Warp Expo West 1999

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  • Date:
  • Location:
  • Organizer: SCOUG - Rollin White
  • Website: [1]


  • Peter Coffee, Esther Schindler, Alan Zeichick: IBM: The New Strategy To Control The Worldwide Desktop
  • Sundial Systems: Warped Jeopardy!
  • Hugh Daschbach, Michael Elliott: Linux and OS/2
  • Robert Chapman: Web Server Performance and Scalability
  • Bill Schindler: Technology Overview: Why XML Is Important
  • Melanie Chernoy: REXX Programming Potpourri
  • Steven King: Warp Server for e-Business and WorkSpace On-Demand
  • Stan Shantar: Using REXX and C Together, Parts 1 and Part 2
  • Ron Lamb: Java Introduction
  • Lynn H. Maxson: Warpicity: An Overview and Update
  • Virginia R. Hetrick: Managing Your Website
  • Steven Levine: How To Write a Workplace Shell Class
  • Randell Flint: Thinking Relationally
  • Ben Archer, Rocky Rakijas: Scientific Computing with Octave
  • Dave Watson: Internet Communication Methods
  • Bill Schindler: An Introduction to XML Basics
  • Dennis Sposato: WorkSpace On-Demand, Remote Client Connection
  • Virginia R. Hetrick: Quick Start for Netscape Composer
  • Jerry Rash: MultiMedia Madness with OS/2, Parts 1 and 2
  • Steve Schiffman: Designing Your Home Network
  • Ron Lamb: Java In the Real World
  • Don Baker: Getting the Best Results from Your Inkjet Printer
  • Steven King: Services Offerings for the OS/2 Platforms