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  • Since the nefarious Windows 98 (and before Windows 95 with an special Internet Explorer 4 component) the market had seen that the GUI had evolved from the The navigator has the "back", "forward" and "reload" buttons inspired on the internet browser. Plus it always shows you the directory path where you are located,
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  • ...form rather than having to switch platforms to accommodate your management application. Another bonus is that the functionality is the same across all platforms. Regardless the application or operating system, there are certain certain files which affect how it is
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  • * Internet integration * mobility application development
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  • ...purpose is to serve as an off-line imaging and management facility for the Internet or intranets. ...ublished electronically on the Internet. The user must be connected to the Internet via a modem or some other kind of connection in order to retrieve the mater
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  • *: An OS/2 application program interface from Quercus Systems that provides the expanded capabilit ...ars and drawn on a US bank. Credit card numbers should NOT be sent via the Internet. CompuServe members can securely E- mail orders to CompuServe addresses.
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  • the database anyway, and since I was going to make it available on the internet to my own customers, I decided to make it generally available for a one tim ..., the computer can be a weapon to use against the competition. Intelligent application of computer technology in today’s business environment can mean the diffe
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  • of IBM's OS/2 3.0 Warp operating system. IBM has been refining its OS/2 Internet support for five years, and the current generation of programs show the sop ...rrent IBM LAN Server 4.0 product to get immediate LAN access. However, the Internet support provided with Warp is slightly advanced over the version supplied w
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  • * Any Application, Any Network, AnyNet - Kathleen Riordan (66 pages / English) * Internet Connection - [[Hendrik H. Fulda]], TeamOS/2 Deutschland
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  • |IBM Software Technology Being Developed in Support of OS/2 Application Development |[Adding Sound to Your OS/2 PM Application with MMPM]
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  • ...lication can run side by side and independently of every other LAN enabled application. Thus you can have NetBIOS, IEEE802.2, IPX, SNA LU6.2, TCP/IP and other con * Application
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  • * Universal date&time (UDT), Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), Internet time ("Swatch beat" @), Julian date (JD, MJD, TJD) in title bar ...r of courtesy, inform the author when you are planning to distribute the application and send one copy of magazine disc to the author.
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  • ...ious platforms and code pages. Supported are code pages used on DOS, OS/2, Internet/Unix, Macintosh, and Windows. You can also add custom code pages if necessa ...r of courtesy, inform the author when you are planning to distribute the application and send one copy of magazine disc to the author.
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  • ...e of the new SmartSuite for OS/2. We were floored. There never has been an application like this for OS/2. ...but can reuse 80-90% of the program to create either a Windows or an OS/2 application. The remaining portion of the code that must be converted manually or with
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  • ...nge/sequenced packet exchange (IPX/SPX), and transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP). This product is ideal for the casual, home user who requ ...odels and code synchronized. This iterative approach lets you enhance your application design through successive refinement without worrying about outdating your
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  • ...4 bits on one chip. This chip offers excellent performance in almost every application and is easily up with the highest 3 or 4 cards on the shelf. With the new v |Yes||No||Yes||Yes||No||No||on the Internet
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  • These icons (GIF, 10.5k) are not the typical icons downloaded from the Internet or a BBS, but are icons that support all major OS/2 formats including: not already purchased the product to try it. The version included in CD application sampler is a functional version, but has limits on the number of portfolios
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  • *Internet Control Message Protocol ...deployment of an application, WiseMachine executes a Rexx script for that application. These scripts were adopted from the network version and have not been full
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  • ...expandable OS/2 Multimedia architecture. With QuickMotion, any native OS/2 application that can play OS/2-style AVI movies can also play QuickTime movies and Wind ...o use QuickMotion, simply open the movie using your 32-bit OS/2 Multimedia application of choice.
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  • ...n get online on the Internet in just a few minutes. But be forewarned: the Internet is highly addictive - many people have been known to enter cyberspace and n well as some of the goodies on the Internet. If ever there was a killer application for OS/2, this is it!''
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  • archives are created for comfort of users not having good access to the Internet. All archives are placed on a server ...user to choose a shell at the start of the system. For instructions on its application you will appeal to the document of this program
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