Author Topic: No word from Mensys/XEU - Alternatives?  (Read 21325 times)


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Re: No word from Mensys/XEU - Alternatives?
« Reply #45 on: January 15, 2015, 01:15:46 pm »
I suggest to produce a bootable USB stick, containing DFSEE, a universal clone, and some special files needed for special hardware (Stylus+Finger support i.e.).
You can use QSINIT`s ram drive for it, as one of variants ;)
I.e. it supports boot from own PAE ram disk.
There are two problems here: it is FAT only and unique drive letter selection.

Method is simple - QSINIT must be installed to USB stick (no matter - partitionized or big floppy, visible in OS/2 or not) in company with ZIPped OS/2 (small installation to fit on memory disk on PCs with low amount of memory (1-2Gb)).
BIOS starts QSINIT from USB stick, then OS/2 can be unzipped to ram disk (by internal QSINIT unzip) and boot process will switched to ram disk as "boot device". More details at the end of PAEDISK.TXT in archive.

It works, but with disadvantages: installation must be small, FAT only and without EA. But, as a bonus - the same installation without changes can be used for diskless PXE boot.