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Warphelp 001.png
Version 0.06 alpha
Author Cristiano Guadagnino
License Freeware
Download [1]

WarpHelp is a tool for viewing INF files. It is in an "alpha" status.


Planned Features

Here are some of the things I'd like to implement in WarpHelp:

  • Adding notes to the text (I'm planning on storing the notes in the INF's Extended Attributes, but this would limit the total text to 256Kb, and 64Kb for each note. I may implement it as a separate file stored in the same dir as the INF file, with the same name but with a different extension - this would be less elegant, but would remove the limit on text. Tell me what you think.)
  • Saving/restoring the window position and size. (Eventually saving the info on position and size separately for each INF file.
  • Making the Table Of Contents always visible in a separate frame on the left, instead of being a normal window that can be covered by other windows. I'm planning to make it a configurable option, but it will eventually become the standard choice if people like it.
  • Letting the user select and copy/print/save parts of the text, or the pictures.