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RAMScope 2.1

RAMScope 2.1 had been released:
- Github Releases
- Github Repo

"RAMScope is an bbsolute Physical Memory Viewer. Show any part of OS/2 memory. RamScope is a debugging tool written specifically for the OS/2 Presentation Manager."


Fixed "RAMSCOPE" to work under 32-bit OS/2 (in particular: its device driver PHYSMEM.SYS).

  1. updated and renamed PHYSMEM to MAKEFILE
  2. updated PHYSMEM.LNK
  3. updated PHYSMEM.DEF
  4. updated PHYSMEM.ASM and rebuilt the driver PHYSMEM.SYS
  5. added the PHYSMEM.SYM file for PHYSMEM.SYS

The executable RAMSCOPE.EXE to actually view memory is left unchanged.

Update by Lars Erdmann

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