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Task Killer for OS/2. This application also has a WPS class developed for it.

WatchCat is a program for OS/2 2.x / 3.x that makes it possible to recover from system hangs that block keyboard and mouse input. WatchCat can be activated by a hotkey or a hardware switch.

  • WatchCat's keyboard activation mechanism is not compatible with the use of PS/2 (bus-) mice.
  • In such cases, use other mechanisms.
  • WatchCat might disable some APM functionality.
  • Turn off WatchCat with the WPS object to enter hibernation or suspend mode.
  • On some computers, there are keyboard problems with the keyboard activation mechanism.
  • This is due to a timing problem in OS/2's keyboard drivers.
  • Use the non-device-driver hotkey mechanism or choose an alternative input method like joystick.
  • The new Process Manipulation Center lets you kill processes by forcing them to generate a breakpoint exception, kill, suspend, resume and change priorities of single threads of running processes.
  • The unregistered version of WatchCat only features a demo version of this tool (you can use above features only five times).
  • WatchCat can be activated by CTRL-ALT-DEL. See the documentation.



  • Free for non-commercial.
  • Pay license for commercial use.