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|Version=1.3 (2004/02/05)
|Vendor[[Lone Peak Automation]]
|Vendor[[Lone Peak Automation]]
|Author=[[Armin Schwarz]]
|Author=[[Armin Schwarz]]
|License=Freewarte / Discontinued.  
|License=Freewarte / Discontinued.  
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* Any others?  
* Any others?  
* Freeware
* [[UPS Monitor for OS/2 and eComStation FAQ]]
* Author: [[Armin Schwarz]]
* [http://www.os2ezine.com/20010216/upsmonitor.html OS/2 eZine - UPS Monitor for OS/2]

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UPS Monitor
UPS Monitor.jpg
Version 1.3 (2004/02/05)
Author Armin Schwarz
License Freewarte / Discontinued.
Download upsmon

UPS Monitor is a utility program to monitor and log power line and battery status for a large number of Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS). It shuts down the system safely by time or low battery signal. Fully supports UPS parameter settings, diagnostics and parameter measurements for models that support these options. Individual program versions are available and are optimized for each UPS interface type to keep computer resource usage to a minimum.

Here are some features of the UPS Monitor programs:

  • Supports smart signaling APC Back-UPS Pro, Smart-UPS and Matrix-UPS models.
  • Supports smart signaling for Opti-UPS E, ES, PS series models.
  • B version supports simple signaling (APC Back-UPS, Back-UPS Office and Back-UPS ES series) models.
  • C version supports contact closure models from Tripplite, IBM and others.
  • Monitors power and shuts down operating system when battery is low.
  • Performs event logging for all models.
  • Performs event scripts for Line Power On/Off or Battery low.
  • Supports internal, external and XWorkplace Extended Shutdown.
  • Support for UPS status display on XCenter or any other external program.
  • Allows manual Shutdown Now with APM shutdown option.
  • Performs parameter measurement and logging on Back-UPS Pro, Smart-UPS and Opti-UPS models.
  • Adjusts UPS parameters if UPS model supports it.
  • Supports APC smart signaling cables 940-0095A (plug and play), 940-0024B or 940-0024C.
  • Supports Opti-UPS plug and play cable.
  • Uses cable provided by manufacturer.

Supported Devices

UPS Models Tested and Verified:

  • Tripplite INTERNET Office 500, 700
  • IBM Professional Office 500, 700
  • PK Electronics BlackOut Buster
  • Red Line Technology RLBK 500
  • Infosec iUPS 400PRO, 800PRO (Use Red Line cable as shown in UPSMONC Help)
  • CyberPower Systems 320SL, 325SL, 375SL, 500SL, 575SL, 650SL
  • CyberPower Systems 585AVR, 700AVR, 900AVR, 1250AVR
  • Belkin Home Office UPS Models F6H350-SER, F6H500-SER and F6H650-SER
  • Magnum BI-UPS Power Supply models MPS1058-000, MPS1058-010 and MPS1070-200
  • AAP UPS2 All UPS2 Power Supply models
  • Beam Tech Internal UPS models SI-300/500/550/600

UPS Models Untested but Possibly Supported:

  • Best Power Patriot Series
  • Deltec PowerRite Series
  • Exide OneUPS Series
  • IBM Office Professional 500i, 700i
  • IBM Office Professional 500AVR, 700AVR
  • IBM Office Professional 500AVRI, 700AVRI
  • Liebert PowerSure
  • MGE EL7
  • Oneac ON Series
  • OPTI-UPS PowerVS Series
  • SL Waber UPStart Series
  • Tripp Lite Internet Office 350, 525
  • Tripp Lite BCPRO 1050, 1400
  • Tripp Lite BCPRO 600, 850
  • Tripp Lite OMNIPro INT 280, INT 500
  • Tripp Lite OMNISMART 1050, 1400
  • Tripp Lite OMNISMART 700HG, 1400HG
  • Tripp Lite OMNI-SMART INT 1000PNP, 1400 PNP
  • Tripp Lite OMNISMART 300, 500, 700, 850
  • Tripp Lite OMNI-SMART INT 500 PNP, 700 PNP
  • Any others?