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The aim of the UniAud project is the creation of universal audio driver based on ALSA project.


  • PCI sound cards support (see. soundcards page)
  • Digital Controllers support (for AC'97 codec)
  • AC'97 codecs support
  • auto detect of installed audio card

UniAud Frequently Asked Questions (UniAud FAQ)

Q1. What is OS/2? A1. If You ask this You really don't need UniAud. A2. Go to: IBM or eComStation.com.

Q2. What is UniAud? A1. The UniAud project is the universal audio driver for OS/2 or eComStation OS, based on ALSA project

Q3. On my great Thinkpad notebook everything detected ok, but sound plays only 1 sec.What have I do? A1. Go to ThinkPad setup and Disable USB BOOT.

Supported hardware

Currently UniAud driver support:

Sound cards:


CMI series PCI cards (CMI8738 (B), CMI8338 A/B)

  • Cirrus Logic:

CS4610,CS4612,CS4614,CS4615,CS4622,CS4624,CS4630,CS4280. CS4281

  • Creative Labs:

SB Live!/PCI512/E-mu APS, SB Audigy

  • ESS:

Solo-1 ES1938, ES1946, ES1969, TerraTec 128i Maestro-1/2/2E -ES1968/ES1978 series, TerraTec DMX

  • Avance Logic:


  • Ensoniq:

Ensoniq,AudioPCI-97 ES1370 Creative Labs, SB PCI64/128 (ES1370)

Digital Controllers (for the AC97 codecs):

  • Intel:

82801AA-ICH, 82901AB-ICH0, 82801BA-ICH2, 82801CA-ICH3, 82801DB-ICH4, ICH5бMX440

  • SiS:


  • NVidia:

nForce Audio, nForce2 Audio

  • AMD:

AMD768, AMD8111

  • ALI:


  • VIA:

VT82C686A/B/C, VT8233A/B/C

  • AC'97 codecs:

AK4540, AK4542, AK4543, AK4544A, AK4545, AD1819, AD1881, AD1881A, AD1885, AD1886, AD1887, AD1886A, AD1980, AD1981A, AD1981B, AD1985 RL5306, RL5382, RL5383 ALC200/200P, ALC650, ALC101, ALC202, ALC250, ALC203 CMI9738, CMI9739, CS4297, CS4297A, CS4294/4298, CS4294, CS4299, CS4201, CS4205, CS4291, CS4202, HSD11246, Cx20468, DT0398, 28028, ESS1988, HMP9701, ICE1230, ICE1232, ICE1232A, VT1616, VT1616i, IT2226E, LM4540/43/45/46/48, LM4549, LM4550, UCB1400, Si3036/8, TR28022, TR28026, TR28028, TR28602, TLC320AD9xC, VIA1612A, W83971D, WM9701A, WM9703/WM9707/WM9708/WM9717, WM9704M/WM9704Q, WM9705/WM9710,WM9709, WM9711/WM9712, YMF743, YMF752, YMF753, STAC9700/83/84, STAC9701/3/4/5, STAC9704, STAC9708/11, STAC9721/23, STAC9744, STAC9750/51, STAC9752/53, STAC9756/57, STAC9766/67





Credits and regards

  • InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH - for ALSA/2 port. Idea was on-the-air for a long time, but they found possibilities to realize it. And give src for continue...
  • SciTech Software Inc. for OpenWatcom compiler.
  • ALSA Team - for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA).
  • IBM - you know for.
  • "Folgat FTC" LTD - our hardware sponsor.
  • "Epos" - our hardware sponsor.
  • UniAud uses some code from GPL projects: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA).