Author Topic: installing latest odin?  (Read 1380 times)


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installing latest odin?
« on: 2012.03.09, 22:59:35 »
Ok, So I previously installed the warpin version of odin.
I'm trying to upgrade to the latest to work with the beta flash.
So I downloaded the zip and the install instructions are confusing me a bit.

To install Odin, run warpin.exe with the
name of the daily build archive
as parameter.
Follow the instructions to complete the
The Odin installation consists of:
- creating an Odin directory and copying
the included files to
x:\odin and x:\odin\system32
- creating empty directories in x:\odin
(to create a similar directory
structure as found in Windows)
- creating a basic registry for
executing win32 applications in OS/2
- adds x:\odin\system32 to the path and
libpath settings in your config.sys

NOTE: You MUST install Odin at least
once using WarpIn (unless you know
what you're doing). Afterwards you can
use the daily build zipfiles
to upgrade to a newer version."

I'm not sure what they mean to run warpin with the daily build file as a parameter.
And.. if I do that do I still need to make all the manual changes they list?
If anyone can provide some insights to what I need to do specifically, that would be appreciated.

Sorry if i'm missing something obvious :).. but thanks for the help!


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Re: installing latest odin?
« Reply #1 on: 2012.03.10, 00:19:46 »
Actually it is very simple.

Since you have installed ODIN using Warpin you should have the directory structure there on your hard drive under the odin directory.  All you have to do is unzip the odin zip into a temporary directory - this will give you some odd files and a system32 dir.

In your odin directory rename the 'system32' dir to something like 'system32-old' then copy the complete system32 dir from your temporary directory to your odin directory you can also copy the odd files to the odin dir.  This is how I have always updated odin by using the odin zip.  OK, so I make it easy for myself by using FileFreedom to do the renaming and copying but this can de done using any file manager or even the drives object.

By unzipping to a temp dir and copying you shouldn't need to do anything else because the first warpin install did it for you.



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Re: installing latest odin?
« Reply #2 on: 2012.03.10, 03:30:40 »
Just save yourself some headaches and install the WarpIN version of the latest Odin.


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Re: installing latest odin?
« Reply #3 on: 2012.03.10, 07:49:06 »
Well it's good to know it's not a big deal should I do it the zip method in the future.. but the wpi certainly made it even more painless.

Funny I missed the wpi, since I looked around for it earlier.
So thanks to both of you for the help.