Visualization Software Spectrogram

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Visualization Software Spectrogram
Version 16 (2008-05-18)
Vendor Visualization Software
License Freeware. Discontinued.
Website Archived Site
Odin Version 0.9.0-1
OS Version ArcaOS 5.1

This is an Audio Spectrum Analysis for Windows 32bits that runs on OS/2 using Odin.

Extra Notes

It includes up to 2 horizontal guides to visualize certain hz bars. Simple feature yet fits my research specifications.

Also another piece of hardware used for the audio input was a Behringer Xenyx 302USB Mixer with USB as that mixer's response rate goes as low as about 5hz. Other mixers may filter out anything below the hearing range.

The computer setup has proper grounding otherwise there were noise issues in the signal.

Spectrogram On VM

Spectrogram 16 was tested on a ArcaOS 5.1 VM guest (Windows 10 host with VirtualBox) and it worked. The VM allowed audio input to see the spectrum graphic directly in real time.

Tested Versions

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