WarpOnline Volume 1, Issue 1 - April, 1996

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Warp Online

In This Issue
Warp Online

1 From the Bridge

Letter From The Editor

2 Hailing Frequencies
Letters From Our Readers

3 Scanner
Short Clips and News

On Screen
4 Object Desktop Storms In
tardock's new Workplace Shell enhancer may leave you wondering which features must be in Merlin

5 Partition Magic Tames Your Drive
A new version of the popular drive utility brings new tricks to the table

Main Deck

6 13 Million OS/2 Users & Counting
The ranks of OS/2 users grew by a million in December alone. A look back at the long history of OS/2 and how you should be preparing for the next release


7 Mail Merge With The Warp BonusPak

Use the power of the System Object Model to do a mail merge in record time

8 Ensign
Tips on installing and configuring OS/2 Warp

9 Admiral
Tips for the experienced Warp use

Captains Log
10 The Road Not Taken