
AD11 OS/2 Developer Tools Barbara J. Britt
AD12 OS/2 Debug Kernel "Hands-On Lab" Dennis Sposato
AD13 The Developer Connection for LAN Systems
CC01 IBM C Set++ Overview John Higdon
CC02 IBM C Set++ Debugging Tips and Techniques David Kolpek
CC03 Objects at Work
CC04 IBM C Set++'s WorkFrame/2 2.1 Angelique F. Faustino
CC05 C Set++ Optimization: Tips and Techniques
CC06 Performance Tuning with Extra from C Set++ John Higdon, David Kolpek
CM01 Communication Manager: The Power of Personal Computing George Sweeney
CM02 Communications Manager/2. Installation and Configuration Basics Don Richards, Rick Schertz
CM03 Communications Manager/2. Complex Configurations Don Richards, Rick Schertz
CM04 Communications Manager/2. Building SNA Applications Jeff Hicks
CM05 Avoiding common problems and Problem Determination with Communications Manager/2 Rick Schertz, Jeff Hicks
CM06 Multiprotocol Transport Network (MPTN) and AnyNet APPC Market Enablement
CM07 Problem Diagnosis using Communications Manager/2 APPC Trace Capability APPC Market Enablement
CS01 Client/Server Survival Guide Robert Orfali, Dan Harkey
CS02 SNA Client/Server in Communications Environments John Zieger
CS03 Using NS/DOS in a Client/Server Environment APPC Market Enablement
CS04 CICS OS2 Client Server Computing. A World of Choice Alex Aversano
CS05 An Introduction to APPC and APPN Dawn Comfort
CS06 What's New in APPC and APPN APPC Market Enablement
CS07 APPN and TCP/IP: A Comparison of Protocols APPC Market Enablement
CS08 Programming CPI-C Applications with Communications Manager/2 APPC Market Enablement
CS09 Selecting a Communications API Mel Jones
CS10 Using APPC: Basic Features and Design Considerations David T. Lutz
CS11 Using APPC: Security and Performance Features APPC Market Enablement
CS12 APPC Security for Applications Programmers
CS13 Configuring APPC/APPN on the Workstation
CS14 Improving APPC Configuration
CS15 Using the APPC Application Suite David T. Lutz
CS16 Migrating Applications from HLLAPI to APPC APPC Market Enablement
CS19 An Introduction to DCE Clay Boyd
CS20 The DCE Application Programming Interface
CS22 Introduction to DCE Administration
CS23 Choosing DCE as Your Client/Server Programming Environment Kim Wilkens
CS24 DCE for OS/2 Base Performance
CS25 IBM DCE Enterprise Performance
CS26 Open Distributed Systems with Messaging and Queuing
CS27 Network Security Program V1R2 Vijay Ahuja
CS30 ONC RPC Programming with IBM TCP/IP for OS/2 Andre Asselin
CS31 Sockets Programming with IBM TCP/IP for OS/2
DB01 DB2/2: Let's Get Small Dan S. Britton
DB02 DB2/2: Family and Friends
DB03 Data Access Services Srinu Sista
DM01 NetView for OS/2: Fact or Fiction
DM02 IBM LAN NetView Management Utilities for OS/2 Lori Bush
DM03 Enabling Your Application for Remote Unattended Installation Alan Higginbotham
DM04 NetView DM/2 Basic Denise Barlock
DM05 NetView DM/2 Advanced Lynn Percival
GP01 IBM's Person-to-Person Conferencing: Because You Can't Be Everywhere
GP02 IBM Server for Workgroups: Overview and Common Install Fred Castaneda
GP03 Lotus OS/2 Development Directions
GP04 Lotus SmartSuite for OS/2
IT01 ImagePlus/2 Overview
IT02 ImagePlus/2 Tips, Techniques, Trends and Directions
LS01 LAN Server 3.0 Overview
LS02 LAN Server Directions
LS03 LAN Server Tips and Techniques I
LS04 LAN Server Tips and Techniques II
LS05 LAN Server Security
LS06 LAN Server Performance Tuning
LS07 LAN Distance
LS08 LAN Server Interoperability
LS09 LAN Automated Distribution/2
LS10 LAN Server Administration
LS11 LAN Server Connecting to Resources
LS12 NetWare Server for OS/2
LS13 NetWare Interoperability
LS14 IBM LAN Systems Communications Transports
LS15 IBM's ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager/2
LS16 LAN Network Manager
MM01 OS/2 Multimedia Support
MM02 OS/2 Multimedia Applications and Architecture
MM03 OS/2 Software Motion Video
MM04 Multimedia Creation and Management
MM05 LAN Server Ultimedia
MM06 Pen for OS/2, PenDOS and Speech
OO01 IBM Object Strategy and Plans
OO02 The In-Taligent Use of Objects
OO03 How to Introduce Objects to Your Organization
OO04 OpenDoc for OS/2: Compound Document Architecture
OO05 Visual Developer Tool
OO06 VisualAge
OO07 Introduction to the SOMobjects Toolkit
OO08 Persistance Object Services for SOM
OO09 SOM Metaclass Programming
OO10 APPC and Object-Oriented Programming
OO11 Storing Objects in DB/2: The Ultimate Object Data Store
OO12 How to Write SOMobjects in C++ and the Solutions Offered by SOM
OS01 OS/2 Trends and Directions David A. Kerr
OS02 OS/2 and Windows Kogan Associates, Inc.
OS03 Eye on OS/2
OS04 Platform Wars
OS05 OS/2 Windows Support, Inside and Out Ron Cadima, Allan Wynn
OS06 OS/2 2.x Performance Enhancements
OS07 OS/2 REXX Tutorial Rick McGuire
OS08 OS/2 Symmetric Multiprocessing
OS09 OS/2 Hints, Tricks and Tuning
OS11 Using and Customizing the Workplace Shell
OS12 Workplace Delivers: OS/2 for the PowerPC
OS13 Workplace OS: What is the OS/2 Personality? Ken Borgendale, Arnold Bramnick
OS14 Tools and Development Environment for the PowerPC BJ Hargrave, Jay Tunkel
OS15 OS/2 for the PowerPC Human Centered Technology Brad Noe, Alan Tannenbaum
PC01 PC DOS Alive and Well
PC02 PC DOS "Under the Hood"
TS01 IBM Personal Systems Service and Support Tom Kendra