Author Topic: OS/2 Arrows: 6.1 Green corridor for small Solutions  (Read 1581 times)

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OS/2 Arrows: 6.1 Green corridor for small Solutions
« on: December 15, 2015, 09:30:46 pm »
To extend OS/2 market and add 1 user, it's necessary sell 1 PC with OS/2 pre-installed. Seems that this new user will use this computer to make money (to use this computer as machine designed to fulfill 1 task ((aimed to earn money)).

Current situation: there are no conditions to develop new solutions, because for companies it's cheaper to buy Solutions based on Windows:

Windows PC:
* 1) cost of Windows license = 0 USD, (The PC was purchased with Windows pre-installed)
* 2) cost of application (point of sale, CMMS system, warehouse application) = N USD (example: 100 USD)

OS/2 PC:
* 1) cost of OS/2 license = 300 USD
* 2) cost of application, = N USD ($100)
* 3) expenses to setup OS/2 = X USD (example: $50)

As result, there are no conditions to sell cheap (not expensive) Solutions based on OS/2.

If the cost of Solution is high (for example, $10 000) then the cost of OS
license is not so significant and OS/2 Solution can compete by the cost.
But we don't have companies which can create this advanced/expensive Solutions.
(example, training machine to control Space ship).

How to resolve the problem? What is the direction of "OS/2 arrow"?
* 0) The cost of Commercial license should be lower than Home/Personal license. (For example, when you buy 2 apples in a shop, you pay 1.0 usd per apple.  If you want buy 1000 apples then the shop gives you a discount, and you pay 0.9 usd per apple)

* 1a) Several companies should sell PC computers with OS/2 pre-installed.
* 1b) OS/2 distributor should reduce the cost of OS/2 license for this companies.  (ideal price: $20 ((equal to Windows cost)), more realistic: 30% discount). So the cost of OS/2 license is reduced.

* 2a) The distributor (OS developer) should support (donate) the developer of  Ready for Use Solutions so the developer can reduce the cost of software.
* 2b) The distributor must promote the Solution at own homepage.

* 3) The distributor should make expenses to support the customer.

What will change if implement this suggestions?
* The companies are interested to buy more OS/2 licenses to reduce expenses.
* New solution may be developed => The sellings of OS/2 will grow.

What happens if keep the situation as is? (use old model of sellings)
* No new solutions => The sellings of OS/2 go down  (because the sellings to companies which purchased OS/2  solutions in 90-th and 200x go down) => No resources to  develop the system.

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Re: OS/2 Arrows: 6.1 Green corridor for small Solutions
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2015, 09:00:47 am »
I do not agree with you. I'm using OS2 for over 25 years, and I can assure you with OS2've saved my money to small business.
We recently added some Windows computers, and windows, there are other problems. You have to change teams often fall because of insufficient performance, some programs stop working from one version to another. Other programs win, bitches are updated annually shows that if we pay them, the system slows to a stop.
For me the main problem is the lack of applications OS2. You can have the best system in the world, but if you do'n have applications you can do with it.?
Formerly it was said that the future was java, today is a java seen that this is a disaster. With new versions almost every day, impossible to have them updated on all systems.
Perhaps the future passes through Q4, or the portability of the Linux world. This time will tell.

But for me the great success of the OS2 to the REXX been. The programs are based on REXX, have the advantage that each program is not entirely independent, you can do with a few lines of rexx, talk to each other, to understand each other and do things together as if they were a single Super App. Dbexpert, Mesa, Truespectra.