Author Topic: mplayer-k-dev-svn-r26012-mybuild-20080822 now on Hobbes  (Read 2230 times)


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There is a new build of Mplayer on Hobbes.
Most notably, It now supports DVD menus! I have played with it a little so far and It works quite well.
The Keyboard number pad acts in place of the remote functions found on most home players.
The English docs don't cover all the details to use commercial DVD's with the navigation menu options.
Use mplayer dvdnav:// -dvd-device s:

Download from

Thank you KO Myung-Hun for this wonderful build. 


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Re: mplayer-k-dev-svn-r26012-mybuild-20080822 now on Hobbes
« Reply #1 on: 2008.08.29, 19:20:02 »
I'm now using this, simply by installing it in the directory where the previous version was, and having the following lines in CONFIG.SYS:

Unzipping created two 10M files, with no explanation, so I removed a subdirectory that seemed to have only duplicates. I believe that it was zipped incorrectly, perhaps with a test version included, otherwise, 18M of .zip seems a trifle large.

In any case, definitely seems improved over previous version and generally over "K Movie Player" for stability and file handing. I'm (apparently) using the codecs mentioned in another thread, and have yet to find a file it won't play, including a .flv that previous version and KMP didn't care for.

By the way, thanks to Paul Smedley who informed me that text clutter in the calling VIO can be suppressed with the switch "-really-quiet", and it greatly improves the "media experience" to NOT have that.


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Re: mplayer-k-dev-svn-r26012-mybuild-20080822 now on Hobbes
« Reply #2 on: 2008.08.31, 01:01:42 »
The "duplicate" files in the sub directory of the Zip are not duplicates, but an alternate version designed for TCP/IP 4.0. 

This build is also not from KO Myung-Hun, but from Sava.  He has taken KO Myung-Hun's source from dev-SVN-r26012-OS2-3.3.5 and created a build to improve playback quality with lower powered machines.