Author Topic: Hmm, my post removed.  (Read 1455 times)


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Hmm, my post removed.
« on: 2009.11.27, 13:35:01 »
When I said keep a lid on the trolls, I didn't mean me!

So here's a repeat of what was removed.

NOPE. Sorry, RobertM.

NOT AFTER saijin "sanitized" the record by removing his posts from here!
Unfortunately, go_ogle hadn't cached it, and of course bing is worthless.

So here we go again, diverted from all else to arguing whether a troll with
one line of mere contradiction has equal standing with 80 lines of substance.

I thought my lengthy post was a bit thought-provoking on why documentation is
so uniformly lacking, and rather like the idea of a "programming etiquette"
that establishes a few conventions, put in an amusing pseudo-pontification,
BUT all that's now going to be overlooked due to this simple trolling tactic.

I'm not trying to get my way here, unless that means free to comment on
Windows. Because that's definitely what draws out saijin. Just look at since I
resumed posting.

---------------- NO, YOU CAN'T BECAUSE HE REMOVED 3 POSTS. ----------------

EVERY TIME I bait a trap with "Windows", he bites. Don't have to mention him
at all, only Windows. Look at my last long post on WDBasic (that has two quite
deliberate little jibes at Windows): he dropped a one liner within 8 minutes,
and responded quickly to my complaint about that.

That's NOT coincidence. That's NOT argument. That's simply trolling.

His one-liners have the practical effect of erasing my name as the last
poster, denying me my brief interval of attention, and since his are mere
empty contradiction, I conclude his intent is to suppress and offend me.

I'm more vividly aware of the direct linkage between my Windows remarks and
his sniping than you can be, but now that I've suggested what to look for, you
should see it clearly too. Kind of obvious. Possible causes and implications
would be speculation, but I won't let you deny the facts in the record.

saijin's pattern is clear and prolonged. Bash OS/2, defend XP. Brag of
expertise, but when pressed for details, dodge, accuse, then go silent.,com_smf/Itemid,63/topic,1235.0/

**** All I need is that trivially jumping onto my posts STOP. To prevent that,
I propose a simple mechanical rule: unless he has a 100 words or more, saijin
doesn't reply to ANY of my posts within less than 8 hours. *****

I ain't takin' NO degree of blame. My actions are entirely defensive, as
informed from last year. Consider his first remarks to me after that absence:

>> I've missed you too.

>> Not really.

A lie and a trick. I think it HIGHLY indicative of his true nature. -- Now
totally confirmed by his CONCEALING it. I'm not falling for "make nice".

Yes, let's not have any more drama. I'm here to support OS/2 and bash Windows.
saijin is AGAIN actively attempting to prevent me from doing either of those.

By the way, I'm not even reading other messages. All I have to say is right
out in the open, and won't be removed by me.


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Re: Hmm, my post removed.
« Reply #1 on: 2009.11.27, 18:21:52 »
Hi ddan

Well, we kind of guess that you enjoy bashing windows but maybe you could simply concentrate on supporting OS/2?

After all, everyone is entitled to an opinion - even when they are obviously wrong  :-)