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Unimix.exe is a command line utility that comes with the Uniaud driver and it is a command line mixer for UNIAUD32.



-dev<num>       - card to work (default=0)
-id<num>        - use control num (for list or set value). Begins from 1
-cnt<num>       - set value for count number <num> in control. Begins from 0
-val<num>       - set value for control
-card           - show card info
-pcms           - show PCM instances info
-list           - full (id,name,bounds,value) control(s) list
-names          - just control(s) name(s) and ID
-get            - get value switch. uses with -id and/or -cnt
-powerget       - get power state
-powerset<num>  - set power state
-save<file>     - save dump of all values of all controls to file
-load<file>     - load dump from file to all values of all controls

All arguments are processed in order. -dev, -id, and -cnt simply set a value that is retained until changed. All other arguments perform a command.


unimix -id5 -cnt0 -val15 -cnt1 -val16 -list

sets id5 cnt0 to 15, then sets id5 cnt1 to 16, then lists id5