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  • ...n also setup a remote machine (i.e. in another room) by simply setting the current control directory to the control directory on the remote machine. You can t ...hine can fix this. Simply put, you assign them unused drive letters on the current machines. For example, Jason has three hard drive partitions on his machine
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  • There's no doubt in my mind that Windows'95 will be one of the biggest events in computing this year, with possibly only the sudden explosion of interest ...mpanies just because they are bored and want something to do. And with the current situation the DOJ have three probes running and another is being worked on
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  • accessory. Small Japanimation girl bitmap named 'Serina' will sit upon current active window. * You can associate MMPM/2 multimedia files to some events
    677 bytes (95 words) - 16:21, 2 March 2018
  • * Unlimited number of events for every city and date with Alarm (new in v.1.4.0) ...ted cities in various views (list, minimized, banner) and list of upcoming events.
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  • ...s a function of how close the prior version (on the client side) is to the current version (on the server side). Nevertheless, in even the worst case (compar The rsync protocol has several steps. Assume a client wants a current version of a file; and that the client has a prior version of the file avai
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  • Republic for users in Eastern Europe. If you are interested in previous events check out the old Warpstock site. 1.4.2. from Innotek. Thanks to the work from Bitwise GmbH we now have a current Java 6 on eCS 2.2 with browser plugins. This was also made possible by upda
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  • ..."n", you can specify an alternative path for the configuration file so the current won't be overwritten. '''CAUTION:''' If fixes are available for the current version, the order of unpacking the archives does matter. Ensure that the f
    69 KB (12,101 words) - 14:29, 7 March 2018
  • ...enter your AOL screen name ID or your ICQ User ID number. Note that due to current program limitations, your account must exist already with the AOL or ICQ ne ...hese events are passed to REXX, please refer to my REXX documentation. The events are:
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  • ...dialogs for selecting which sounds and REXX scripts to use for Mr. Message events. (Click the folder icon on the settings page.) ...profile and away messages. You can use these in conjunction with the new events related to profile and away message retrieval to perform national language
    5 KB (794 words) - 13:11, 28 January 2014
  • ...sided to 100 sided dice. And there are adders and multipliers for certain events. * '''Level:''' Your current player level.
    6 KB (900 words) - 16:02, 6 December 2013
  • * More system sounds for certain WPS events. ...t, the window list widget, the "Sentinel" memory watcher, and the system's current time. These widgets and more are included with the standard XWorkplace.
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  • To give an example of the performance of the current driver, at present it allows me to run an interactive German course for Win ...e queued data is returned to WinOS/2 via the stub. Asynchronously to these events, in the OS/2 context, data is either ripped from the buffer to the DART buf
    15 KB (2,712 words) - 12:16, 6 May 2016
  • ...e autospeak. In both cases the nature of the response is determined by the current Screen Reader/2 state and the PAL profile that is active. The important poi ...o understand that Screen Reader's behavior is completely determined by the current active profile or profiles.
    33 KB (5,650 words) - 14:58, 24 October 2017
  • * Current output device (Device). * Current view.
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  • Mensys did not gave any outstanding announcements, but he summarized the current situation. Maybe I can resume his presentation on the following points: ===Arca Noae - Current Development===
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  • ...files that correspond to application programs. You can add profiles to the current tier by either: Cursor and pointer positions are relative to the current
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  • ...OUSE]] ||Mouse ||Not Modifiable-No Commercial use || ||Send absolute mouse events into the system. ||[] ...ock||XFree86/2 Application ||GNU GPL ||* imake ||XFree86-OS/2: Display the current time using the X root cursor. || [
    160 KB (22,286 words) - 09:29, 10 February 2018
  • in the procedure, press Esc to use your current CONFIG.SYS. items in the \OS2\ARCHIVES\CURRENT directory. That directory is not
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  • |Current Printers? One that works, the Canon PIXMA iP4000 |Shaping the future of OS/2 events
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