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Author Cristiano Guadagnino
Download [1]

WarpHelp aims at becoming THE tool for viewing INF files. It is in an "alpha" status now, but will soon develop to the point of being able to browse all the text in an INF file, with correct formatting. The rest of the functionality will probably be added more slowly, as the INF format is absolutely NOT documented by IBM. Before you suggest it, I'll tell you what sources of information I'm using now:

  • The article about INF format that appeared on EDM/2 3-8 and the associated inf03.txt file.
  • The sources from the INFHTML program from the author of the above article.


Well, I think the VIEW.EXE tool included in the O.S. is very outdated and unpractical in its use. Here are some of the things I'd like to implement in WarpHelp:

  • Adding notes to the text (I'm planning on storing the notes in the INF's Extended Attributes, but this would limit the total text to 256Kb, and 64Kb for each note. I may implement it as a separate file stored in the same dir as the INF file, with the same name but with a different extension - this would be less elegant, but would remove the limit on text. Tell me what you think.)
  • Saving/restoring the window position and size. (Eventually saving the info on position and size separately for each INF file.
  • Making the Table Of Contents always visible in a separate frame on the left, instead of being a normal window that can be covered by other windows. I'm planning to make it a configurable option, but it will eventually become the standard choice if people like it.
  • Letting the user select and copy/print/save parts of the text, or the pictures.