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SigmaMD5 - A MD5 check/generation program.

With this program it is possible to check a file’s integrity by comparing the actual file’s checksum with a known checksum. This is especially important for files that have been downloaded from internet, burnt on a CD, or received via email.


This program can generate a list of filenames and their MD5 checksums and in the Linux GNU MD5SUM format. It is also possible to read a Linux GNU MD5SUM or BSD MD5 checksum file and check that the files integrity is correct, that the MD5 checksum supplied is consistent with the file being checked. When generating checksums various filters can be applied to simplify the selection of files, once a particular action has been tried and tested it can be stored as a script file for use at a later moment. Various filters and options give you full control.

Sigma mdt.jpg
  • Supports for large files (> 2GB)
  • Can handle up to 32,768 files
  • Multi-lingual: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish
  • Memory footprint is < 2 MB
System requirements
  • For OS/2 Warp 4 and eCS