WarpOnline Volume 1, Issue 3 - June, 1996

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In This Issue

Warp Online
Warp Online


1 From the Bridge
Letter From The Editor

2 Hailing Frequency
Letters From Our Readers

3 Scanner
Short Clips and News

4 Communicator
Classified Ads and Postings

On Screen

5 A Sneak Peek at WordPro
The new OS/2 word processor from Lotus is an incredible piece of work

6 Object Desktop Steps Up
Release 1.5 of the popular Warp utility brings some cool new features to the desktop

7 Engine Room
Another REXX communication from Major Weenie

Main Deck

8 Olympic Gold with OS/2
IBM is the Worldwide Technology Sponsor for the Olympic Games: See how OS/2 Warp makes it happen!


9 Warp Around The World

You are on the internet now, but do you know where all the best OS/2 resources are?

Battle Stations
10 Ensign
Tips on installing and configuring OS/2 Warp

11 Admiral
Tips for the experienced Warp user

12 Winners Never Quit