Rover Pack

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Rover Pack
RoverPack 001.jpg
Version 2.7
Vendor Sundial Systems
License Shareware
Download Version 2.70
Website Archived WebSite

The Rover Pack includes a comprehensive collection of software tools and accessories. They are designed to work with each other and with OS/2's Workplace Shell to give you new ways to navigate and manage your Warp desktop.

Ever larger hard drives mean you have more stuff on them to try and keep track of - and you know how frustrating that can be. Sundial's Rover Pack gives you a great organization mechanism for your files and programs. It's so easy - and you won't waste any more time looking for things when you let Rover take over your desktop navigation and organization.

The Rover Pack gives you a comprehensive collection of software tools and accessories that work together to help you navigate and manage your Warp desktop.

For starters, Rover gives you a way to open and access desktop objects much like you can with the Warp Center. But, Rover is unique because it moves around to stay in view. The small Rover window automatically moves to an unoccupied part of your desktop as windows and programs are opened and moved about. As a last resort, it'll move on top, but because the Rover window is small, it's not obtrusive.

Rover lets you easily group desktop objects independently of how they are organized on your desktop. So, you can relate objects together based on what you use them for without changing where they are. In addition, Rover comes "preconfigured" with most of the common OS/2 desktop objects you might use.

Rover keeps track of what you've been using. That means you've got a quick and easy way to "reopen" the objects you've most recently used -- just like the menu options for the most-recently-used files in many programs, but now for your entire desktop.

As a bonus, the Rover Pack gives you an icon library with an easy way to put put them on your desktop objects. You can have "icon schemes" for folders that automatically add icons to new files in a folder based on rules that you've defined (such as one icon for text files, a different icon for backups, and others for other types of files).

The Rover Pack has lots of other features, such as:

  • Ability to open a command prompt (OS/2 window, OS/2 full screen, DOS window, etc.) to immediately be in a particular directory on a particular drive.
  • Ability to open a second copy of a program even if that program object is set to normally open only a single copy.
  • A space analysis tool that tells you instantly not only how much space is being used by all the files in a folder/directory, but all the space being used in subdirectories as well.

All this, and Rover is really "kind" to your desktop as well. The technology behind Rover allows it to work with your Warp desktop without altering it in any way. Thus, you can fully expect that Rover will be well-behaved no matter what other desktop enhancement tools you might be using.