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By Frank McKenney

Last update: 6th November, 1995


This document contains a list of the publicly released fixes for OS/2 Warp. In order to keep this list manageable, I am not including the limited release "private" fixes occasionally provided by IBM OS/2 Support or the continuing stream of new and revised OS/2 device drivers. OS/2 drivers can be obtained from many of the sites listed in the section on #Where to obtain these files.

OS/2 Warp FixPack #10

IBM has released a second cumulative FixPack for OS/2 Warp (XR_W010.xDK, XR_W010x.ZIP). This six-diskette FixPack includes upgraded drivers and fixes for all versions of OS/2 Warp: Warp for Windows (XR03000, Red spine), Warp with Win-OS/2" (XR03001, Blue spine, a.k.a. FullPack) and both of the Warp Connect packages. Please review the two FixPack information files on Diskette 1 before installing: README.1ST, which contains detailed installation instructions and workarounds for commonly encountered problems, and README2, a list of problems fixed by FixPack 10. You will need a copy of the IBM LOADDSKF utility program, the OS/2 Warp 3.0 Corrective service Facility boot disks (WKICKR.ZIP, now at v1.2) and about 150K of free space on your C: partition to apply this FixPack.

Be sure to make copies of your \OS2\DLL\REXX*.DLL and \OS2\DLL\HELPMGR.DLL files prior to starting installation of the FixPack. Problems have been discovered with the FixPack 10 versions of these files and you will need to restore them after completing installation of FixPack 10.

IBM has also released WFWIN10.ZIP for users who have experienced problems installing OS/2 Warp. This file contains the installation-related fixes and updated device drivers from Warp FixPack #10, as well as BAT and CMD files to update your Installation Diskette and Diskette 1. If you have already installed your copy of Warp, you will not need these updates.

Printer Driver Updates for Warp and OS/2 v2.11

The following updated printer driver are available for OS/2 Warp and OS/2 v2.11:

XR0P002.ZIP OS/2 2.11 Printer FixPack v1.0
XR0P010.ZIP OS/2 2.11 & 3.0 Printer FixPack (Plotter v30.452)
XR0P011.ZIP OS/2 2.11 & 3.0 Printer FixPack (PostScript v30.442)
XR0P012.ZIP OS/2 3.0 Printer FixPack (LaserJet v30.444)
XR0P013.ZIP OS/2 2.11 & 3.0 Printer FixPack (OMNI DRV v30.452)
XR0P014.ZIP OS/2 2.11 & 3.0 Printer FixPack (IBMPCL5 v30.450)
XR0P015.ZIP OS/2 2.11 & 3.0 Printer FixPack (IBM4019 v30.452)

Updated Win32s driver

If you are seeing the message "UNHANDLED EXCEPTION 0XC000005" when running certain MS Windows programs, there is a modified Win32s driver available as VW32S.ZIP.

CSD 1 for IBM Works

Footprint Software has released a CSD set (Corrective Service Diskette set) for the BonusPak IBM Works package as WKSCSD1.ZIP. This package includes changes to use SOM2 as well as fixes for a memory leak problem, several application traps, drag and drop errors, and other minor problems such as the PIM dialer.

IBM Internet Connection software

The IIC "Retrieve Software Updates" object will list the updates currently available from ftp.ibm.net. As of July 25, the following updates were available from the IIC:

WebExplorer v1.02        IBM Internet Dialer 1.45      
NewsReader/2 v1.2        IBM Internet phone list
Archie (beta)            IBM Internet modem list
Ultimail Update          Latest SLIP and PPP
Telnet 5250 Emulation    TCP/IP Base Update / PN71501

This list will periodically change as new fixes and upgrades are released. To learn more about the changes or improvements in the new code, first download the item labelled "Package descriptions. Read first!". The updates are also available via anonymous FTP from ftp.ibm.net. For example, the new UltiMail 2.1 Lite can be found in file umf21001.zip. An updated copy of FTP-PM which fixes a problem with the program hanging on exit has been released separately as IAK001.ZIP (and IAK001.EXE).

HyperACCESS Lite

Hilgraeve has created a second (4/95) update to the BonusPak HyperACCESS Lite package. This is available as HAL.ZIP (new copies of HALITE.EXE and MODEMS.BIN) or as HALOS2.ZIP (complete package refresh).

System Information Tool

A replacement for the shipped BonusPak System Information Tool v3.02 has been distributed as SITCSD.ZIP.

Person-to-Person (P2P)

The copy of IBM's Person-to-Person included in OS/2 Warp v3 does not include the File Transfer utility shipped with the retail copy of P2P. The necessary files are available from the IBM Hursley FTP site as P2P-FT.ZIP. There are also a number of P2P fixes in /pub/p2p/v1fixes/os2; for complete details see /pub/p2p/v1tips/os2/read-os2.txt.

Aptiva Updates

If you are installing OS/2 Warp on an Aptiva, you should obtain a copy of either WAPTIV.ZIP (for Warp for Windows) or WFPAPT.ZIP (for Warp with Win-OS/2).

Installing OS/2 Warp from 5.25" drive

IBM does not provide a separate OS/2 Warp package containing 5.25" diskettes. However, both Warp for Windows and Warp with Win-OS/2 can be installed on systems with a 5.25" A: drive. This is done by using a specially-prepared set of 5.25" diskettes which will start the installation process, then redirect all further installation activity to either a 3.5" B: drive or a CD-ROM drive. To do this you will need to obtain a copy of the LOADDSKF.EXE utility program as well as one of the following files:

Warp version


Warp for Windows

(Red spine)

Warp with Win-OS/2

(Blue spine)

3.5" diskette package W5DRDR.ZIP W5FPDK.ZIP

Where to obtain these files

These files are available from OS/2 BBS sites. If you have Internet access, you can download the files from several Internet "anonymous" FTP sites, including the new IBM Personal Systems support site.

Site Type Address
IBM FTP ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/
Hobbes (NMSU) FTP ftp://hobbes.nmsu.edu/
IBM Global Network FTP ftp://ftp.ibm.net/
IBM PSP WWW http://ps.boulder.ibm.com/
FTP ftp://service.boulder.ibm.com/
FTP ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/
Hilgraeve FTP ftp://ftp.hilgraeve.com/

Be aware that not all files are available from all sites. Also, new device drivers, as well as OS/2 utilities and shareware, can be obtained from many of the sites listed above.

This list is, as far as I know, complete as of October 24, 1995. As new updates and fixes appear, I will add them to this list and re-distribute it.

By Frank McKenney