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14th January, 1996

The STB 4COM as well as the Cyclades cards are available from PreRapture(tm) Solutions INC at a discount price. 24 hour VISA/MC order line at 919-286-1502 or FAX to 919-286-4617

We highly value our international customers as well as domestic and support OS/2 as the operating system of choice for telecommunications with Ray Gwinn's SIO drivers.

The STB 4COM card is recommended by Ray Gwinn and allows sharing of IRQs under OS/2. With my special address option, one can use up to 4 of the STB 4COM cards in one machine. We currently (14th January, 1996) have a special of 2 4COM cards and 8 10' modem cables for only $300 (cards and cables have a lifetime warranty from their manufacturer)