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Vendor Pixvision
Author Norman Yee
License Shareware / Discontinued

MJPEG is a image viewer with quick JPEG preview, image processing, conversion, and slideshow capabilities for OS/2. PMJPEG is a port of WinJPEG to OS/2 2.x. It is a native 32-bit PM application.


The following image file formats are supported for viewing and conversion:

OS/2 BMP, Windows BMP, GIF, IFF, JPEG, MAC, PCD, PCX, PICT, PNG, PPM, Targa, and TIFF.

OS/2 specific features include background image support and WPS icon generation.

PMJPEG has the following features:

   Display JPEG, TIFF, IFF, GIF, Targa, PCX, Windows BMP, OS/2 BMP, or PPM images
   Export an image to JPEG, TIFF, IFF, GIF, Targa, PCX, Windows BMP, OS/2 BMP, or PPM format
   Capability of generating OS/2 desktop-background bitmaps that use the system colors
   Display an image in monochrome, 16 color, 256 color, hicolor, or truecolor display modes
   Display an image in full screen mode
   Zoom with fixed or user-selected scales
   Print an image with scaling, best proportional fit on the page, or fit for full page
   red/green/blue or hue/saturation/brightness adjustment
   Color to grayscale conversion or image negative conversion
   Contrast enhancement
   Gamma correction
   Image rotation, vertical or horizontal flip, image resizing, and image cropping
   Batch file compression of GIF, TIFF, Targa, or PPM files to JPEG File Interchange Format
   Copy an image to the clipboard or paste an image from the clipboard
   Slideshow: display selected files in forward, reverse, or random order with a cycle option
   Image buffering in a cyclic slideshow
   Capture a window, the client area of a window, or a portion of or the entire desktop
   Support for file name extension association and starting a slideshow from the command line
   Automatic icon generation for WPS file objects