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This is the list of people that agreed to open source their software, but they are still looking for the source code to make it public.



  • Ray Gwinn - Ray Gwinn's SIO 2000 driver
  • Harald Wilhelm - Syslevel Editor / Problem tracker, Class Browser
  • Lutz Wagner - CD Magic, PMRaw, The Backup Demon/2, Text2Img, sqlMate, phpGUI, PMExif, Calydos, ImgMeta by - Reason: Agreed to open some of them as Public Domain.

Lost Source Code

No desire to open

  • Michael Vulis - Reason: He does not have time to prepare and send me the source code.
  • Martin Vieregg - Reason: He still supports his software.
  • GpfREXX by Jean-Bernard Clerin by Reason - His software is an IDE which scambled REXX. If he turns it open source any program developed with GpfREXX can be un-scambled.
  • PRXUTILS - Reason - W. David Ashley can not open PRXUTILS because he signed and agrement with Gammatech. I'm looking for Benny N. Ormson
  • SuperPreview by Larry Bank - Reason: The software has his proprietary code for other software he commercialize today.
  • Animouse by Tony Terbizan - Reason:He agreed to Make it freeware. He need Dan Libby to find the source code.
  • Dinar by MLK Enterprises - Reason: "no"
  • RptView by Randy Cecrle - Reason: "It is a commercial product under Windows, can not be released."
  • Kermit by Frank Da Cruz - Reason: "He stills supports it"
  • Priority Master by Ted Waldron III - Reason: "He spend too much time with the OS/2 version and don't want to open. He will be willing to sell the OS/2 Source code."
  • MicroStation by Dario Ragazzini - Reason: "Belongs to bentley"
  • Dr. Dialog by David C. Morrill - Reason: He told me there was too much dependecias for Dr.Dialog.
  • EuraPM, Translator, TOM, PlayRec & Copywave, pmmerge.dll patch, add on for Visual Age 3.0 patch, CleanINI, isdn4you, NDB, ndbPM, ndbPM by Carsten Arnold - Reason: He don't feel ready to open source it. Too much work."
  • icq2, AutoBMP by Gene Akins - Reason: He passed away.
  • Dialog Enhancer by Richard Castle - Reason: He passed the Source Code To Serenity
  • BlueCAD by CadWare - Reason: Support replied that is freeware and that there is no interest on open sourcing it.
  • Unimaint, Filestar/2, FlexEdit by Jim Read - Reason:Not ready to open source yet.
  • IBM OS/2 API Trace by Dave Blaschke - Reason: He told me that the API trace utility is IBM Copyright, he is going to ask for permission, and there is also some copyright free source code for tracing API calls.

Open Sourced

When the source code gets released it goes to this list: