Author Topic: Relaunched Electronic developer magazine (EDM2) as a Wiki  (Read 2422 times)


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Just stumbled across the relaunched OS2 Electronic Developers Magazine which now takes on a Wiki format,the Bookmark has been added to links but requires Admin to finalise.
Meanwhile the address is ,plenty of usefull information available and we can add as needed to enhance the presence of OS2 and Ecomstation as still relevant in this day and age.
People forget that Rexx was amongst the very first true cross platform programing languages and is still relevant these days and is very relevant to us in particular.


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Re: Relaunched Electronic developer magazine (EDM2) as a Wiki
« Reply #1 on: 2010.08.01, 00:44:47 » was XLisp...later adapted as a dialect of perhaps an even simpler type: common LISP. Much later AutoLisp was a variant used since '86 on the ACAD command line, but I never got much past:

; An Autolisp function definition,
;  callable from other AutoLISP functions:
(defun hello_world ()
  (alert "Hello World!")

On seceond thought if I had not used REXX for so long...AWA the Generic Macrolanguage, suppose I would have better understood lisp and its other dialects, oh well, back to JCL...
someday os2 will be ruled by the young and famous-at least in the open-source world!