The Ultimate Multimedia Player for eComStation - Part 1: Installing WarpVision on eComStation

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By: Steven Douglas Taylor

First get Netlabs Warpvision latest and stable versions at:

Unzip both in a dir or a WarpVision folder

Get ODIN from HERE:

Install via Warpin--just double click on the wpi!

  • When getting to the Packages screen just install these two selected and checked marked items:
    • Odin Weekly Build ( 16 Jun 2004) (V0.5.691.0, 935 KB)
    • Odin Weekly Build System Files ( 16 Jun 2004) (V0.5.691.0, 3,286 KB)
    • Don't install these: Win32k.sys or .sym files


Get Wincodecs HERE

  • Be sure to read the READ.ME file for wincodecs.
  • Just make a WinCodecs folder or directory for them separate from the WarpVision directory.
  • Just unzip them by ArcView and extract them to your [C:\]ODIN\SYSTEM32 directory.
  • Then rename system.ini in the root ODIN directory to
  • Then copy system.ini in the [C:\]ODIN\SYSTEM32 directory to the root [C:\]ODIN directory.


Get libc06r1.dll from HERE
Unzip and copy libc06r1.dll to your [C:\]OS2\DLL directory

Optional WarpOverlay, a must install in my honest opinion.
Get if from HERE
After you have downloaded it, double-click on Overlay1_0_5.exe in the directory you saved it.

The following are the screens you will see..just proceed through them to install WarpOverlay:

This is a demo version that only works for 15 minutes, then will blank the screen.
You must to register it, so it will not blank out after 15 minutes.
Its just US$10, so please register it at Mensys!
They will email the registration key file to you, just read the readme and install it.


Just run or double click on video2.exe in the directory where you unziped the WarpVision files.

Thank You!

Steven Douglas Taylor is a long time user of OS/2 since Warp 4. He is the Secretary and a Director at the OS2eCS Organization. He currently is the owner and operator of an OS/2 outpost on the Undernet IRC Network in (channel) #os/2warp.