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Thinkpad 600E Sound
« on: 2007.12.06, 07:53:56 »
Hi ksample,

Sorry, the original thread seems to be offline at the moment...

I had some issue installing the driver as well - but it has been years. I'll try to remember what I did... I think off the top of my head, the solution I tried was uninstalling multimedia support, reinstalling it, and then installing the driver.

If that doesn't work, then comes the fun part then... you need to make sure all references to the UniAudio driver are removed, and restore the MMPM2.ini file to their original state. You can try running minstall from the commandline and remove the stuff that way (if that works), or manually editting the file.

The other option (assuming you set your sound device to the same port settings as mine) is I can tell you where to manually place the required files, what config.sys options to add, and then you can then use my MMPM2.ini file. After that, it's just a matter of creating some objects and registering classes, which there should be a utility for someplace on the machine (or installing XWP will allow at least the icon creation as well).

Most of the stuff (icons and such) I dont use or need, as the Thinkpad volume is easier to control using FN PG-UP/PG-DN or FN BACKSPACE to mute.

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