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Sigurd Fastenrath:
This is just to inform:

Weeks ago I insisted to delete all the related files and stuff of mine from their website. This was a direct result of the ongoing censorship there, and - besides - the ongoing SPAM coming from there.

Nothing happened.

I wrote this as a comment there today again and this comment was - surprise surprise - deleted there, again. But as being aware of this I took a screenshot before (see attached file)

Sorry, as I may get on some users nerves I just want to stress the fact that I still want to have everything related to me deleted there.

Andreas Schnellbacher:
Shit, that's quite hard what's going on on Eugene's site.

Thanks for pointing that out so clearly. Maybe we'll "win" this time. I mean that the message could reach more other people than it was in the past.

Eugene's spam (he also sends spam emails to private addresses like mine) is more than nerving.

His reply to your initial posting tells us that we don't have a chance to convince him the standard way. Shit happens. But when it comes to censorship, that went much too far.

I wish to see more actions to open up the eyes for other users which kind of bullshit he spreads. After these years of spam, I 'm afraid Eugen is not curable.

Sigurd Fastenrath:
Unfortunately: as long as my files are not deleted I will launch some actions there  ::)

Sigurd Fastenrath:
Here for those not reading ecomstation yahoogroup my final answer on this topic there (I hope this will pass the Forum rules here):

I will stop this discussion here as it already leads to the goal I wanted to point out: and therefore Eugene himself are trampeling personal rights under his foots - I wanted to have people to notice this, as it was clear for me from the beginng - a lesson of the last years - that there will not change something nor come some kind of usefull answer or explanation nor he is willing to delete my files. It was clear from the beginnig that this would be something like Don Quichote against windmills ;-)

But for me it was most important to say - here is a barrier that has been passed, and even if there is no real chance to change something there was a need for me to just to spread this and inform people.

For me (by the way my IP is blocked via Blacklist at now - ;-)  )  I will edit my videos as told, will edit new videos as told and thats it, with this I can reach far more people than with anything else, and yes - it will not have an effect on Eugene but the information than is out. And it takes not much time for me as I do not want to invest more time than necessary in this.

Have a nice Sunday (here it is rainy since years, I guess  :-)


Eugene Gorbunoff:
Message from eComStation.RU:

We can't participate in the conflicts,
we don't touch conflict nervous people.

If publish all materials, this will make damage to the health of Sigurd and damage to eComStation.

The investors and customers can request for details of the story (to verify that eComStation.RU didn't made any damage to the user). There is log, step by step what the wrecker was doing and conclusion which we made after every attack.

B) Rules of eComStation.RU site --
    Q1: Does eComStation.RU has censorship?
    Q2: Removing articles, reviews by request
    Q3: Right of quotation
    Q4: What streams of news does eComStation.RU generate
    Q5: What is the budget of eComStation.RU site?

C) is generating 3 streams of news:
* there are standard news - posted via OS2VOICE news service. Standard news (software updates, FAQ, events & people, .. ) If you don't want read this news then you can filter this messages.
* there are news - people subscribe by themselves and receive 100% of messages, including local. If you don't want read this news then you can unsubscribe.
* we are sending 4 private (personal) messages per year (four emails / 365 days, in other words, 1 message per quarter). Something similar to Netlabs newsletter. If you don't want read this news then you can unsubscribe. Example: If I send the message to 1000 emails then 1 user unsubscribes and 20 users send positive feedback and make extra questions.

Every message is different, contains information about software updates, links to useful databases or coming event.

There are some people in comp.os.*, other people at, different people at, We are obligated inform all our users and customers about new applications and important events.

D) To Andreas Schnellbacher: You have received 3 personal messages from eComStation.RU during 2012. You could unsubscribe but you didn't. This means that this messages were useful for you. I am sorry for inconvenience. Your email is removed from the database now.


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