Author Topic: Bookeen Cybook Gen3 and eCS  (Read 1208 times)


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Bookeen Cybook Gen3 and eCS
« on: 2008.08.20, 15:24:13 »
"Easy content management
You want to add new files to your Cybook? Connect the Cybook with the USB cable to any host computer and drag and drop your files. That's it, your new content is in the Cybook, ready to be displayed.
No software installation, no synchronization process, no file conversion and most of all the Cybook is compatible with any kind of host computer (Windows®, Linux, Mac®). You can also copy your data in a SD card and plug it in the Cybook SD slot, the stored content will automatically appear. "

It implies that when connected to a computer, it acts like an external drive. It says it does not need special software to load it with files/ebooks/etc. It seems it one can use an eComStation pc to upload to it.  8)

I have a Protax digital camcorder/camera that has an sd card slot. I try to buy electronics that one can connect to my eCS pc. With the SD card, I can connect it to my eCS pc as an external drive or use an SD card reader that connects to the USB port.  8)