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Doug Azzarito is an Advisory Programmer for IBM's Personal Software Products division in Austin, Texas. He has been involved in the development of OS/2 since 1986, and is currently lead developer of the OS/2 kernel and file systems. After spending years in cyberspace answering questions about OS/2, Doug co-authored the book The OS/2 Warp Survival Guide, published by John Wiley & Sons. In a previous lifetime, Doug co-authored RBBS-PC, the award-winning electronic BBS software for personal computers.


  • IconTalk
  • LockBoot
  • LockDrv - DOS-Mode Drive Lock Utility
  • MAKESP - OS/2 2.0 Service Pack Diskette Maker


  • HPFS Internals: An Introduction
  • HPFS Internals: Advanced Topics
  • Recovering from Disk Problems