Author Topic: Microsoft takes on the free world - New MS FUD attack  (Read 2553 times)


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This article reminds me the MS FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) strategy against OS/2, but now it is on a bigger scale, with more money, with high paid layers, and against the Open Source community.

So according to MS, any software that competes against them, violates his patents  ;)

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Re: Microsoft takes on the free world - New MS FUD attack
« Reply #1 on: 2007.05.17, 18:32:18 »
Linux Journal posted a few lines as well where they also makes comparements with IBM and their happy days:

IBM, once known for its ruthless anticompetitive tactics, made the mistake (in terms of its philosophy at the time) of making the PC an open product. When it became obvious to IBM that it was losing truckloads of money to cheap clones of the IBM PC, IBM pulled another anticompetitive tactic by replacing the IBM PC with the Microchannel architecture (MCA) based PS/2. The PS/2 was a more closed system. People had to pay IBM for the privilege of using MCA. IBM attempted to make OS/2 run best (if not solely) on the PS/2. IBM made the mistake of trying to replace open systems with an architecture that would give it control over the market. People didn't buy into it, and the rest is history.

The full article, The Microsoft FUD Campaign vs. the Customer, can be found at Linux Journal.