KON Revision History

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v 2.10 2007-02-23

+ Find & replace dialogs now behaves in windows standard manner (mostly!)
+ Wrap around from start in search and replace
+ Optionally don't display characters with ascii values < 32 in hex editor
+ Possible to hide the toolbar
+ Check box on which syntax highlighting is currently used
* Fixed serious bug in print which showed up using new compiler

v 2.09 2006-03-10

* uin16 showed the wrong value in hex editor
* Clicking on a byte in the hex-editor didn't update infobar
* Found word when searching was sometimes off screen

v 2.08 2006-01-23

* Crash when closing multiple instances of the same file
* Some bugs fixed

v 2.07 2005-08-30

+ "Trim trailing spaces" function
+ "Clear results" option in search in multiple files
* Several bugs fixed

v 2.06 2005-08-10

+ Section browser (using regular expressions in kon.syn to define
  sections to look for)
+ Button for fast opening/closing K-command field.
+ Special K-clipboard for storing and executing recorded K-macros
* Kon message window bug fixed
* bug fixes, some UI-changes
* handles leak fixed

v 2.05 2005-01-24

+ Hex search and replace (Was possible previously, but is now easier and
  doesn't require regular expressions.)
+ Line numbers in hex editor can now be displayed in hex.
+ Marking using the mouse now works as it should do: Ctrl+drag switches
  over to column block mode and shift-click extends the currently selected 
* Some screen update issues resolved (after applying changes from the 
  preferences dialog.)
* XML-syntax highlighting didn't work. (An error which didn't appearr when
  Kon was linked with debugging info.)

v 2.04 2004-12-28

+ Column fill mode (Characters entered will fill currently selected column
+ Syntax highlighting can be defined using regular expressions
+ Possible to run a program and capture the output to a text buffer. 
  (launchProcess and launchProcessToMessages). Also possible to use a regular
  expression which defines how to interpret messages from the program.
* Some bugs fixed in regular expressions
* Some documentation changes

v 2.03 2004-11-16

+ Some new toolbar icons
+ Changes in the documentation
* Moved the message window to a docked window inside the main editor window
* Bug in save macro fixed

v 2.02 2004-11-15

* Bug in popup-menu fixed (occurred after cleaning K-scripts)
+ Show soft-line breaks
+ Entire file is word-wrapped when word-wrap is selected, not only the text 
  that is typed. Note that is a K-function and may take some time to execute,
  so the function is only executed if file size is less than 100 Kb.

v 2.01 2004-11-09

+ Added word wrap support. Handles word wrap with soft and hard linebreaks.
+ Save history in command field
+ Fast switch between edit window and command field (focusCommandBar())
* Fixed bug in loadModule()
* \xnn and \nnn in grep didn't work within []
* Cleaned up the k-code and moved/removed test code
* Fixed some small bugs

v 2.0 Build 6

+ Added shortcut to homepage in help menu
* Changed entry fields to comboboxes in multiple files search/replace
  dialog path/files selection.

v 2.0 Build 5

* Release 

Ver 1.15 Rev 1082

  • Added a new category to syntax highlighting: @PREVIOUSWORD. This category defines keywords that will highlight the word immediately before the keyword. Useful in for example C-functions:
  • highlighted (v1, v2, ... ) where '(' is the keyword.

Ver 1.15 Rev 1081

  • Didn't update multi-line comments in a file correctly if convert tabs to spaces was done or the other way around.
  • When searching in multiple files, and several filepatterns has been given in the files edit-field (separated with ';'), Kon wouldn't process all search-patterns.

Ver 1.15 Rev 1080

  • Possible to change grid color. (You need to download a new language module if you're running a non-english version)

Ver 1.15 Rev 1079

  • New multilingual version! Currently Kon is translated to German (Full translation), French (Help not translated yet) and Swedish.
  • In order to use a language other than English, first download the full version of Kon (which is in English). Then, download the language module you wish to use and place the contents in the same directory as Kon is located. Note that you may have more than one language for Kon, and switch between them while Kon is running. (This to make translation easier).

Ver 1.14 rev. 1074 BETA.

  • Better printer support. Kon can now print syntax highlighting, use different fonts, print two-column pages and also print only odd or only even pages to allow double sided printing on a single-sided printer.