Author Topic: Eugene Gorbunoff talks about eComStation  (Read 801 times)


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Eugene Gorbunoff talks about eComStation
« on: 2011.12.05, 15:14:09 »
Posted by Eugene Gorbunoff - Sunday, 04 December 2011

Short i. .. .

This morning these "advertisement" included one of my pictures running eCS on the EEE Slate. My answer/comment there has been removed as well as my picture. I wrote:

To Q7: I want to stress the fact that it is not possible for a "common" user to get ecomstation to run on the EEE Slate, not at all. This is deceptive and misleading advertisment!!!! In addition it is not possible to go to the nearest store and by cheap/modern hardware - you have to take a close look at it - especially for modern notebooks. Mostly i.e. there is NO WLAN support nor support for Powermanagement at all.

I have to contradict these advertisment here as it does not tell the truth and mostly I am anoyed that some of my highly experminetal pictures are used to betray people! Hard to say but this is to betray people. I want to dissociate myself from this kind of poor and shamefull advertisment!

Even though the picture is removed there now (after my comment), there is still written:

"Hypothetically, eComStation works on any PC (though, see list of compatible hardware), which means that user can go to a nearest store and buy high quality and/or cheap hardware."