List of Workplace Shell based Applications

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This is a list of applications that uses Workplace Shell integration.

Open Source Applications

Name License WPS Classes Comments
AMouse BSD 3-Clause AMouse
Animated Mouse Pointer Apache License WPAnimatedMousePointer
Apache OpenOffice Apache license OOoDocFile, OOoBaseFile, OOoDrawFile, OOoImpressFile, OOoMathFile, OOoWriterFile
Audio/Data-CD-Creator GNU GPL CWProgFolder, CWAudioFolder, CWDataFolder, CWDVDFolder, CWCreatorSettings
Blackhole AS IS - Not Specified BlackHole
Bubblepad BSD Like CWBubblePad
CandyFolder GNU GPL CandFld
CmdHere GNU GPL V2 cmdhere
CW-MM classes GNU GPL V2 / BSD 3-Clauses CWMMDisk, CWAudioShadow, CWMMDataFile, CWProgFolder, CWMediaFolder, CWCDFolder, CWM3UFolder, MMAudio, MMVideo, MMImage, MMBitmaps
CWHelp class BSD 3-Clauses
Doodle Screen Saver GNU LGPL V2 WPSSDesktop
FileStat non-commercial FileState
FileSys Free WPFileSystemFix, WPSystemFix
HotCorners BSD-3-Clause (alike) WPSAgentSam
HWman Free HWManagerEx
MNIcon Public Domain MNIcon
Program Commander/2 GNU GPL V3 Wps2Pc2
PWFolder Freeware PWFolder Allows to create folders with passwords.
Quickmotion GNU GPL V2 PracticeMooV
RWS MPL RWS08 Remote Workplace Server
Stats GNU GPL V2 stats, statsdisk
UpTime BSD 3-Clauses uptime Uptime Tool. (WPS, PM and Driver)
WPPrgExt Free-AS IS WPPrgExt
WPSam BSD 3 Clauses
WPSac BSD 3 Clauses WPSac
WPS-Wizard GNU GPL V2 CWFolder, CWDataFile, CWDisk, CWLaunchArea, CWMenuFolder, CWObject, CWShadow, CWThemeMMImage, CWThemeTrasient, CWWizzSettings [1] [2]
XShadow GNU GPL V2 XShadow
XWorkplace GNU GPL V2 XFldObject, XFldDisk, XWPKeyboard, XWPMouse, XWPProgram, XWPSound, XFldSystem, XFldWPS, XWPScreen, XWPClassList, XWPMedia, XWPSetup, XWPString, XWPFileSystem, XFldDataFile, XWPProgramFile, XWPFontFile, XFolder, XFldDesktop, XWPFontFolder, XWPThrashCan, XFldShutdown, XFldStartup, XWPFontObject, XWPTrashObject
ZipZap GNU GPL V2 zipzapfile

Development Examples

Name License WPS Classes Comments
PostWhat WPS Class Example BSD 3-Clauses PostWhat It requires IBM VisualAge for C and IBM OS/2 Toolkit.
IBM OS/2 Toolkit WPS Samples BSD Alike Car, It requires IBM VisualAge for C or IBM Set C and IBM OS/2 Toolkit.
WPSPrgm BSD 3 Clauses WPSPrgm Github

Close Source

Name License WPS Classes Comments
3D Launch Pad Freeware LPRouter
ACPI Setup Included eCS WPASetup
CMDRUN Freeware
CMDFldr Freeware
Desktop Wizard Freeware newzip, newfold, newdfold
DragText Shareware DTFile, DTClip, DTProgram
eCo Software runtime Freeware WPFolderEx, WPObjectEx
eSchemes Shareware WPPngObject, WPPngFld, WPPngDisk, WPPngDataFile, WPPngProgramFile, WPPngFileSystem, WPPngSystem, WPPngProgram (PNGDESK.DLL)
Desktop improvements
ExCal Freeware ExTime, ExAlarm, ExEvent, ExPerson, ExAddressBook, ExCalendar, ExPlace
Extended Desktop Freeware EXTDESK
FIXLOCK Freeware
The Graham Utilities for OS/2 Commercial WPSndPal, GUDisk Part of the WPSndPal - WPSoundPalette Workplace Shell Class and GUDisk.
kLIBC Pathwriters Freeware KLIBCConfig
Lotus SmartSuite Commercial WPCDocument, WordProDocObj, Override123DocEx, OverrideAPDocEx, Override123FlEx, Override123OrEx
Maid Commercial Maid
NFNF Freeware newfold, newdfold, newzip
Object Desktop Commercial TSMasterSetup, TSEnhDrives, TSFldrParent, TSEnhFolder, TSEnhDataFile, TSTaskMgr, TSKeyLaunch, TSKeyDefn, TSScript, TSScriptShutdown, TSTabFolder, TSCPad, TSArcMgr, TSZipMgr, TSZipElem, TSLHAMgr, TSLHAElem, TSZooMgr, TSArcFileElem, TSTarMgr, TSTarElem, TSRarMgr, TSRarElem
OS2IGS Freeware Internet Go Server client for OS/2 made as a Workplace shell class.
OWPZip Freeware
Pen for OS/2 Freeware PenPenSubSystem, PenObject, PenButtonDevice, PenDisplay, PenLocator, PenLocatorFinger, PenLocatorPen, PenMouse, PenSound
Private Folder Freeware Privf
rdesktop GNU GPL V3 Rdesktop Access Windows Remote Desktop sessions.
RSJ CD-Writer Included eCS CDWRITER A subclass of WPDisk used by RSJ CD-Writer, presumably to implement the drive object for RSJ's IFS. It is includes on CDWWPS.DLL.
SNAP Graphics Freeware WPVideoSystem This is a WPSystem class replaement and it is included on SDDVCFG.DLL.
SYSSET Freeware Included on SYSSET.DLL.
Virtual Keyboard/2 Shareware ecoVkbd Part of eCo Software
WATCHCAT Freeware for individual use WPCat Program settings for the Watchcat program. Included on WPCAT.DLL.
Workplace Security Shareware WPSecure, WPSecpgm, WPSecs01
Workplace Shell TrashCan Shareware WPTrashCan, WPObjectPlus
WPClsExt Shareware WPClsExt
WPDrive2 Freeware WPDrive2
WPFldExt Shareware WPFldExt
WPS DSCR Freeware DSCRDataFile, DSCRFileList Replacement WPS classes for descriptions.